Guarea. Homeopathy

(Guarea trichilioides)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Guarea
Anxiety 1. Fear of losing reason.
2 Any. Low memory.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Guarea
3 - () Worse: for acids and cold water. Better: warm drinks and warm.
4 - () sense of constriction. Pains as blows, cutting. Or periosteal bone pain, worse at night; bony cavities. Suppuration of lymph.
5 - () Seizure-in children, when you vomit. Cramps: in children, to touch.
Subsultus tendon. Muscle weakness. Sudden shocks throughout the body.
Desire and aversion of Guarea
6 - () Aversion to milk, fish and cooked foods, fatty,
7 Vertigo on stooping. Feeling that the brain was falling forward, or as if she had been struck in the head, leaving a kind of numbness and difficulty thinking. Constriction: heaviness in the forehead, in the neck with a hammer. Yellow spots on the temples.
8 - () with sickly eyes. Swelling below the eyes and lacrimal glands. During fever eye pain, with sensation of protrusion of the eyes. Jerking on her eyebrows. Paralysis or pressure on the eyelids. Tearing. Conjunctivitis with chemosis, especially after a cataract operation. Mydriasis. The objects appear gray. Ocular symptoms alternate with hearing loss. Pterygium.
Swelling of the periosteum or 9 auricular eruption. Sensation of fullness in the ears, with pressure outward; of a peg of a worm.
10 coryza with secretion hard and heat. Stuffy nose, can not sneeze;
constriction in the root.
11 Swelling with suppuration in the face. Pain and burning. Jerking on her lips. Swollen upper lip.
12 - () Pain in teeth and cheek, made worse by a draft or by the pressure of the tongue and lying on painful side, hot food or walking. Language: cover during fever, with yellowish gray layer; swollen shut, heavy, bleeding. Feel the cold, dry tongue; lancinating pain. Breath smells like cheese. Sweetish taste. Feel tasteless food.
13 - () Tonsils swollen. Pain with contraction in the esophagus and burning heat. Dysphagia. Canine hunger, satiety. Feeling as if beaten in the epigastrium, with itching and constriction. Regurgitation and vomiting bitter, greenish acids. Belching acids. Tendency to vomit during fever.
14 - () Navel hard. Abdominal distention with flatulence and lancinating pains in English and inguinal rings. Sore abdominal walls, as blunt.
15 - () Chronic constipation during dentition. Urgency to defecate.
Constricted feeling in the anus and rectum, painful bowel movements.
16 - () Cystitis. Frequent urination. Involuntary urination.
17 - () Foetid post menstrual flow. Intermenstrual blood loss. Vulvar pruritus. Elimination of labor pains. Lochia scarce.
v 18 Cough: dry, barking, deep, with expectoration. Cough with sweat, pain and constriction in the chest, comes after a fit of crying, sleeping or taking cold, excited by itching in the throat and laryngeal irritation. Whooping cough with bloody sputum. Asthma with fits of suffocation, sobbing breath and intermittent chest constriction.
Dyspnea during chill. Respiratory symptoms are worse, laying his hand on his throat. Anxiety in the chest, with feeling of emptiness and distension, heaviness.
19 weak back. Cutting pains, worse in the sacrum. Burning back.
Constriction in the back.
20 Colpes pain, cramping and burning pain in her arms. Trembling and swelling in his hands. Paralysis of the metacarpus. Cutting, burning heat and cracks in the joints. Cutting pains in the legs and jerking; red spots. Constriction in feet and fingers.
21 Sleepy outdoors. Anxious dreams.
22 - () cold followed by heat and sweat. Heat in the upper body and cold at the bottom. During fever: anxiety, forgetfulness, sore eyes, coated tongue, nausea, chest tightness with pain. Intermittent fever, but at noon. Mainly sweats when he eats and after.
Aromatic sweats.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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