Hamamelis virginica. Homeopathy

(Witch hazel)

1 - () Forgetful, especially of words when speaking. Confused ideas, not to study or work.

2 Depressed, worse after bleeding, after having afflicted pollutions. Irritable. Can not bear the mess.

3 This quiet during bleeding.

4 - () its focus is critical vein walls, the structure changed so that the leads or the rupture of the veins, with consequent haemorrhage or its dilatation, congestion or inflammation.
Are passive hemorrhages, venous blood, black, abundant, which coagulates with difficulty and that comes from any body opening, even small blood loss produced a disproportionate prostration row.
Vicarious hemorrhages, especially suppressed menses. The dilation of the veins resulting in varicose veins (which is one of the main drugs), varicose veins, varicose ulcers and passive venous congestion of skin and mucous membranes. Varicose veins are dilated sensitive and painful, hard, knotty, blue, with thin skin. Varices in pregnancy. Phlebitis with pinching. Copious secretions or discharges that do the same effect severe hemorrhages. Ill effects of blood loss.

5 - () The parties concerned (varicose veins, phlebitis, congestion, joints, muscles, etc..) Are painful as if bruised, with tenderness to pressure. It is indicated in chronic effects mechanical consecutive attacks, including first-degree burns, and painful wounds, in the post-operation can avoid the use of morphine.
Incised wounds, lacerated, bruised, beaten by falls, stops bleeding and removes the pain

6 - () Worse: during menstruation, by pressure, by exposure to cold air, by jerks, by touch, by the warm and humid air, outdoors, in wet weather, for movement and efforts, for ride in a vehicle. Better-for repose and lying.

7 - () Stitching pain in veins, muscles and skin.
8 Very exhausted, gets tired easily.

Desire and aversion of Hamamelis VIRGINICA
9 Aversion: the pig, the water (how sick thinking about it).


10 - () Vertigo on stooping, with nausea and desire to lie down. Fullness in the head. with shock in forehead, with pressure on the root of the nose.
Headache with sensation of throbbing in the temples, followed by epistaxis.
Censacion as if you pass a screw from one temple to another and pressed hard. Bursting headache on waking, worse on stooping. Headache after a pollution. Hammering on the left eye, as if he were crazy.
Great head and bruises on his face after a trautismo.

11 - () Ocular Trauma. Subconjunctival ecchymosis; black eye from a blow. Injected eyes and very sore for a foreign body or in the postoperative period, worse slightest pressure. Sensation as if he were to leave the eye, better pressure with the fingers. Intraocular hemorrhage after an effort or violent coughing or whooping cough; hastens its reabsorption. Conjunctivitis and traumatic iritis. Blepharitis.

Deafness of right ear 12 that disappears by noon. Sangra right ear and nose, relieving the head. Hey buzzes and rings.

13 - () Smell increased. Bad odor from nose. Fits of sneezing, with watery discharge and burning excoriating; nasal obstruction. Epistaxis morning mostly passive, liquid (which does not clot) and dark or black, often vicarious (rather than menses), with sense of constriction in the root of the nose and pressure between the eyes, in the purple hemorracico and the elderly. Epistaxis greatly relieved the symptoms of head, forehead and nose. Epistaxis in the child, with subsequent weakness.

14 Burning in the right cheek. Right facial neuralgia, with stiffness
muscle aches. Lips dry, cracked, sore.

15 - () healthy teeth hurt worse in a warm room. Gums sore, puffy and swollen, bleed easily and the blood is dark. Passive hemorrhage after an extraction. Metallic taste. Tongue white, with burning sensation. Blisters on the edges of the tongue.

16 - () Stitches in the uvula coughing. Throat dry. Tonsils and fauces congested and bluish, with dilated veins, varicose. You should drink plenty of water to swallow. Sore throat worse right; tonsils swollen and red. Hawking.

17 - () No appetite for breakfast; thirst for small amounts each time, but in the afternoon and evening. Nausea, belching (with a taste for food) and hiccups after eating, worse from eating pork, with heartburn and stomach cramps. Nausea: with vertigo, can not move to prevent vomiting, after eating, with frontal headache on waking by pain in the testicles. Hematemesis, black or dark blood, after a fall, riding in a vehicle or a vicarious menstruation copious, clotted, with trembling in pit fullness or gurgling in the belly, sometimes fever, profuse sweating and cold , weak pulse and fast and great prostration.
Pain and heaviness behind the stomach. Throbbing in pit; cramps after eating.

