Guaiacum. Homeopathy

(G. officinale Guaiacum Resin of Lignum Vitae)
1 - () Weakness of memory, very forgetful, especially of names.
Comprehension difficult.
2 Strong desire to criticize and despise all.
Staring 3 and absent of ideas, especially tomorrow. This lazy, sad, depressed. Stubborn.

4 - () is indicated in conditions mainly muscle, joint and bony. It acts especially on the muscular and fibrous tissue when rheumatic pains that are aggravated by the slightest movement and the heat, contraction (especially the flexor) tendon with retraction, rigidity and immobility, resulting in deformity, both contractures as by periarticular concretions or nodules. Swollen joints,
Hard, painful (local heat and aggravated by the slightest movement), who can not tolerate pressure or heat. Pain and swelling in the bones or bony softening and suppuration. Caries and conditions spongy bone (tibia and tarsus mostly), who can not tolerate even the slightest contact.
Exostoses. Drop. Articular gouty nodules. Promotes openness spontaneous abscesses, gout (tophi) or not, much to the relief of pain. In syphilitic rheumatism.
5 - () Worse: motion; from heat; by contact and pressure, of tomorrow (to rise), after noon and evening (before bedtime); sitting outdoors, for the damp cold. Better: cold applications local to eat apples inside the room, by external pressure.
Disorders on one side, especially left. Recurrence.
6 - () Secretions intolerably offensive. Bad smell, a dirty, the whole body.
7 - () The pains are tearing, drawing or pressing, often ending in a stitch, and aggravated by heat and movement.
8 - () Sensation of burning, warmth or burning in the mouth, throat, stomach and affected areas.
9 - () depletion, and after a great effort. Great emaciation.
Frequent tendency to yawn and stretch, by a general feeling of malaise. Secondary syphilis.
10 In elderly. In people hair and dark eyes.
Desire and aversion of Guaiacum
11 - () Desire for apples and other fruits. Aversion to milk.
12 - () Throbbing headache, worse sitting (or best) and standing, relieved by pressure and walking outdoors. Paroxysmal pain, neuralgic, on the left side of the head and face, neck extended, daily, from the 18
until the next morning. Pressing headache or throbbing brain from the base upwards. Tearing one side of the head.
Pulsations and throbbing with stitches in the temples, with sensation of head swollen and distended temporal arteries. Feeling detached and loose brain, worse walking. Sweats in the head and face when walking outdoors. Tearing pains in the scalp.
13 - () Sense of protruding eyes and swollen; muycortos eyelids seem to cover the eyes, or feel swollen. Exophthalmos. Mydriasis.
Amaurosis. Periocular hard granite.
14 Earache tearing or drawing.
15 Pain in nasal bones. Nose swollen. Coryza with secretion.
16 - () Face red, swollen and sore. Pain in muscles and cheek bones, as if nailed knives. Facial neuralgia, especially on the left. Heat in the face, worse at night. Face aged.
17 - () Toothache with grinding teeth, tearing, finishing stitches. Tongue coated thick white or brown. Fetid breath after coughing.
18 - () Burning pain in throat, with dryness, redness and swelling bright, large tonsils with a tendency to fester. Throat painful to touch. Abscesses or boils of tonsils. Acute tonsillitis, worse on the right, swollen, dark red, with sharp jabs to the ears when swallowing.
Dry throat, can not swallow without drinking. Diphtheria. Sore throat in syphilis.
19 - () No taste and no appetite, aversion to food, with mucous expectoration. Belching. Hunger exaggerated. By feeling nauseous throat full of mucus (Caus). Cramps, pain and burning in the stomach. Every summer Gastropathy with severe vomiting of blood. Anxious feeling of constriction in the epigastrium which impedes breathing. Vomiting of a watery mass of phlegm every morning, with great effort, being exhausted.
20 Pinching in the belly, with great flatulence accumulated. Sensation of emptiness and rumbling in the belly. Inguinal hernia. Shocks in the abdominal muscles.
21 - () Diarrhea morning. Infantile diarrhea with weight loss and old face, mucous and watery stools. Constipation with very offensive stools, crumbling.
22 - () constant desire to urinate (even after doing so), with very fetid urine, or ineffectual urging, with punctures on the neck of the vefiga. Cutting urethra during urination. Urethral discharge as blennorrhagic. Cocturnas pollutions without dreams.
23 Ovaritis chronic or subacute rheumatic women. Amenorrhea. Membranous dysmenorrhoea. Tingling and chills, in the breast.
24 - () with inflammation violent spasms in the larynx and trachea, with choking and palpitations. Chest tightness. Dry cough: with shortness of breath, coughing up a little better mucus. Cough with expectoration of very fetid pus (can not tolerate the smell); spits a lot of mucus Hemoptysis in tuberculosis in its early stages, with fever and red face. Pains in the left side of the chest, worse when breathing or moving your head. Continuous stitches on the right side of the chest, ending in a below the right scapula, worse on inspiration. Stitches by pleuritis in the third or fourth rib;
pain in the left apex; in tuberculosis suppuration. Pleurisy with repetition. Palpitations. Pulse weak, soft and frequent.
25 - () Pain in the neck, with pressure on the cervical vertebrae and sides, stiff (from cold) and common stitches on the left side of neck, shoulder blades extending from the occipital, moving or still have the head. Rheumatic too rigid extended from the neck to the sacrum, worse on the left, with intolerable pain at the slightest movement. Contracture pain between the shoulder blades. Corrosive itching in the back, day.
Chills in the back in the afternoon.
26 - () The extremities, both in their muscles and in their joints and bones, are the main center of action of Guaiacum (see 4). Rheumatic pains in upper limbs, worse on the iquierda. Sharp points on the shoulder and right thumb. Weakness in arms. Hot hands. Pains in the thighs and the feinur, pressing, when sitting, with itching.
Tension paralytic or weakness in the thighs, worse on the right, walking as if hamstrings were shortened, worse from touch and best sense, in the popliteal contracture. Sciatica, worse
stretching motion and the member; lumbago. Punctures in the buttocks, as if sitting on needles. Pain that starts in mid-thigh or leg or foot and go to the knee. Pains in the bones of the legs.
Growing pains (Phos.Ac.). Legs tired. Osteomalacia of the tibia and tarsus spongy state of the tibia, the slightest touch aggravates the pain. Cramping and tightness in their legs, stiffness and immobility.
Tearing, darting pains in the limbs and, of gouty or rheumatic origin, with heat of the parties concerned and aggravation from the slightest movement, followed by contracture, stiffness and immobility, produced or enhanced by cold, alternating with dyspnea. The members were sleeping.
27 - () Great drowsiness in the afternoon. He sleeps late and wakes early.
It often wakes frightened, especially when falling asleep. Night restless sleep, waking tired, as if the dream is inadequate.
Nightmares while sleeping on your back (Sulph.) wakes up screaming. Sounds with falls. On waking, everything seems tight or feels like wet clothes.
28 - () internal chilliness followed by heat, but in the face in the evening, without thirst. Chills even if near a stove. Burning fever with Sancho and swollen face and a dry cough. Night sweats offensive. Copious sweating in isolated regions (face, neck, arms, etc..), But in the head, especially when walking outdoors.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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