Health: Play our symptoms

In modern times we are living one of the major concerns of man, in our developed and industrialized countries, is health. This is precisely, although it may sound incoherent by the scientific-technological breakthrough that is, by its absence and the possibility to find or recover it, displayed curiosity and research.

In recent decades, the excessive and misguided information, abuse of power that took over sectors of "absolute truth", data manipulation in pursuit of economic and environmental interests, etc.. has misled people, who believe in doing what they are told, losing the innate ability we have, listen to our own body.

The power to restore their hearing and understanding what we express the body, is a big step to come to healing and well being in balance and have a full life. We can balance feelings, capabilities, responsibilities, in a harmonic way, without coming into conflict within the self.

There are many approaches and therapies from which to address health. In this case, it will focus (although not exclusively) to the biological basis necessary in the raw material in the building blocks. That is, the nutrition that will allow us to be one way or another and for that I will begin by focusing on the state of the blood within our body, and then address his recovery from several possibilities.

A vital balance. Play our symptoms
As humans, we are not just a machine that eats and breathes. We are a complicated set of feelings, emotions ... and searches. How to know exactly what's wrong then? What expert has to go?

Many of the things that may be happening within us will not be in physical, analytical, or with ultrasound or with CT ... To understand what may be happening many times what is needed is a good history, medical history personal and family, to detect where we are and how it all started. A good diagnosis, good empathic listening, and the right questions that lead in parallel with the patient and therapist to discover their own truth. The truth we have inside, nobody has to tell us. But it does help to discover it.

We also raise when something is missing, otherwise spare us. It is our responsibility to investigate, be alert to symptoms, behaviors and habits in our lives, to discover where the imbalance. Gradually learning to listen can go to our body. At the end of the constantly beckons. The task is to learn to interpret it. For example, when we are cold, as put in the bones can not be generalized, but may be indicative of a lack of vitamin D and flaking scalp. The need for the sun warm us that sensation may be indicative of this. Or like when we like to eat salty food we normally have identified a preference, and what we may lack in the body are certain minerals. This is seen most often in children playing in the park, eating sand. They just feel they are missing something, and they identify with the land. So sometimes it can detect malabsorption of some minerals associated with the digestive disorder. Let no one be alarmed, nothing is categorical, and that children eat sand can be in most cases simply by imitation or by discovering new things.

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