18 - () in the transverse colon cramps two hours after eating. Burning in epigastrium and umbilicus. Flatulence. Belly pain, especially in the hypogastric. Varicose veins in the stomach.

19 - () dysentery with tenesmus, when there is an unusual amount of blood, like a hemorrhage of dark blood, or blood clots or spots en cas mucus. In typhoid, large amount of blood in the stool as tar. Ucero in rectal mucosa. Rectal bleeding portal congestion, when bowel movements. Hemorrhoids that bleed profusely or with some regularity and passivity, or with each evacuation (by months and years), with pain and burning (as raw), fullness and weight as if it would break the back, black blood loss followed by great prostration, disproportionate to the amount of blood lost. Hemorrhoids blue, large, with throbbing in the rectum and perianal erythema; go abroad. Pruritus ani. Stools dry, hard, covered with slime; bloody.

20 - () Hematuria: by passive renal congestion (with pain), or trauma, or with violent pains and clots. Frequent urination with clear urine copious, or scanty and dark. Urethral irritation and burning.

21 - () Severe pain in the spermatic cord, extending to the testicles. Drawing pain in testicles, spread to the intestines, worse at night and in rainy weather, with nausea and fainting. Orchitis with intense pain and great swelling; postblenorragica. Epididymitis blennorrhagic. Copious sweat and cold in the scrotum, worse at night.
Varicocele. Nocturnal emissions. Erections with cravings. Impotence, with flaccid organ and sweaty. Hematocele. Phimosis.

22 - () Menses very dark and abundant, with stomach pain, especially in ovarian region. Metrorrhagia, red or dark, in spurts, or passive, painless, that occur between two periods, after shaking or hitting, with a sore back as if she had been beaten (but in the lumbar region), painful fullness in the stomach and anemia. Amenorrhea with vicarious bleeding, especially nose and stomach. Metrorrhagia in childbirth or after. Dysmenorrhea with severe lumbar or hypogastric pains, and even legs with varicose veins. Copious, persistent, sensitive vagina, as raw, and vulvar itching. Vaginismus with intense pain. Ovaritis, worse on the left, abortion trauma or with severe pain in the ovary and the entire stomach, worse during menses, which are irregular, with retention of urine. Nipples sore, sore. bleeding. Threatened abortion. Variceal bleeding and during pregnancy. Thrombosis of the iliac or femoral vein, with swelling of the leg mass (phlegmasia alba dolens).

23 - () Hoarseness awakening. Choking sensation when lying down. Left vocal cord granulations, redness and varicosities. Tickling cough, with taste of blood, on waking. Hemoptysis active or passive, up into the mouth without cough before or almost without effort, in tuberculosis, each month (for years). Expectoration thick, yellowish or greenish gray, with putrid taste. Dry cough, with stitches in the uvula, as if to break.
Intense stitches in the chest, in tuberculosis. Feeling of constriction in the chest, taking a deep breath worse. Constant pain in the muscles of the left side of the chest, worse on moving the arms. Precordial pain pinching, and in the veins of the arms. Palpitations.

24 very painful cervical vertebrae. Constant pain under left shoulder blade. Feel as if to break the lumbosacral area, with tearing or drawing the legs extended.

25 - () tiredness and heaviness in legs and arms. Painful sensation of fullness in the leg joints, like burst; extended to all body joints. Rheumatism with great muscular soreness as if beaten worse by movement. Reumatismo articular pain and swelling. Pain as if beaten in the shoulder and arm, worse on movement, under the shoulder blade and right arm, worse at night and at rest, disappears at night. Stiffness in arms and shoulders. Rheumatic pain in left arm and wrist. Violent pain in the back of his right hand to the shoulder. Chapped hands. Discharge of pus from one thumb.
Pain in the muscles of the thigh, and femur, as if beaten. Femoral vein
halfway sore thigh. Veins in the legs and thighs, veins distended, tender, with punctures; inflamed (phlebitis). Varicose very sensitive.

26 Sleep restless.

27 Chills at bedtime, worse in back and hips, extending down to the extremities. Fever at night with hot hands and burning in the eyelids to close them. Profuse sweating at night, after bedtime.
Hemorrhagic smallpox, with venous blood, dark, leaving the gums, nose
and faeces, with hematemesis, and metrorrhagia petechiae.

28 - () Chilblains always blue. Hemorrhagic Purpura. Ecchymosis by the slightest blow. Venous congestion of the skin with very fragile veins.


() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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