Guatteria guameria. Homeopathy

Guatteria GUAMERIA
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Guatteria GUAMERIA
1 Maybe, sad, bad memory. Obsessive thoughts.
2 Worse, in a warm room, by motion; after meals. Better: rest, for food in small amounts. Right side.
3 Vertigo with headache and heavy head. Throbbing frontal headache. Occipital headache worse in a warm room and bed.
4 - () conjunctival jaundice, photophobia, miosis, itching, better from rubbing.
5 Language dirty, yellowish, with fur, especially in the root. Bad breath. Bitter taste. Excessive drooling thick.
6 - () epigastric pain that spreads to hypochondria, kidney and right lung base. Burning in the esophagus and stomach, worse condiments and sweets.
Anorexia. Nausea, worse by hot food. Extreme thirst. Yellow and green bilious vomiting worse by hot food.
Congestion of liver 7. Abdominal distention, belching better with pain extended to her right breast, back, shoulder and right shoulder blade drecho; worse by movement.
8 - () Diarrhea with cramps cramps, or constipation, followed by burning and tenesmus after stool, stools are green or yellow, hard or liquid, slimy, foul smelling.
9 Hematuria. Urine thick, cloudy, with deposits of calcium oxalate stones of increased density, with urea decreased.
10 - () Flow excoriating white.
11 - () dry cough, pain, locking of the base of the right lung associated with hepatic congestion, worse lying on left side with palpitations and tachycardia, worse after eating.
12 - () Joint pain with stiffness, especially in the fingers, knees and shoulders, especially on the right.
13 - () Skin dirty, especially in the face, pigmented brown spots on the forehead and cheeks. Brown ink on the arms and backs of hands.
Sweats that stain clothes yellow. Subictericia jaundice or itching, worse from eating, better by prolonged rest.