Glycerinum (glycerin). Homeopathy

(Pathogenesis of William R. Griggs.)
1 Very nervous day, with polyuria, the more excitable and the patient feels restless, more often have an urgent desire to urinate.
2 Tired, languid, very petty mental impairment. Melancholia, neurasthenia. Indifference of tomorrow. Lightheadedness, confusion, inability to analyze, forget the details.
3 - () is a deep acting medicine and prolonged, with a strong balancing effect of the general metabolism and regenerative tisural. All of the pathogenesis experimenters felt, after a while, a marked general welfare and force increased. Especially useful in diabetes and senile weakness, especially with weight loss.
4 - () mental and physical weakness that comes to the prostration, accompanies many symptoms.
5 - () Hypertension.
6 - () premenstrual headache; all day. Heaviness cephalic better after eating. Throbbing in temporal arteries, worse efforts. Fullness and heaviness magnum.
7 - () Nasal Obstruction, with profuse postnasal drip. Watery secretion and irritating at first, then yellow. Excessive sneezing, worse in the evening. Sensation of dryness and tickling in the nasal mucosa; heat.
8 Flushing and redness of the face, followed by a sallow, sickly.
9 - () Excessive dry mouth with thirst by drinking, is relieved, but not for long. Heat sensation in the mouth and throat. Sweetish taste. Boca pasty, tasteless. Lips dry, cracked.
10 - () Lack of appetite or excessive hunger. Belching short, incomplete, with burning in epigastrium and esophagus. Gurgling in the abdomen. Weakness and languor or emptiness in the abdomen.
11 - () Constipation marked, chronic, with stools dry, hard, sometimes large or as balls, always with great urgency. Anal fissure.
12 - () profuse and frequent urination, even at night. Urethral burning while urinating and sometimes pain that spreads to the shoulders and upper chest. Urine with increased density. Glycosuria. Nephritis in the elderly.
13 - () The drug produces a marked tonic effect on the male genitalia.
14 - () Menses copious, long, bright red blood, with a feeling of bearing down and heavy uterine great exhaustion, cold sweats s feet.
15 sense of fullness and tightness in the chest. Short, hard, shakes and continues to coryza, with weakness. Influenza Pneumonia. He feels that the heart occupies much space. Palpitations with dyspnea.
16 shooting pain in the left lumbar region, worse when changing position, extended to the left groin, with prostration.
17 - () Rheumatic pain from head to toe. Pain deep in the deltoid, trapezius, pectoral, and hips, the pains come and go intermittently. Feet aching, hot, with sensation of enlargement.
18 Hyperthermia.
19 - () Acne.