Hemorrhoids. Symptoms and Causes

Definition of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are dilated varicose veins of the rectum, causing stasis of blood within them.
Causes of hemorrhoids
In the mechanism of the formation of hemorrhoids involves two orders of factors:
Determinants of hemorrhoids
Pathological factors are those that cause chronic blood stagnation of endoabdominal venous circulation and, therefore, also of hemorrhoidal veins of the rectum. Some of these pathological conditions are: cardiac decompensation, liver cirrhosis or any disorder that causes pooling of blood in the portal vein system, rectal polyps, proctitis, retention of feces from chronic constipation, bulky ovarian cysts, etc..
Predisposing factors of hemorrhoids
They consist of a congenital weakness of the elastic structure of the walls of the rectum bowel hemorrhoidal veins, which are more sensitive to the distinctive effect of increased internal blood pressure.
Among the predisposing causes can include a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse, diet heavy in meat, obesity, arthritic, the snuff.
Symptoms of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids produce a series of annoyances: