Glonoinum. Graphites. Homeopathy

GLONOINE (Trinitrina)
1 .- Cardiovascular, hypertension, tachycardia, sudden and violent violent cerebral congestion, vasomotor congestion, congestive headache, throbbing.

2 .- disorders of menopause. Sunstroke.

It is worse: in the heat.

Graphite (graphite or lead mine, the mine of pens)
1 .- Skin, Appendages: rash with vesicles that secrete a viscous liquid, thick, sticky, yellow, similar to honey. Yellow crusts. Bleeding in the event of irritation. Itching. Aggravation by heat and washing. It is indicated in atopic eczema, impetigo, intertrigo. Other indications Skin: scars, keloids, warts periungulares painful; bushy that split or crumble, cracks in the tips of the toes with thick skin, hair dry, hard and brittle.

2 .- Digestive: dyspepsia, flatulence, constipation unwillingly. Piles with painful fissures and suppuration without tenesmus.

3 .- Endocrine, metabolic Psychics: decreased activity, laziness, indecision, indifference, hipermotividad, obesity, feeling cold, anemia, slowing metabolism. In men, sexual deficiency. In women, rules delayed, not abundant. Perimenopause. In both sexes, thyroid insufficiency.

Aggravation: with the cold, the heat of the bed, during menses.
Amelioration: with motion outdoor eating (stomach).

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