Glonoinum (nitroglycerin). Homeopathy


1 - () Confusion as if intoxicated by night on waking; walking outdoors. Forgetfulness. Can not remember which side of the street you live, you can not find her house is lost even in well-known streets, because it does not recognize, he is confused: the streets (and more familiar things), we are rare, strange, and The way home seemed very long, can not say where she is or where he was. Do not know who is the same, or recognize anyone, not even their closest relatives, rejects his wife and children.

2 - () is afraid of death, had been poisoned, because he feels swollen throat and chest as a nut. Fear as if something unpleasant was going to happen. Fear of apoplexy, worse on waking.

3 - () does not want to talk, just answers. They return to their former offenses mind, forgotten. Irritated at the slightest opposition.

4 - () Ill-effects, recent or distant, mental excitation, fear or fright.

5 - () Usage manic agitation with intense mental struggle with great violence,
jumps out of bed, runs and tries to jump out the window and wants to commit suicide by the intensity of their headaches. Unusually bright and talkative, with great flow of ideas. Between pain and another, crying bitterly. Cephalic cry.
Children screaming.
6 Feel the chin too long. Exalted, he thinks that is the Almighty and the others are their inferiors.


7 - () Great tendency to sudden and violent irregularities of the circulation, manifested by sudden surges of blood congestion or rising, especially towards the chest (heart) and the head or alternatively one or the other site (as if all the there was blood in the body) and that the patient perceives as pop sensations or expansion (the Nitroglycerin is a powerful explosive), Tufaro heat up and beats the whole body to the tip of the fingers. Objectively, there are considerable dilated veins and arteries and pounding on the head, neck and heart. It seems that blood vessels would burst; are hard, tortuous, tense, non-depressed, and the face is very red. The drug acts both pathogenetic and from the therapeutic point of view, so very fast and violent, like a true sangria. Hypertensive crisis.
In arterial hypertension, especially in older people. Impending stroke.
Tufaro heat of menopause or during menstruation or suppressed menses.

8 - () is the principal remedy for sunstroke or "Coup de Chaleur"
(both immediate and remote effects), whether produced by direct exposure to sunlight, or hot weather, or any form of radiant heat (stoves, burners, furnaces, fireplaces, campfires, etc.)..
Its effects are not limited to the head, but cover the whole body: oppression, palpitations, nausea, vomiting, horrible languor in the epigastrium, diarrhea, feel like they're popping the head and eyes. The child feels sick or goes to sleep at night when sitting in front of a fire or stove.

9 - () Worse: the sun, from exposure to sunlight, for any form of radiant heat in a warm room; overheating; by cutting the hair, by the pressure of the hat, by stooping; to ascend, by shock ; by wine or alcohol, lying with his head bowed, for travel or drive long; at sea by the movement, for peaches, for stimulants, from 6 to 12, the left side by the slightest noise, for work mental trauma, the humidity, pressure of clothing. Best: from the cognac, from cold or cold applications, the open air by the external pressure, tying the head.

10 - () pains: throbbing, with pop sensation, tearing, * ordientes; in stab from the inside out, from the front to the back.
Neuralgia with many beats, worse at night, preventing sleep, the pains are so violent that put him beside himself.

11 - () Convulsions, with the fingers separated and drawn or her thumb inside fist, puerperal or childbirth; in children for cerebral congestion and meningitis during dentition, for physical and mental effort, for menstrual suppression, better for the outdoors.
Epilepsy with head and chest congestion. Fainting, with consciousness. Falls unconscious. Great weakness and prostration; no desire to work.
Especially useful in women 12 flowering, pictorial, sensitive nerve in people, blood films.

13 - () The head is the body part that is particularly focused the action of Glonoinum. Intense congestion of the head or brain, with feelings of fullness (worse in the vertex), pop (as if head would break into pieces), pulses (worse in the temples and forehead) and enormous enlargement, the brain feels too large ( or the skull too small), and seem to pump blood upward from the thorax, with throbbing with every step, shaking or cardiac pulsation, for delayed or suppressed menstruation, or before or during menstruation; before seizures, alternating with congestion in the heart. Headaches anywhere on the head, very intense, violent, throbbing, synchronous with the heartbeat, with pop sensation, as if burst head, dede up the neck or chest, together with the fullness and warmth, worse from the sun (headache increases and decreases each day with the sun should come out with umbrella or walking in the shade), for wine, by the light, by noise, for the slightest movement or jolt or shock (it's amazing how long may be the patient without moving a muscle to prevent the aggravation of pain), for the pressure of the hat by the heat of any kind whatsoever, in Summer, crouching or lying down (can not lie, "the pillow late") or to bring the head back, better head pressing hard with your hands or head or by tying a long sleep or local cold or outdoors or discoveries. Headache on humid days, rain, by taking cold, or mental strain being much sitting. Apoplexy threatening or imminent. Headaches metrorrhagia after or during menstruation, or in pregnant women with orgasm Blood to the head or sudden withdrawal bleeding or amenorrhea, is instead of menstrual headaches. Sense of ripples in the brain (worse when turning the head), with valves in the head, as if hanging upside down. Heaviness in the head, worse front, but can not be supported on the pillow. Vertigo: when sitting upright (lying down) or standing, rising from a chair by bending or moving your head. Hemicrania. Stitches in temples. Heat in the head and face with cold in the extremities. Meningitis. Meniere's syndrome. Hydrocephalus.
Occipital stiffness.

