Gossypium herbaceum. Homeopathy

Gossypium herbaceum
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Gossypium herbaceum
1 Worse: motion, by the pressure and before breakfast. Better-for repose.
2 - () Stitching pain, tearing, drawing, sometimes burning, jumping from one place to another or going from top to bottom, and are worse from motion and better by rest.
3 - () gastric symptoms, intestinal, heart or nerve in close relation with uterine disorders.
SPECIAL Gossypium herbaceum
4 burning or stabbing pain extended from the temporal bones in the middle of the frontal bone. Drawing pain on the eyes. Neck pain with a tendency to take the head back.
5 Narinas swollen and inflamed, especially the left.
6 Taste of rotten eggs, best breakfast. Tonsils swollen, worse on the right.
7 - () Nausea and drooling with great tendency to vomit before breakfast.
Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, mainly morning. Vomiting to move or sit up in bed. Spinning sensation in the epigastrium, with distress, anxiety and sighs. Feeling sick with anorexia and depression in pit during menstruation. Stitches in the right upper quadrant.
8 - () The maximum Gossypium Action Center is on the female genitalia.
Stitching pain and intermittent in both ovaries and, simultaneously, bearing down into the uterus. Excoriation between left thigh and vulva, with watery discharge and pain like needles, worse at night. Swelling of the outer labia left, with intolerable itching; on both sides, pale granulations. Amenorrhea. Menses scanty, watery, delayed. Sensation as if the menses come, but not seen.
Sterility. Morning vomiting in early pregnancy, with lightheadedness, fainting and prostration, can not get out of bed. Abortion. Labor pains too weak and ineffective. Retained placenta. Subinvolution uterus.
Uterine fibroid. Utero sensitive. Breast tumors with adenopathy.
9 Tearing in the right arm and hand, which jumps from one finger to another. Papular eruption on the backs of the hands, knees and ankles, itching and watery discharge. Heaviness in the hands, worse from warmth of bed, letting it hang better. Aches, tremors and jerks in the legs. Back pain, with weight and dragging in the pelvis.
10 Drowsiness almost all the time.
Chills 11 external with internal heat.
12 Itching in the whole body, that changes in heat from scratching.