Hepar sulfur. Homeopathy

Hepar sulfur (Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum; Hahnemann's Calcium Sulphide)
(Combination of Calcium Carbonate Hahnemannian and flowers of sulfur)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Hepar sulfur

1 - () subjects hypersensitive, irritable, angry, impulsive. It irritates the most insignificant causes, and triggers a picture of extreme violence.
Moodiness, with aversion to their own friends. To shout vehemently. Threat. Quickly bored or irritated by the people around you, where you live.

2 - () haughty in his manner. They eat and talk very fast. Impatient.
Stubborn. Resentful.

3 - () drive and desire to kill for the slightest offense, or threatens to kill, the barber has a desire to kill his client. Give the impression "as if he could kill in cold blood" (Teste, cited in Clarke).

4 - () Hypersensitivity pisiquica and physically, the pain (which can reach faint) and to touch, lighter skin contact. "It can not tolerate any friction in the party" (Clarke). "Is the patient more sensitive to our Materia Medica" (Dunham).

5 - () The child cries before coughing and during cough.

6 - () pyromaniac: marked tendency to throw things on fire or set on fire. He thinks the world is on fire.

7 - () I want to contradict, especially in children. The child will not play. She gets mad and kicks.

8 - () The tendency to suicide, suicidal thoughts, especially in the evening. Fear of death, with forebodings of death.

9 - () moral depression, sadness with a desire to mourn. Extreme anxiety and apprehension, especially at dusk, obsession with sad memories, sadness walking outdoors.

10 Indolence, great weakness of memory with irritability, tendency to stand still, sitting, or anxious concern him out of bed.

11 Unconsciousness during chills. Aversion by the company.
Starts to fall asleep.

12 Visions of the morning in bed: he sees dead people or ghosts.
General symptoms of Hepar sulfur

13 - () by cold, which is extremely sensitive, also to cold air, drafts, cold wind, especially by cold dry for part of the body cool by cool hand to draw it out the bed, touching cold things. Aggravation in the winter, drinking cold things. This improved heat, heat the bed of the stove, the shelter, hot fomentation. It must be warm to the face, even in hot weather. Lack of vital heat.

14 - () Worst outdoors. Best for wet weather. "There is no remedy so intensely that this improvement in wet weather" (Nash).

15 - () Sense of thorns or splinters in the tissues. Sensation of airflow in the diseased part. Throbbing pain. Result of abuse of mercury. Result of a haircut: cold. Worse lying on painful side. Better after eating.

16 - () Frequency: every day, every 4 weeks or 4 months old.

17 - () abscesses. Suppurative processes anywhere in the body. A minor wound ooze, or take to heal. Set suppuration around and expels foreign bodies from the body.

18 - () The secretions and excretions are smelling rancid cheese. Sour odor of the body. General perspiration on least exertion. The sweating does not improve the patient. Moisture and irritation in skin folds and scrotum. Perspiration by mental effort.

19 - () syphilitic chancre. In ancient syphilis have been treated with massive doses of mercury and mercury even potentized.

20 worst at night, worse on awakening and pressure.

21 Pains as from excoriation or stroke in some areas, worse when touched. Appearance of pain at night, especially during the chill.

22 - () emaciation, often with anxiety, irritability, with trembling in the back, cheeks flushing, insomnia. Sudden weakness. Mental and physical depression after smoking, or walking outdoors, with heat and anxiety. Trismus of the infant.

23 - () Strong desire to sleep, morning and evening, with yawning seizure. Restless sleep, his head backward. Prolonged sleep with cstupor as dormant. Sleeplessness caused by a large influx of ideas. Dreams of fire, disease, danger, firearms. At night, gastric pain, headache, agitation, twitching in limbs and dry heat. Starts at night during sleep, such as shortness of breath, weeping and great anguish.
Wake up at night with erection and urgent desire to urinate. The side supports on which night is dooroso; should change his position.

