Hall. Homeopathy

(Mineral water in Austria, with sales between predominantly sodium chloride)
1 Confusion of the senses.
2 - () Appearance or aggravation of symptoms during sleep (and wake) or later.
3 Great weakness, night sweats tiring.
Sharp pains and 4 passengers, which reappear after a short interval.
5 Headache with vertigo, ringing in the ears and see sparks. Twitching tearing in the vertex, to the right temple. Tearing occipital pain.
6 Cold, violent burning and tearing, with sensation of nasal catarrh.
7 Hearing loss. Sneezing violent and frequent as the beginning of a coryza.
8 tender lymphadenopathy, as a pigeon's egg, on the right side face near the ear.
Sialorrhea 9. Hoarseness with burning and tingling in the throat as if raw, as mucus thicker and harder to get, with hoarseness. Adenopatia painless and mobile, between the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage, the size of a walnut. Goiter.
10 - () Regurgitation bitter. Acidity. Nausea in the evening at bedtime and an awakening. Vomiting. Painful sensation of gastric emptying, hungry, despite having eaten too much, you feel that your stomach is going to fall.
Gastralgia mordant, such as hunger, lying down.
11 Colico cutting in the right side of the navel, which goes out and all the way 1igue colon to the rectum, with rumbling, as if to move the belly, which lasts an hour and returns at short intervals.
12 Stool very hard and difficult, or pasty or liquid.
13 Polyuria with urine pale.
14 Menses profuse or lasts one day. Breasts too small and flabby.
Sharp, burning pains in both breasts, especially in the left breast or beneath the nipple or breast, of short duration and reappear repeatedly, as if an ulcer forms inside the breast, with extreme sensitivity and intolerance to pressure or contact of clothing, the pains are worse at night (the wake), by movement or touch, and best by a gentle massage. Violent stitches in her right breast, passing through the nipple from the inside out, and wake up. Very heavy and sore breasts, feeling that he break off and fall.
15 - () Hoarseness, voice barely audible. Cough in the morning on rising, violent, barking, hoarse, weak in morning, dry in the evening. Oppression and marked dyspnea with palpitations, climbing a gentle hill. Stitches or punctures on the right side of the chest or side of the sternum or below the right breast, that wake up at night. Palpitations with tachycardia.
16 right lumbar pain as if dislocated, which is the right ischium.
Tremors of 17 members. Abscess in the right armpit, a adenopatia hot, dark red and very painful, preventing move the arm.
Tearing in the left humerus, closest to the elbow, followed by stitches under her left breast.
18 Viotentos stitches in right heel, as with needles, which last quarter of an hour and reappear at short intervals.
19 restless sleep, with unpleasant dreams.
20 Absccsos. With patches of red skin with burning pains.