Hekla lava. Homeopathy

Hekla lava
(Lava of Mt Hekla, Iceland)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Hekla lava
1 - () is indicated in various forms of bone diseases and newspapers:
osteitis, hyperostosis and osteosarcomas, as painful swellings oensibles to touch and pressure. Osteitis seeping into the jaw, facial bones, mastoid bone of the skull. Bone necrosis. Tumors in general.
The indication arose from the observation of these lesions in sheep grazing on the volcanic slopes of Mt.
2 lateral right predominant symptoms.
SPECIFIC Hekla lava
3 Vertigo: everything goes up, down and sideways. Chronic headaches.
4 ulceration or caries (syphilitic) of the nasal bones. Conjunctivitis right.
5 - () Facial neuralgia by dental caries or extraction of a decayed tooth, with local infection. Maxillary sinus polyp grows, distorting the face, compressing the eyeballs upward, blocking the nostrils and extending to the mouth, can not breathe and chew: with epistaxis and headache. Hypertrophy of the jaw.
6 - () Toothache with great sensitivity to pressure. Dental caries with inflammation, periostitis and reaction of the jawbone, gum disease and a tendency to overcome and fistulizarse. Neuralgia in the cavity where the tooth was extracted, abscesses or bone swelling after an extraction. Tumor hard and painful to the touch under the wing of the nose. Dentition difficult or slow in rachitic children. Abscesses in the gums, in the root of the tooth.
7 Myalgia in muscles intercotsales.
8 - () indurated cervical lymphadenopathy, like a rosary.
9 - () Coxalgia. Exostoses in the tibia, with pains that prevent you from working.
Bunion pain.