Gymnocladus canadensis. Homeopathy

Gymnocladus canadensis
(The American Tree Cafe)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Gymnocladus Canadensis
1 You can not think, understand or study forgets everything. Indifference to what happens around him.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Gymnocladus Canadensis
2 - () Worse, by walking; from cold, cold air currents, cold drinks. Better: by rubbing your eyes.
3 - () have an aversion to motion, not fatigue easily. Want the warmth and tranquility, and rests his head on something.
4 - () Feelings of fullness (in head, stomach, belly) and pressure.
Burning pains.
SPECIFIC Gymnocladus Canadensis
5 - () dizzy, blurred vision, nausea and belching. Head feels full,
tight, as if bound, fullness and pressure on the eyes, extending to vertex.
Intense headache; front, with feeling that you push the eye forward, with stitches in his belly or navel. Catarrhal headache with fullness, throbbing temples and forehead, with vertigo, and heat and numbness in the head.
6 - () You feel pushed forward his eyes. Of morning sore eyes, with burning heat. I want to rub your eyes. Throbbing pain in the left eye, with agglutination and wish to scratching.
7 Frequent and violent sneezing.
8 - () feeling that he flies walk on the right side of the face.
Erysipelas on the face and head feels hot and swollen face. Pain as if beaten in the malar.
9 teeth very sensitive, worse than the left and hurts for the least current of cold air or cold drinks.
10 - () The key symptom is: covered with fur tongue bluish white.
Burning in the back of the mouth.
11 - () Sore throat with dark red, livid, of fauces and tonsils. Right tonsil swollen, purple. Stitches in the throat, mucus and throat clearing.
12 Spits acid water. Burning in the esophagus and stomach, in which, circumscribed as a coin. Nausea after eating, pain, gastric fullness and belching.
13 Pain in the hypochondrium, as if the spleen were swollen.
Pain and tenderness in the stomach. Stitches in the womb and umbilical region. Constipation, with ineffectual urging. Painful fullness in the rectum after stool.
14 Pressure in the bladder with frequent urination and fine spray.
Itching in the glans and foreskin.
15 Burning in the larynx. Dry, hard cough, tickling in the throat, morning. Pressure in the chest and sternum.
16 Violent pain in left forearm, as if the bones were crushed and broken. Pulsation in the left index finger, as if forming a felon.
17 typhoid fever epidemic type. I want heat, being near the fire. Chills with stomach pains. Sweat in the armpit and palms of hands.