Helonias. Homeopathy

(H. Dioecious or Luteum Veratrum L. Grass or Blazing Star or False Unicorn)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Helonias
1 - () Dejected, languid, exhausted, very melancholy and sad, wanting to be alone and a great physical and mental fatigue, with a great need (which sometimes occurs in crisis) to move, to distract, walk and forth to work, to be busy and not think about their symptoms, thus improving and that makes you forget your fatigue, but then escalates.
2 - () Irritable, can not bear the slightest contradiction or accept any suggestion in connection with any issue. All criticism, find faults and errors of all and everything. The conversation was unpleasant.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Helonias
3 - () "In women: uterine prolapse atony, weakened by indolence and luxury, exhausted by overwork, mental or physical, muscle, very required, burn and painful, are so tired they can not sleep" (Allen). "Nervous women who have collapsed, they fatigue easily for little work, who complain of fatigue in the back (especially lumbar sacral) and a widespread feeling to members ... that is aggravated by starting work, but improved after working a little "
(Clarke). Easily depleted, physical and mental, sometimes unusually tired,
without apparent reason. Anemia prolonged bleeding. Lack of vital heat.
4 - () Worse: motion; to think about their symptoms; by touch (not tolerate the slightest touch of clothing on breasts, nipples, kidneys, etc.. By air, by uncovering. Better: for warm air ; by the mental distraction, by engaging in any activity, physical or mental, or when the doctor treating them.
5 - () Headache worse on stooping, with dizziness. Pressure and fullness in the forehead * ertex that appears or worsens when thinking about these symptoms. Burning in the vertex.
6 Face pale, or sallow earthy, with suffering expression.
7 Bitter taste in the morning to wake early, at 5. Tongue and throat. Tongue white. Salivation in pregnant women and children during dentition. Boca hurt. It feels like a meal.
8 Lack of appetite, belching, fullness, cramps and gastralgias. Heartburn.
9 Pain as of d