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Graphite (Graphite)

1 - () Sad, despondent, disheartened (worse on waking), worse evening and night, thinks only in death, have feelings and premonitions of death and fear to die or something happens to him. Often it seems that her end is near, or that the biggest casualties are imminent. Is unhappy,
miserable. Need mourn. It is very sensitive to music, that make her sad and mourn reached. Crying for no reason or a trifle, and feel better afterwards. Penalty for the slightest circumstances, which sometimes leads him to despair. Ailments from grief.

2 - () Restlessness when sitting in his work, is eager for manual work and when sitting. Anxious restlessness at night, driving out of bed. Anxiety: morning especially on waking in the future, premenstrual, by anticipation, with guilt. Anxiety about his salvation, cares for their spiritual, religious affections.
But there can be lust. Despair with fever and sweating.

3 - () Highly suspicious, overly cautious and very indecisive, does not know what to do or take that resolution, it is unable to decide. Shy. Very impressionable.

4 - () Irritability, moodiness, aversion to being spoken, and are offended easily * Xcite. 0 is slow, sluggish, prone to sitting. How to be wavering, changeable.

5 - () "Children insolent, annoying, who laugh at reprimands" (Allen).

6 - () It focuses heavily and it is hard to think, especially after a nap. The fatigue is mental work. Is forgetful, especially of recent events. He is wrong in the words you use when speaking or writing. Absent. Everything seems strange.

7 - () strikes fear in the morning. Fear of losing the right; afraid of work.
Ailments from fright; gets scared easily. Anxious, worse if loved ones do not arrive. Fear improvement crying.

8 - () The typical patient is Graphites fat, apathetic, chilly and constipated. It is especially indicated in persons, especially women, prone to obesity, which are usually pale, constipated and chilly, with a lack of vital heat and with a history of periods that started late. "Habitual constipation with scanty menses" (Clarke) or deleted. There may be other times, large weight loss, more marked on the parties concerned.

9 - () Worse by hunger in motion at night, but before midnight, during menstruation (coughing, sweating, swollen feet, headaches, blindness, hoarseness, nausea, excoriation between the thighs, etc.). And then; by music, by the light of day, by taking cold, from cold, wet from cold, from washing; by weather changes (pain), by the heat of the room or bed, in summer and autumn, for riding. Left sided. Better: rest, traveling in a vehicle, in the noise in the dark after dinner, for burping, for wrapping, shelter, walking outdoors (want outdoors, although sensitive to drafts and colds easily).

10 - () Cramps, spasms, muscle and tendon and tension (like contraction of tendons) in various parts of the body. Internal tremor. Trembling and shaking, or twitching beats strong. Great exhaustion, with rapid or sudden drop of strength. Disturbances in muscle or tendon strain or lifting weights. Stiff joints,
completely inflexible. Catalepsy, "is conscious, but without possibility to move or speak" (Allen).

11 - () Swelling of tissues (sometimes flabby) with induration and punctures;
induration and swelling of glands. Cystic tumors, cysts generally
sebaceous cysts, wens. Tumors; cancer. Scar tissue can absorb, keloid scars (Thiosinaminum).

12 - () Anemia. Hemorrhage. Irregularities in blood distribution.
Disorders of vital fluids lost. Pulsations in all arteries with each movement. Edema; after a severe rash. Fainting.

13 secretions and excretions highly offensive. The pus smells of brine.
Complaints from the suppression of secretions and excretions.

14 Numbness in several places. Drawing pains or cramps;
suemantes, worse at night, before midnight, during and after menstruation, the better to keep warm.

Desire and aversion of Graphites
15 - () Aversion to sweet and savory, to fish, to meat, to think of it, a hot cooked foods, to the soup.

16 - () Headache in morning on waking, worse on the left, nauseated and feeling as if head were asleep. Occipital headache with sensation of constriction extend to the neck and chest, severe pain, worse if you look up. Headache during menses. Hemicrania: with nausea and sour vomiting; with amenorrhea and constipation. Headache traveling in a vehicle or moving the head or during or after eating, the side that rests on the pillow. Round and hot spot on the vertex. Sensation of cobweb on forehead, he wants to remove. Vertigo worse when waking up, looking upward, rising from a squatting position, with a tendency to fall forward.
Sensation of emptiness in the head, stunning, of confusion, as if drunk in the morning on rising; of brain loose. Crusty eruptions moist; crust lactea. Humid eruptions and scabs on the vertex, painful to touch, sticky and foul smelling secretion, which extend the pins; worse by scratching. Lots of scales on the head, with a bothersome itching, relieved by washing, and become wet. The pustules improve washing.
Eczema around the scalp, crusted big and dirty hair that clumps, with pain on touch. Tina. Erysipelas. Hair loss, even on the sides of the head and whiskers, plates clean and shiny bald.
Premature graying. Wens large. Sweat sour or foul in the head;
stained yellow by the slightest exertion or talking, better walking outdoors. Rush of blood to the head with his face flushed, epistaxis, flatulence.

