Hamamelis, Hedera helix, Hekla lava, Helonias dioica Hepar sulfuris, Hepatica triloba. Homeopathy

Witch hazel (Hamamelis)
Varices. Varicose eczema. Venous stasis. Painful swellings. Thrombophlebitis. Hemorrhoids. Venous Hemorrhage. Crural ulcer. Antiinflamatorio. Analgesic.

Hedera helix (ivy)
Cararros nose (paranasal sinuses) acute and chronic.

Hekla lava (lava from the volcano Hekla)
Osteitis. Periostitis. Exostoses, especially in the feet (heel spur)

Helonias dioica (false unicorn root)
Anemia. Melanie. Weakness of the connective tissue. Impregnation phases (especially kidneys). Uterine prolapse. Endometritis. Tiring easily. Gynecological medicine. Nervous exhaustion and hyper.

Sulfuris Hepar (liver of sulfur limestone)
Especially oozing skin and lymph glands (furuncles, pyoderma, paronychia, boils, styes). Tonsillar abscess with otalgia. Hypersensitivity to cold and drafts. Amelioration with moist heat (warm compresses). Cistopielitis. Suppurative pyelitis pyuria. Micturition disorder. Great sensitivity to any pressure. Chalazion. Styes. Ulceration of the prepuce.

Triloba Hepatica (hepatica)
Pharyngitis and bronchitis with viscid and stringy.

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