Gratiola, Grindelia robusta, Guajacum, Helleborus, Heloderma, Hirudo medicinalis, Hydrocotyle asiatica. Homeopathy

Chronic diarrhea. Diarrhea summer.

Grindelia robusta
Bronchitis, emphysema. Asthma.

Rheumatic process in muscles, joints and especially in tendons. Angina follicularis. Bronchiectasis (dilatation of the bronchi).

Psychosis, melancholia. Cerebral and meningeal irritability. Nefri-tis. Muscle spasms.

Paralysis agitans. Neuralgia. Circulatory disorders and tendency to circulatory collapse with cold sweat.

Hirudo medicinalis
Hemorrhagic purpura, petechiae (typhus), ecchymosis (blood infiltration in the tissues), tendency to effusion of blood.

Hydrocotyle asiatica
Strongly pruritic scaly eczema. Psoriasis.

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