14 - () Red eyes during headache, staring, wild, * breaths. Feels as if eyes tugged from the inside out, as if he fell. Pressive pains, stitches, shocks, pressure or bursting sensation in the eyes. Mydriasis with eyes directed upward. Heat in the eyeballs and eyelids. Supraorbital neuralgia 6 to 12. Go lightning, sparks, fog or black markings. Dimming of vision with fainting or vertigo. The letters and objects appear smaller. Objects dance with each pulsation. Everything is half dark and half lit.
Eye diseases by exposure to intense light.

15 - () sensation of fullness in the ears and around. Ear sensitive to shocks. Sensation of plugged ear, hearing loss. Stitches in the ears, throbbing pain from inside out on the right elbow. Auditory nerve paralysis.
Sounds of crackling, ringtones, songs, hear your pulse, with vertigo. Red ears.
Throbbing in ears, worse on the left, synchronous with the pulse.

16 Pain in the root of the nose extension of headache. Epistaxis from the sun, his face flushed, red and hot. Sudden sneezing, coryza.

17 - () face pale in the heat and sunstroke, heat and congestion to head and thorax. Face flushed, red, hot and very hot during the headache, worse in the eyes and forehead, the redness comes and goes; expression dazed. Red face during seizures and headache. Heat in the face with throbbing in the head and heart palpitations, or paleness and tiredness.
Facial neuralgia, worse from warmth of bed. Left trigeminal neuralgia. Facial sweating. Itching in the middle of the face. Lockjaw. Pain and stiffness in the jaw joint. Sensation of swollen lower lip, he sleeps; you burn your lips.

18 - () Toothache throbbing, with headache, cutting from right to left, worse heat, better by cold. Putrid taste bitter; aromatic, sweet, greasy, to plums. Feel asleep tongue, as if burnt, with punctures, or swollen and raw, with tiny jolts.
Language milky or with fur back. You have trouble talking, or lingual paresis of the organs of speech or heaviness of the tongue, stuttering. Sialorrhea.
Foaming mouth (with seizures). Language gear.

19 - () Contraction, dryness and itching of the soft palate. Sensation of throat swelling, heat, tenderness and itching. Neck congested
swollen visible throbbing in the arteries of the neck. Not tolerate a tight collar or clothing in the neck.

20 - () No appetite. Thirst for cold drinks. Increased urge to smoke. Nausea;
sweats, with headache and congestion of head and thorax, and face pale.
Nausea and vomiting in the sunshine. Feeling of faintness, emptiness and throbbing in pit with sensitivity worse by stooping, and biting. Gastralgias throbbing. Pulsation in epigastrium.

21 - () Colicos cutting below the navel, at 1, before and after diarrhea. Biliary colic due to gallstones. Rumbling with offensive flatus, but in the hypochondrium, worse lying on left side. Diarrhea with copious stools, blackish, lumpy, with abrupt cessation of menstruation, with cramps, hot anal, urgency and nausea sudden, from eating peaches.
oonstipacion, with piles that itch and hurt.

22 - () Polyuria with albuminuria, worse at night, pale urine, or dark and hot to go out, with red sediment. Acute or chronic interstitial nephritis,
with hypertension.

23 Menses suppressed, with intense congestion of the head, pallor, pulse, fainting, worse in a warm room, or during menstruation or pregnancy. Hot flashes in menopause, with vertigo, head pressure and nausea. During pregnancy, headache with congestion of the chest and head. Seizures in pregnancy and puerperium.

24 - () congestion of the chest, worse during pregnancy. Constriction and oppression in the chest, alternating with headaches. Breathing heavy, rattling, sometimes breathing deeply, sighs. Sweats in the chest; heats.

25 - () cardiac very laborious job or violent; with heaviness, warmth and chest fullness. Violent palpitation, worse lying down, feeling of fullness, dyspnea and throbbing in the head by the slightest effort, and very visible in the carotids. Pulse rapid, often irregular, soft or hard. Sharp pains in the heart, stitches. Extended heat waves in the back, or radiating elsewhere, to the arms. Chest purring noise, worse lying on left side, better on the right.

26 - () constriction in the lower neck, does not tolerate tight clothing.
Neck feels weak and tired, and can not support their heads. Feeling of fullness, tension and pulsation in the neck. Burning heat between the shoulder blades, heat sensation down the back. Pain or heat and chills along the spine.

27 - () Restlessness, weakness and numbness in arms, especially in the left, in heart disease. Pain from the shoulder to the back of his right hand. Weakness in the wrist after a headache. Tremor during headache. Feel the beat of the pulse in the fingers to the tips. Tremors in fingers. Wanting to get up, feels great weakness in the legs, can not stand. Shocks in the lower limbs, with unconsciousness. Thighs weak during headache.
Members relaxed and motionless in the sunshine. Unsteady.
Weak knees and thighs, collide during headache. Acute pain, rheumatism, left knee, moving, small jerks at rest, forcing him to get up and stretch the limbs. Cold feet with nausea and palpitations. Sciatica. Numbness in the limbs on the left side.

28 Yawning with headache and congestion of the head. Sleepiness in the evening.
Has trouble waking up. Weakness, for lack of sleep. Sound: with nostalgia and tears, with comic heads.

29 - () Chills: after overheating; alternating with heat, with vomiting, intermittent fever, typhoid. Heat rising from the epigastrium to the face and head. Heat waves upwards, Tufaro. Sweat: on the face after sleeping in forehead; in the chest, relieve nausea.

30 It reopened old scars. Generalized itching.


Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

Automatic Translation