Helleborus niger. Homeopathy

(Black Hellebore Christmas Rose)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis Helleborus niger
1 - () According to Hahnemann, is very characteristic of Helleborus "a kind of stupor, numbing the senses, a state in which, with the vision intact, nothing is seen very clearly, and the patient pays no attention to anything with audition perfectly healthy, nothing is heard clearly, with gustatory organs perfectly formed, everything seems to have lost its taste, where the mind is always, or often, no ideas where the past is forgotten or barely remembered, in which nothing occurs no pleasure, in which sleep is very light and there is never a real sleep, and in which one wants to work without having the necessary strength or attention required to do so. " There is a slow sensory sensory perceptions, understanding and responses, there is a difficulty, or even a real break of central origin, associations of sensory and motor ideation, the mind seems to have lost command of his body and the muscles refuse to obey only the mind is distracted from that goal or not is strongly determined to achieve a muscular response (if he speaks, he drops what he has in hand) can not work. This absent, distracted, or absorbed in thought. It focuses with great difficulty, especially when studying or reading, or whether to answer a question because, then, think long before answering or answer too slowly, or confused (as if thinking of something else), or refuses answer, for the mental effort required. Speak slowly. This stunning, especially at noon and during the chills, or in a state of stupefaction, as if drunk, worse between seizures, or in a state of complete unconsciousness, and slowly but correct answer when asked, falling immediately unconsciousness. There is a real deficiency of ideas, coming to a greater extent, to the imbecility (the moron who screams when the deal) or idiocy. Usually, stares at a point and can not think.
2 - () affects this state of mind is reflected in a marked indifference or apathy to everything your loved ones, relatives or friends to any fun or pleasure, to any external impression, to things. Do not ask for anything or question anything or require anything or say anything.
3 - () The slow or diminished intellect is manifested in the impairment of memory, which is deficient: forget what you heard or read or said, or what is to say, and also the words.
4 - () In the states of stupor or sleep are involuntary cries and moans or groans. Cephalic cry in the acute encephalitic meningo problems.
5 - () melancholy or sadness silent with despair, desperate to heal, after a typhoid in girls at puberty, or when menses do not return after its first appearance. Involuntary sighing. Wishes to hide. Nostalgia, and nostalgia purposes.
Envy see others happy. Suicidal thoughts. Think that I do wrong, and complains.
6 - () are constantly tweaking their lips, nose, blankets, or sticks his finger in the nose, especially in states of unconsciousness or stupor, or acute meningeal or brain disorders.
7 - () Irritable, easily angered, especially if you get interrupted or when spoken. <Consolation. Aversion to company. Reserved, concentrated in itself.
8 - () Grand indecision. Anxious concern.
9 - () Delirium, sometimes angry or manic, especially during fever; to try to escape, during delirium, answered the questions well, but immediately falls in. Hallucinations: it seems that everything is new, is hell.
10 - () Your symptoms are changed when thinking about them and may, as appropriate, improve or deteriorate.
11 - () Fear: of death; imaginary things, to bad luck or misfortune.
12 Other symptoms: Talking in sleep. Hypersensitive to noise. Alcoholism. This like a dream. Mistrust.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis Helleborus niger
13 - () The symptoms occur or become worse: 16 to 20 hours, and at night, cold air, or uncovering, for the effort and motion, stooping, by touch. Better: heat, for shelter, staying very still; outdoors.
14 - () Convulsions with extreme coldness of the whole body except the head and the occiput, which are hot. Seizures in children, in the postpartum period, sometimes with conscience, on one side. Twitching in the muscles during sleep. Tetanus. Fainting. Hemiplegia, paralysis painless. Paralytic weakness: it slides down in bed.
15 - () consequences or effects of general anesthesia (Foubister) or head trauma.
16 - () exudates or edema suddenly appearing, generalized (anasarca) or localized (brain, thorax, abdomen and extremities), after a scarlet fever, from the suppression of a rash and after a malaria, with fever, weakness and anuria. Swelling turgor; myxedema.
17 Violent pains, especially periosteal, compounded by fresh air, coporal fatigue, eating or drinking. Sudden relaxation of all muscles.
Desire and aversion Helleborus niger
18 - () Desire for alcoholic drinks, bread and butter, cold drinks and meat. Aversion to fat, fat meat, to vegetables, to water, sauerkraut.
SPECIAL Helleborus niger
19 - () Dizziness when bending over. Pressive headache, stupor, with heaviness and congestion of the head, but on occiput and vertex, worse when bending over, by moving the head, efforts, for any move, climbing stairs or during the chills or think about the pain, better and outdoor resting or distracted, may extend from the occiput to the neck or the crown. With these symptoms or problems meningoencefalicos or any order, the patient moves her head from side to side constantly, with groans, when resting on the pillow is, or so much collapse on the pillow (even sleeping) or leads to back, or puts his hands to his head and shouts, or hits it. Acute or tuberculous cerebrospinal meningitis with exudate, with the cry encephalique and more or less complete paralysis. Cerebral symptoms during teething. Acute encephalitis. Sequels, even remote, acute encephalitis or meningitis. Scarlet post tubercular hydrocephalus or rapidly evolving, with stupor and head movement, with diarrhea or anuria. Concussion. Scalp sensitive and painful to touch and move the head, worse on the occiput, as if beaten. The forehead is wrinkled when brain disorders, with cold sweats. Shocks in the scalp by moving, bending or climbing stairs. Hair loss, but in occiput, with pains. Wet flakes or scabs on the head. Bumps on the skin of the forehead.