17 - () Eczema of lids; eruption wet and cracked, with the edges covered with scales or crusts and very swollen. Eyelids red and granular, worse at the edges, glued morning. Blepharitis, especially the edges, which can be reversed. The angles of the eyes are cut. Eyelids heavy and fallen, as if paralyzed. Dried mucus in the eyelashes. Styes on the lower eyelid, to replicate. Pressure and stinging and painful blows on the eyes. Heat and burning in the eyes, worse for the light. Extreme photophobia to daylight and the sun. Open the eyes it causes sneezing. Sensation of having sand in your eyes. Inflammation of the eye with great redness and mucous secretion. He was stooping obscures vision. Myopia. The letters appear double when reading and writing, or running. See sparks. Blindness during menstruation.

18 - () behind the ears: humidity, humid eruptions, excoriating, cracked, with sticky secretion, itching and pain. Eruptions on the ears.
Eczema. Swollen ears. Eczema Impetiginized extending to cheeks and neck, with intense itching. Feeling of having something behind the ear hard, size of an egg. Sticky secretions in the meatus; vangre pus or discharge, foul odor; to brine. Stitches in the ears. The eardrums are coated with white or capillaries are distended. Hearing loss, but best heard amid sounds or riding in a vehicle. Noises in the ears: ringing, bells, blowing, roaring (at night), clicks (after every burp), cracks or thunder. Cracking when eating or moving the jaw (the morning in bed) and sneezing. Violent noises in the ears at night.
Reverberation of his words or each step he takes. Retroauricular lymphadenopathy Dryness in the ear canal.

19 - () Smell abnormally acute; not tolerate the smell of flowers or strong smells, or lack of smell, you smell burnt hair. Epistaxis, over night and the morning, preceded by rush of blood to the head and heat in the face, blowing out blood. Nasal secretion fetida, yellowish, purulent, bloody, scabs. A foul odor from the nose, worse during menstruation. Ozena. Nasal catarrh, chronic. Severe dryness at times painful, aching inside to blow; obstruction. Sneezing on opening his eyes. Coryza from getting cold, dry, with headaches, nausea and desire to sleep, or watery, yellow or thick, foul; excoriating.
Nose injured, excoriated, surrounded by wet crusts, thick, with pain on blowing. Dry scabs in the nose, with nostrils hurt, sore, cracked and painful. Red nose, swollen, with black pores. Feeling of tension AEntry nose.

20 - () Constant feeling of cobwebs on his face. Face pale, dusky, bloated, yellow, with dark circles, eyes sunken. Waves of heat to the face.
Itching pimples on the face, which are wetted by scratching. Her lips are chapped and painful, especially in contisuras, who also ulcerate or have rashes, and pain, ulcers on the inside of the lips. Eczema damp and cracked, crusted rashes on the lips and in and on the nose moist. Scaly rash on the chin and around the mouth. Ringspot high in the face. Erysipelas, burning, pins and vesicles, extending as rays on both sides, or from right to left or to the whole body, preceded by alternating fever and chills.
Falling hair sideburns and beard. Freckles. Facial palsy, with contorted face and slurred speech. Cyst on the cheek, painful nodules on the jaw. Lymph glands swollen, hard and painful.
Drawing or tearing pains in the bones of the face.

21 - () Toothache worse at night, touching or biting, cold drinks and heat during menstruation. Swollen gums, foul smelling and bleed easily, pain after eating. Taste and rotten egg breath of morning, that's disgusting, bitter, salty. Burning blisters below and on the tip of the tongue, or white, painful ulcer, painful blisters on the back of the tongue. Urinous or putrid breath. Tongue coated.
Dry mouth tomorrow. Profuse salivation, worse when stooping and tomorrow

22 - () spasms in the throat that make you gag and forcing him to swallow constantly, because if not, choking or drowning. Almost constant doloriniiento from the throat to swallow, lancinating, as if a plug or stop food dl; as raw. Tonsils swollen, painful swallowing. Hawking.

23 - () Great thirst for morning and after eating. Excessive hunger, canine, with acidity. Frequent acid regurgitation, with mouth bitter or bitter and green or watery. Acidity warmly after eating stale. Belching acids,
sour, putrid, or taste the food, incomplete, difficult;
walking; constant, better by pressure in the epigastrium. Gastric Flatulence, better by vomiting. Hiccup after meals. Nausea in morning or after dinner; postmenstrual; for sweets. Vomiting: food (next to eating), acids. Arcades in swallowing, regurgitation of mucus. Castralgias strict, like claws and cramps, worse fasting, cold drinks and cold food, better after eating, beverages or hot milk, and lying or heat of the bed. Gastralgias burning which impel them to eat. Feeling of faintness or a foreign body in the pit; fullness. Chronic alcoholic gastritis. Gastric or duodenal ulcer. Gastric Cancer.

