Grindelia robusta. Homeopathy

Grindelia robusta
General symptoms of Grindelia robusta
1 - () Worse lying down, by motion, in the dark to sleep.
SPECIFIC Grindelia robusta
2 intense feeling of fullness in the head. Headache.
3 - () Conjunctiva injected. Pain in the eyeballs, which runs straight backward, the brain, worse moving eyes. Pain in the left eye, which then goes to the right, reaches terrible intensity, with mydriasis and right knee pain. Purulent conjunctivitis and ophthalmia. Iritis: Trauma; from cold, for rheumatic metastasis, with severe pain and high fever.
4 - () Nausea and retching in gastrioa ulcer. Hyperchlorhydria with asthma. Intolerable pain in the liver and spleen can not sit still. Cutting pain in region of spleen, with irradiation to the hips. Hypertrophy of the spleen.
l vulvar and vaginal itching, sometimes by stream. Glycosuria.
6 - () The respiratory organs are the main locus of action of Grindelia. The key symptom is that in sleep, just go to sleep or sleeping, breathing stops or is made very difficult, and not proceed until the suffocation wakes with a start, with panting breath, wheezing, and must sit in order to breathe well, not can not breathe lying down. He is afraid to go to sleep for fear of drowning. Viscose oppression with profuse expectoration, relieves him. Visits of dyspnea with palpitations, fainting, breathing and convulsive efforts facial cyanosis. Bronchial asthma with profuse expectoration mucus that relief. Broneorrea. Wheezing Rales. Pertussis with mucus expectoration profuse. Cardiac asthma.
Cheyne Stokes. Catarrhal bronchitis. Cough reflex causes.
Mucous expectoration difficult to expel.
7 - () Rash like measles invading face, neck, and often the whole body, with severe burning and itching. Poisoning the poison ivy (Rhus tox.).
Papular or vesicular eruptions. Insect stings. Herpes zoster.
Burns. Swollen skin ulcers, purpura.