Gnaphalium. Homeopathy

(G. polycephalum Immortelle)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Gnaphalium
1 - () Very irritable after diarrhea or during neuralgia.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Gnaphalium
2 - () The key symptom is that the pains and neuralgia alternate or accompanied by numbness in the affected part, especially in the sciatic nerve and the lumbar region.
3 - () Worse: at night, lying down, by motion, when walking, during menstruation, for cold, damp weather. Better: sitting in a chair by bending members.
SPECIFIC Gnaphalium
4 Dizziness when standing up than lying down. Fullness at the temples. Dull, steady, on the nape, with blows of pain in the eye. Headache at 15 to 16 hours or upon awakening, better by washing with cold water.
5 dazed, bloated face. Intermittent neuralgic pains in the maxillae.
6 Boca pasty on waking ugly taste, sweetish. Tongue white.
7 - () No appetite. Excessive belching, nausea, hiccups. Cramps in the belly blind sensitive. Rumbling with emission of much flatus.
8 - () Diarrhea abundant, watery, irritating, appearing on morning and repeated during the day, followed by fatigue and exhaustion in the morning to afternoon, with irritability. In children, diarrhea and vomiting of morning, afternoon diarrhea and cramps. Dark stools, liquid, offensive tomorrow, light stools.
Borboriginos bowel and diarrhea before breakfast. Sensation of anal weakness.
9 Pain Prostate mild kidney pain. Pain and fullness in the bladder, but recently has urinated.
10 - () Increased sexual desire in men. Pain and irritation in the prostate.
11 Dysmenorrhea, worse the first day, with scanty menses. Sensation of weight or fullness in the pelvis. Menstruation chocolate color and pelvic discomfort.
p 12 Pain in the chest, from side to side. Low back pain with numbness in the area, lying on my back better.
13 - () The main indication is in Gnaphalium sciatica, especially the right side, with severe pain as sharp or arrows, alternating with local numbness or are replaced by, ranging from the right hip by the posterior member to the foot, worse lying down and moving; better sitting on a chair and flexing the thigh on the abdomen. The going gets very tiring.
Crural neuralgia. Joint pain, as if the joints were dry. Cramps in the calves, feet, at night in bed. Gouty pains in the toes, with numbness of the finger. Weakness in the upper limb can not lift the lighter weight. Rheumatic pains in elbows and shoulders.
Night sweats 14.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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