24 - () Pain in upper abdomen, as if everything broke into pieces during menstruation, pain below the navel, as if the intestines were torn. Burning pain radiating throughout the abdomen.
Colicos immediately before eating and flatus. Stitches in the left side of belly cramps hypogastrium during menstruation.
Pain in the left side of the abdomen when lying on the right, and vice versa. Liver pain after breakfast, must lie. Pressing pains or stitches in the navel, which extend back and hypochondria, with constipation, worse at night. Pain in the English and inguinal lymphadenopathy. Sounds like the croaking of frogs. Apretodo not tolerate anything in her belly, must loosen clothing. Heaviness and great distention of the abdomen,
this hard and tense hypogastrium hardness, with diarrhea after eating. Wholeness with great accumulation of gas, sometimes in the English press and the anus, with profuse discharge of offensive flatus (which improve the pain), which is regularly updated. Ascites. Liver hard, bloated and painful. Rashes in the groin.

25 - () obstinate constipation, with stools large, difficult to expel, to stay long in the rectum without wanting, there is a real inactivity of rectum; worse during menstruation. Stools: hard, knotty, with pieces united by mucous threads; of very large size, low, or too soft (chronic); mucosanguinolentas of butyric acid or putrid;
dark, undigested; brown liquid, of very small, like a worm, burning, sticky, very offensive. Expulsion of white mucus with stool or mucus out of anus. Diarrhea from suppressed eruption. Mucous diarrhea. Intestinal parasites: oxiurus, roundworms and tapeworms. Anal Itching
violent, and swelling sensation of excoriation; rub anus until it was raw. Burning anal fissures, hemorrhoids, with pain worse when sitting or take a long step, as if he nailed a knife, or after stool; bleed. Rectal prolapse easy, even unwilling to stool, as if rectum was paralyzed dl. Sore anus wiping. Anal pain while pinching or after bowel movements, burning in cracks or crevices.
Anal moisture constant, glutinous, worse after scratching.

26 - () The urine becomes turbid on standing, has an iridescent film, and a sediment is deposited abundant, white or red. Need urgent, anxious and painful urination with Broadcast drips and a stitch in the urethra to get urine. Urine pungent, acid. The stream of urine is fine, as if against the urethra. Pain in the sacrum and coccyx with urination. Involuntary urination. Bedwetting. Wetting.

27 - () Aversion to coition. Lack of morning erection, incomplete erection during intercourse and failure to ejaculate or premature ejaculation, or ejaculation without erection, orgasm low. Decreased sexual desire or extreme sexual excitement, without erections or with violent erections, priapism.
Impotence, sexual weakness for sexual abuse. During intercourse, painful cramps in the calves. After Intercourse: exhaustion, body heat, sweating and cold legs. Tensive pains or cramps in the genitals, with erotic thoughts. Eruptions on the foreskin and penis (herpes newspaper), itching and rashes on the scrotum Himed viscous; vesicles on the prepuce. Scrotum brilliant. Edema of the genitalia. Left hydrocele, in children, with herpes. Swollen testicles. Urethral stricture, urethral sticky secretion. Soreness between scrotum and thighs.

28 - () Perhaps, along with skin, female sexual organs are the two sites of action of Graphites maxima. Great aversion to coitus. Itching vesicles on the vulva. Between the thighs and excoriation of the vulva and perineum.
Vagina sore and hot. Painful swelling of the ovaries every time you take cold or wet their feet swollen and indurated ovaries after menstruation. Ovarian tumors. Tearing in the right ovary, or explode like before and during menstruation. Cramp-like pain in the uterus during menstruation and when he raises his arms aloft. Bearing down sensation in the genitals. Periods of appearance or late initiation in girls, little, short, pale or mixed with black coagulitos; as tar, dark or black, watery, thick, late and erratic in its appearance, suppressed, with heaviness in the limbs and heats the head. Amenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea; sharp pains on the occurrence of menstruation. Exhausting cough before and during menstruation.
During menstruation: anal bleeding, pain in the limbs, aggravation of ulcers, swelling of cheeks or feet, cold with hoarseness, dyspnea, runny nose, toothache, excoriation between the thighs, or cramps and sharp pains in his stomach, headache, nausea pain in the chest and weakness.
Vagina cold. Premenstrual pruritus vulvae. Genital edema. Flow acrid, excoriating, viscous, copious, that spouts out, day and night, before and after menstruation, walking and sitting, white or yellowish white; aqueous back with great weakness, back and general. Uterine cancer. At menopause, heartburn and gastric catarrh. "Scars hard (sometimes painful) remaining after breast abscesses, delaying the start of the dech. Breast Cancer in old scars left after repeated abscesses" (Hering). Cracked nipples, deep, exuding liquid.
Excoriation and pain in the breasts, secreting vesicles. Obstruction and breast induration.