20 - () Staring at one point, absent during the wide-eyed amazement, with insensitivity to light. Dilated pupils (plus one than the other) or alternately contracted and dilated, or contracted; pupillary light areflexia. Pain in eyes, as if you drive a nail into the orbital ridges. Heaviness and pressure in the eyes downward. Shocks in the elevator of the eyelid. Photophobia day. Strabismus. Upturned eyes.
Sunken eyes. Night blindness.
21 severe otalgia, day and night.
22 - () Narinas dirty and dry. He rubs his nose. Smell decreased. Sharp nose.
23 - () Face pale, sunken, edematous. Jaw hanging. Facial neuralgia
left, can not chew, pain in the zygomatic bone. Lips swollen, with white blisters. Upper lip cracked. The lip corners are bruised or cracked. Chewing movements like mascara or something, involuntary, in acute conditions. Wrinkled lips, tweaked and skinned mechanically. Face as if you had soot around eyes and nose.
24 - () grind their teeth, even in the dream. Toothache night, worse from heat or cold. Great dryness in the palate, with pain on swallowing. Slient Horrible, very offensive. Intense thirst greedily swallows the tickets, especially if they are cold, and biting the spoon to give them, but remains unconscious.
Sialorrhea. Canker sores and blisters in the mouth and tongue, worse in the end (very painful to the touch). Tongue swollen, dry white morning. Bitter taste.
Satiety 25. When eating, do not feel like, and are nausea, relieved after eating, with frequent belching. Vomiting or blackish green.
Heaviness, fullness and distention in the epigastrium, with ulcerative pain.
Gastralgias worse with coughing and walking, every step you take. Gastralgias burning.
26 Hot in the womb; heaviness; punctures. Edema in the womb. Gurgling noises, but to breathe deeply, as if water in the intestines.
Rumbling. Pressure ending in stitches in the groin, as if to receive a hernia. Strong pressure in the middle of the pubis.
27 - () Diarrhea during hydrocephalus, teething, pregnancy, etc. The stools are watery, clear, adherent mucus or colorless or white, gelatinous, or puddle frogs preceded by pinching in the umbilical region, or belly pains and nausea, with tenesmus. Stool scanty and hard, with violent cutting in straight up, during and immediately after stool, burning after anal. Feels as if the intestines have no power to evacuate, even with loose stools. Involuntary stools. Hemorrhoids.
28 - () Frequent desire to urinate, but the urine is scanty, black, with sediment like coffee grounds, or red. Urine suppressed or anuria in brain disorders or edema or anasarca. Albuminuria after diphtheria or scarlet fever or pregnancy. Weak stream. Urine copious, pale, watery.
Acute or subacute nephritis.
29 - () Suppression of sexual desire in men, with tenderness and coldness of the genitals.
30 - () Amenorrhea by unrequited love and wet feet. Pain under the left nipple.
31 - () Respiration, sighing. Dyspnea with anxiety, worse at night, must sit up in bed. Dry cough, worse at night with breathlessness and left upper quadrant pain. Constriction in the throat that suffocates. Rapid breathing, or slow, deep, or panting. Constriction and heat in the chest.
32 Palpitations. Precordial anxiety that prevents you from resting. Pulse slow, or almost imperceptible.
33 - () Stiffness and pain on moving neck and neck. Lymphadenopathy in the neck.
Contractive pain back. Lancinating pains in the spine. Pain between the shoulder blades, as if beaten.
34 - () movements automatic or involuntary limb on one side, while the other are completely paralyzed. Sharp pains in bones and joints of arms and fingers. Muscle twitching in the arms.
Lack of power in the hands. Spasmodic rigidity of the fingers. Periungual ulceration. Fall into each toes and hands. Vesicles pndoloras wet and between fingers and toes. Pain in the hips. Stiffness and tension in the thighs. Very sharp pains in the knees and feet. Lack of stability in the legs. Weakness in lower limbs in feet.
35 Sueno Soporous with moans, screams and shocks. Drowsiness, with half-closed eyes and upturned. Can not remember what it sounds. Restless sleep.
36 - () Chill prevalence day, beginning in the arms, with cold throughout the body, especially in the extremities, with goose bumps, no thirst. Burning fever at night after bedtime, with heat especially in the head and internal chills. Night sweats toward dawn, cold and sometimes sticky.
Pale 37; myxedema. Miliary eruptions. General skin desquamation. And some hair loss around the body.
SUPPLEMENTARY Helleborus niger:
Natrum Muriaticum Zinc

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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