Hedeoma. Homeopathy

(H. pulegioides American Pennyroyal)
(The English Poleo is "Pennyroyal")
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Hedeoma
1 - () Starting up and jerks in every fiber of his body, any observer feels when touched with fingers. General soreness.
2 weakness, languidly, better lying down, can not be granted. Prostration after retch.
3 Down: by touch and pressure.
4 Pecsadez cephalic morning only. Pain in left.
Vertigo. Mydriasis. Vision cloudy.
5 Sensation of something coming up in the throat, or as if his chest had risen to the mouth. Severe dysphagia, her breath while swallowing.
6 - () Nausea and arches pronounced. Gastralgias, especially in the cardia, burning, aggravated by reduced food intake and by movement, and better for hot drinks, radiating to the back. Vomiting.
7 Abdominal pain and touch and pressure. Flatulence. Obstinate constipation, painful bowel movements with every four or five days.
8 - () Pain in the left kidney region, like a bearing down, which follows the ureter to the bladder, as if they spent gravel; with intense desire to urinate renal colic. Burning pain and bearing down on the neck of the bladder, which are aggravated just beginning and the end of urination, and greatly improves while urinating. Frequency. Urgency.
9 - () Excessive bearing down pains around the umbilicus and uterus, with pressure to the vulva and out, accompanied by intolerable lumbosacral pain, and stomachaches, the pain seems like labor, appear intermittently and periodically and aggravated least motion and the lower intake of food or drink. Flow with vulvar itching and burning.
10 tightness, dyspnea, and asthma, frequent and regular.
Backache 11; lumbosacral (see 9). Pain in the left hip.
12 - () Paresis in the extremities, can not stand or move.
Paralytic weakness of the legs. Pain in the joint of the right thumb metacarpal falancica. Pain in his left Achilles tendon, as if dislocated, worse on beginning to walk.