29 - () Hoarseness: cronica, at dusk, at night in bed and during menstruation; laryngeal sensation raw, as if excoriated and burning pain. Larynx sensitive to touch. Falsetto singing. Constriction in the chest, as if it were too narrow. Attacks of breathlessness when lying down, at night, waking him after midnight, jumping out of bed, eat something and relieved, asthma, worse during menstruation. Cough at night in bed, worse on deep inspiration, with oppression, whooping-cough. Salty expectoration. Pains in the chest while climbing, riding or yawning; stitches, cramps. Eczema in the chest and nipples; herpes zoster in the left side pruritic vesicles. Sweats in the sternal region every morning.

30 - () Palpitation from slightest movement, with anxiety, with epistaxis.
Vacuum and cold sensation in the heart and thorax, sadly. Constriction,
precordial pressure and stitches. Feeling like an electric shock from the heart to the anterior neck. Intense pulses throughout the body, especially the heart, worse every move. Precordial violent beats after lying a night on the left side, moving blankets, with anxiety; disappear when turning.
Pulse full and hard, somewhat accelerated morning, slow day or evening.

31 - () Stiffness in the neck. Violent tearing pain in the neck and shoulders to bow his head or lift his arms. Painless lymphadenopathy in the sides of the neck. Eruptions on the neck, itching in the coccyx. Painless cervical nodes. Tingling or tickle in the back. He suffers back strain easily. Weakness lumbar with the flow or walking. Back pain from lifting or shaking or touching, as if dislocated or broken. Pain in the neck to look up. Pain in the sacrum and coccyx while urinating. Itching in the coccyx, with humidity and crusts.

32 - () Tearing, burning or stinging at the shoulders, worse on the left. Arms feel asleep, worse when lying or sitting on them, with shaking. Herpes circinate hard to the touch and wrinkled, or eczema, intense itching in the crease of the elbow. Contractive sensation in the elbow joint by extending the arms. Hands with tearing pain or cramps; thinner. Leather hard and cracked hands, even in the fingertips, in the joints of the vineyards and between them corneas with calluses on hands chapped. Dead asleep and left hand,
during menstruation, rising tingly. Arthritic nodules in the joints of the fingers, swelling, stiffness and deformation of the fingers. Pain as if dislocated at the joint of the thumb. The folds between the fingers are wet and raw, corrosive vesicles on the fingers. A thick, fragile, exfoliated, altered and deformed, black,
sleep, talk, starts, sweat on his head, wets. Very agitated or disturbed sleep with very vivid dreams, anxious, horrible accident, or fire, dead thoughts.

34 - () Shuddering morning and evening, with or without fever, followed by sweating.
Chill after 16 hours. Heat or fever while traveling in a vehicle. Sweats acids, which stain clothes yellow, fetid, by the slightest movement or exertion, even to talk. Inability to sweat. Night sweats. Twice daily malarial fever, with chills in the evening, then heat in the face and feet cold, no sweat.

35 - () The skin is undoubtedly the main field of action of Graphites, and the symptoms are located there, which generally condition their prescription, because the characteristics of its eruptions are very particular. Moist eruptions, scaly, crusted, from under which exits a yellow liquid, viscous, sticky, transparent and thick as honey. Eruptions burning, itchy, crusty, herpetic, phagadenic, suppurating, vesicular. Diseased skin, every wound festers.
Eczema secretory wet, alternating with internal ailments, with the characteristics and annotated to the scalp, behind ears, eyelids, lips and chin in the folds of flexion of the members (especially children), in genitals, between the buttocks, between the thighs and between your toes. Itching, burning or stabbing pain, worse at night, by Malor, by washing, better by cold, scratching until the skin is raw. The secretion is increased by scratching. Dry, hard, callasa, PASP, cracks and bleeds. Painful cracks and fissures, in the corners and natural orifices. Erysipelas phlegmonous, erratic, repetition.
Wens. Skin hot night. Intertrigo. Leprosy. Hard scars, burning or pain; nodules in old scars, scar tissue is reabsorbed, even in old scars (Tyler) or ankylosis.

Hepar Sulfur Sulfur Causticum Lycopodium Arsenicum Alb.
Argentum Nitric Tuberculinum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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