Haloperidol. Homeopathy

(It's used as a psychopharmacological butyrophenone neuroleptic)
In the description, meet toxicological symptoms, iatrogenic and pathogenic, the latter obtained by OAJulian in 34 experimenters (from his book "Materia Medica of New Homeopathic Remedies").
1 - () Persistent and intense sensation of being outside of himself and of others, especially in the morning, he knows he is doing, and everything is gradually erased. Depersonalization of the self. This as a nebula, as behind a cloud; confuses everything, facts, events, things and time. Lose all sense of time. It has a feeling of unreality, or disintegration of personality, especially after 21 hours.
2 - () Catatonia, attitudes, gestures and strange words and stereotyped.
Face expressionless stare. Schizophrenia.
4 - () Frequent forgetfulness of daily tasks. He can not retain or two sentences to read. Difficulty in concentration and the process of thinking it requires great effort. Mental disorders in the process of synthesis.
Slow psychological.
5 - () Talkative, especially in the evening, after 21 hours, with a need to tell stories or stories; excited, with a tendency to philosophical speculation even less communicative individuals. Anxiety, restlessness. Mumbles, grumbles, grune.
6 - () Permanent Depression, which improves somewhat after 19 hours. Great waves of pessimism. Desire to lie down and do nothing, lazy.
Sleepy by day.
7 - () Best: to close the eyes, from hot water by walking, in company;
for salty foods.
8 - () Muscle stiffness, contractures. Tremors intense. A staggering gait.
Paresteslas. Extreme sensitivity to touch. Micrographia. Sclerosis.
Parkinson's Disease.
9 consistently need to move in bed, a tingling sensation in all joints. Wandering the streets constantly.
Desire and aversion of haloperidol
10 Desire for salty foods.
1 - () Dizziness with a staggering gait, with misty vision when standing from a lying position. Headaches of short duration, frontal over tomorrow. Retroorbital headache right, better to ignore. Burning in face and neck. Heaviness
cephalic ascending from nape to vertex. Difficulty holding his head up with neck contracture, worse than 13 to 15 and from 18 to 19 hours.
12 Vision cloudy. Burning eyes, worse for 11 to 12 hours, with tingling in the eyelids. Stare.
Earache 13 left. Buzzing.
14 - () Sialorrhea. Fetid breath of morning and after every meal.
15 No appetite especially at noon. Nausea and vomiting. Disturb tract. Satiety.
16 - () Rumbling. Frequent desire to move the bowels but does not delete anything. Persistent constipation. Pruritus ani. Fecal incontinence.
17 Retention of urine or incontinence.
18 total impotence in men. Desire diminished.
Irregular breathing or 19 staccato, sometimes mild apnea.
20 - () Tachycardia. Hypotension. Fainting or syncope.
21 - () bone pain: on the wrists, elbows (but right), right thumb,
knees and left metatarsal. Painful cramps in the thighs after noon, in the calves. Red spots on the elbow, which become brown. The palms are very hot and the fingertips are frozen. Sweat on his hands, but on the palms, between 13 and 15 hours. Tingling in the joints, better upper limb stretching and flexing his legs.
22 - () Sleep better lying on my belly. Insomnia. Frequent desire to sleep. Rose as if he had rested, but has not slept well. Has trouble waking in the morning.
23 Hyperthermia. Pouring sweats and generalized.
24 The skin tends to be yellowish. Face yellowish with very pink cheeks. Excessive hair growth.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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