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Treatments and Remedies for hair healthy and beautiful
Firstly it must be borne in mind that hair is part of the bloodstream that is part of our body as well as a hand. Therefore, the first thing to consider is that if you want to have a nice hair it has to be well nourished, and this nutrition is carried out from the digestive system.

Since the hair is alive and has its roots, they must be fed with a suitable blood flow.

The hair like a plant we must pay it, take care and provide enough water and sunlight. That is, there to feed and care.

The role of hair
Perhaps someone dares to think that hair is only an ornamental function, but is also functional. Hair is a receptor that helps to maintain the magnetic equilibrium. It's part of our body where we find more silicon.

It has been said that if our hair was longer our nervous system would be more balanced. So when the hair extension of the nervous system the more we cut her hair unless you can balance that exists in this system.

Like teeth, hair is a reflection of how well we are inside. Having healthy teeth is to have, in general, a healthy body, The same goes for the hair.

If hair is damaged, our body deteriorates. Therefore, having good blood circulation that nourishes our hair, and a bloodstream full of good nutrition is essential for beautiful, healthy hair.

The dangers for a healthy and beautiful hair
* Poor nutrition. If we find a gray hair or baldness or hair brittle prematurely is that we are not nurturing the right way or, our nutrients are depleted too quickly.
* If our nervous system is overworked, stress, worry, anxiety, our hair will be thinner.
* If the roots of our hair are completely dead, there is no way that the hair does grow back, as if a tooth falls over us. So if we draw well and have good blood circulation will be an advantage to rejuvenate our hair if it's not too late.
* If sufficient rest is not our hair will suffer, the same as if you become one studying until late at night, or we are stressed or lack of nutrients in the blood.
* The excessive heat from a hair dryer can destroy the new shoots of our hair.
* Dandruff commercial products can be harmful to our scalp.
* A plastic brush is not the best brush our hair deserves.
* A diet based on junk food destroy our hair gradually.
* The dyes chemicals poison the roots of our hair.
* If our thyroid gland does not function properly (hypothyroidism), circulation slows and tissues lose consistency.
* Overly acidic or alkaline substances or toxic. No doubt they can destroy the roots of our hair for him or be toxic to generate infection in the scalp. Besides these substances can become exhausted oils and vitality of the hair roots.
* Dandruff can also drown hair sprouts. Dandruff can occur by deficient secretion of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Medicine for hair
* Soy lecithin is a type of fat that helps nourish the brain and nervous system.
* The supplements of silicon (organic silicon), sulfur, iron alfalfa and also nourish our hair.
* The taking iodine supplements or algae through our hair can be revitalized if thyroid gland malfunction.
* A natural bristle brush will help keep hair clean and shiny.
* Alfalfa tablets help restore the original color of hair.
* Massage the scalp applied on an inclined board normalizing down with hair tonic.

Hair Food
* Avoid anything that is not integral or is devitalized
* Radishes, horseradish, onion, sprouts, wheat bread, strawberries, avocado, cucumber, seaweed, grain husks (for its silicon), nuts, fresh fruits, brown rice, endive.
* Parsley juices help against hair graying.

Hair Tonics
* One egg yolk with a little grape juice is good for glands and circulation.
* Tea Infusions of oat straw, rice husks and horsetail are recommended by the organic silicon.

Natural shampoo for hair
Prepared with an egg yolk mixed with a quarter of a cuchardadita sea salt or Himalayan salt. It is distributed throughout the head and left about 10 or 15 minutes. After washing hair with a mild soap. Apply 2 times a week.

If you do not want the shampoo we recommend the following: Shampoo Conditioner

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