Glacialis and Ranunculus repens. Homeopathy

Ranunculus glacialis
(Buttercup of Glaciers)
SPECIFIC Ranunculus glacialis
1 - () Congestion acute brain as an impending stroke, with sensation of great weight in the head and vertigo, the better for coffee. Occipital sense of tension. Right sided headache before dawn, the better to get out of bed.
2 dyspnea while lying in bed. Pain in the lower posterior chest roll over in bed. Chest compression in the evening; stitches in the right chest. Can not bear the blankets in the chest at night.
Influenza bronchopneumonia.
Insomnia 3. Disturbed sleep.
4 legs cold. Copious night sweats and generalized, worse on the thighs. Mild sweats and generalized at dawn.