Heloderma. Homeopathy

(Called the Gila monster lizard Heloderma Horridus [of Mexico] or,
something doubtful, H. Suspectum [Arizona, New Mexico and Texas])
MENTAL OR SITNOMAS pathogenesis of Heloderma
1 Depressed, sad, unwilling to make efforts, or indifferent and passive.
You can not pay attention. Easily startled, sounds even worse light.
2 Has difficulty remembering the words as are released, even the simplest

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Heloderma
3 - () The most prominent symptom and characteristic of this drug is an intense internal sensation of cold, deadly cold, "arctic", as if you were freezing to death, and that goes from the inside out. "The cold of this remedy is more intense than any other Materia Medica"
4 - () Tremors, with great weakness in the limbs or whole body
shaking, sometimes so intense they wake up, on the left side of the body, hands shaking. Parkinson's Disease. Fainting.
5 - () Grand thinning and slow death (in several months, after a sting, a severe toxic effect, but very slow and time).
Tuberculosis or other wasting diseases. Progressive atrophy of the affected limb. Weak, has trouble standing.
6 - () Shooting pains going from left to right. Bone pain. The pain relieved by stretching. Numbness.
7 - () Worse by cold (heat you want), after sleep at night. Better: for stretch.
SPECIFIC Heloderma
8 - () Vertigo when moving fast, with tendency to fall backward. Cold pressure in the skull, inside out. Heat in the vertex or head, with cold extremities. Headache above the eyebrows. Cranial pressure, as if too full. Stiffness and pain in occiput, extending down the neck. Violent headache in right, with numbness of her left side. Head feels asleep. Throbbing in vertex.
Band sensation, sometimes cold, around the head. Feeling that the
scalp skull squeezing. Buries his head in the pillow.
9 Eyelids heavy, it costs to keep them open. Tearing, itching of the eyelids. Astigmatism.
10 pressure behind the left ear, pressure in the ear from the inside out.
1erumen greatly increased, most left. Ears dry, scaly. Hey bells or chimes. Pain in right ear, extending behind the head to left.
Narina left 11 injured. Dry, itchy scabs in nostrils.
Sneezing intense, with strong chills going down your back. Fluid secretions.
12 Heat waves in the face. Sensation of cold and tingling on the right side. Pricking sensation as if her face with ice points. Feel as if facial muscles were too tight against the bones.
Stiffness of the jaws. Dry lips.
Boca 13 injured. Very thirsty. Language sensitive and dry swollen. Cold breath.
14 Throat very dry, sore and tender to touch on the outside. Stitches in the right amygdala. Dysphagia.
15 Heartburn and acid stomach. Gurgling in the splenic region. Sharp pains in the left abdomen. Pain in the pubic bones,
extended to the left testicle. You wake up at night with severe pain in the hypogastric, left. Rumbling.
16 Stool: heavy, loose, chunky, preceded by stitches in her belly, or soft, dark and hard to remove, with flatus. Piles swollen, that itch and bleed.
17 points in the left kidney while sitting. Urinary frequency, intermittent stream, as if it obstructs a calculation. Greenish yellow urine,
18 Coito prolonged, intense orgasms and copious ejaculation. Intensely cold penis and testicles, the tip of the penis looks like a lump of ice with a urethral discharge sticky. Pain and enlargement of the left testicle.
Pain under the pubis and along the penis.
19 Cough with pain in left shoulder blade. Fullness in the chest, can only inspire an effort. Dyspnoea on minimal effort. Tip through the
nipple, the right arm. Sensation of cold in the right lung.
20 - () cold in the heart, and frozen, mortal, but from the inside out, cold and shaking around. Preston, shaking and tingling in the heart. The heartbeat is felt throughout the body feels as if the heart were tied and had no place to beat, and vibrates the whole body.
Punctures and stitches in the heart, going from left to right. Chest pain, worse under the left nipple.
21 stiff neck, pain in the cervical spine. Frio between the shoulder blades.
Chills down the back. Pain in the back, in lumbar muscles to awaken.
22 - () Numbness in the right arm and hand, with trembling. Tingling in arms, hands and fingers, but a left. Pain in the hands, if you hold or grab something for a while. Cyanotic hands, cracked and rough. Hand tremors. Numbness in the left thigh in the right leg.
Legs and feet cold. Pains in thighs and legs, as if beaten; treble on the right Pewee; neuralgia. Sensation of tight bandage on his left ankle. Trembling and shaking in the legs. The feet get very hot and burn, being deprived of sleep, should uncover them. Tingling and burning feet. Sensation as if walking on sponge or like swollen feet. A staggering gait. Tendency to veer to the right when walking. When walking the feet up higher than necessary and then fall sharply and hit hard on the heels on the floor. Tabes, locomotor ataxia.
23 Sleepy, but can not sleep. Restless sleep, waking at 3.
Sound: with lizards who wets the bed, but it does not, and wakes up and has a copious urination. Dreams that repeat the same night.
24 - () Chills ascending from the feet, or down from the neck from behind. Cold Rings around the body. Waves of heat to the head and along the spine. Cold sweats and clammy.
25 Itching in the skin, like insects.