24 - () Fever: pulse hard, full, accelerated. Chills and shivering especially outdoors. Trembling with chattering teeth, and cold hands and feet, followed by heat and sweat, especially on chest and forehead, with little thirst. Chill at sunset, from 18 to 19 hours. Cold and heat alternately during the day, with photophobia. Cold at night, in bed all the symptoms worsen. Bitterness in the mouth after shivering, thirsty, an hour later, sleepy warmth, followed by vomiting and headache. Hot flashes with sweat. Intermittent fever: first cold, then thirst, and an hour later, very hot, with interrupted sleep.

Desire and aversion of Hepar Sulfur
25 - () I want to vinegar and acid pickles, spicy food,
of alcoholic bebldas, cognac and wine. Aversion to fat. Appetite increased before noon.

26 - () Vertigo morning, when he closes his eyes, a nap in the evening, with nausea, traveling, to shake his head, vertigo, lack of intellectual ability and dimming of vision.

27 - () morning headache, caused by the slightest blow. Headache night, rolling his eyes. The front appears to be broken into pieces. Headache as if you drive a nail, unilateral pain, in the root of the nose when you wake up, worse when moving or bending. Headache worse when blowing the nose, and dry in cold weather, best to wrap the head. Sensations of plug in parietades.
Scalp sensitivity to touch. Improvement to tighten the head with a tape. Pressure on temporal and vertex, with heart palpitations in the evening. Tension in the root of the nose. Ulcer-like pain directly above the eyes, every evening and also at night in bed. Hair loss. Head cold sweat. Acid perspiration and sticky, from the least exertion and at night, better by warmth and rest. Disposition to take cold to bare their heads. Tubercles on the head, painful at the slightest touch. Improvement to cover their heads and by perspiration. Crusts wet, painful, foul smelling. Violent itching to get out of morning, with pain by scratching. The head is bent backward, and swelling below the larynx, with violent pulsations in the carotid and breath dyspnea (in croup).

28 - () feeling that the eyes are pushed backward. Pain and difficulty moving. Heat, pressure and pulling eyes. Beats in and around the eye. Sensation of pressure, as from a foreign body (sand).
Inflammation of eyes and eyelids, often erysipelatous, with pain as from a blow and excoriation on being touched. Pimples on the eyes and the UARP. Spots and ulcers on the cornea. Tearing and eyelid nightly agglutination. Spasmodic closing night. Eyes prominent. Purulent discharge.
Iritis with hypopyon.

29 - () obscured vision when reading. Photophobia day and by candle light. Pain in the eye by the bright light of day, to move them. Vision confused at dusk, by artificial light, alternating with clear visibility. Objects appear red.

30 - () Pain in the ears and sight. Painful stitch blowing the nose, as a detonation. Heat, redness and itching in the ears. Itching in the external ear. Purulent discharge from ears, often fetida. Scab behind and inside the ears. Hardness of hearing, with pulsation and buzzing, especially when
evening in bed. Increased cerumen.

31 - () Swelling, redness and swelling of the nose. Pain as if beaten and injured on the nose when touched. Burning pain as if sore, and scabs in nostrils. Epistaxis in the morning and after singing.
Absence or increase of smell. Unilateral coryza, with roughness in throat, nose inflammatory edema, fever, limb pain or weakness. Smell acute during the vertigo. Soreness in the back of the nose. Abscesses.
Post-nasal catarrh, purulent discharge, offensive. Ozena. Sneezing by uncovering their hands every time he takes cold, wind or cold.
Nasal obstruction since it is exposed to cold air. It smells like old cheese.
Hay fever.

32 - () Facies yellow with red circles around the eyes. Face burning red. Heat noctunes. Erysipelatous inflammation and edema of face and cheeks, with vesicular eruption. Drawing pains, beginning on the cheeks and spreading to ears and temporary. Pains in the bones of the face, in areas that are touched. Pimples on forehead disappear outdoors. Lip swelling, pain and tension when touched. Rashes and sores in the corners of lips. Crack in the middle of the lower lip.
Pustules on lips, cheeks and neck, very painful to touch. Eruption on face, crusty and painful. Stitches in the jaw joint, opening the mouth. Right facial neuralgia, extending to the temporal, ear, nostrils and lips.

33 - () Toothache with drawing pains as if torn, worse when you close your mouth, eat at a warm room. Loose teeth. Teeth appear too long. Swelling and inflammation of the gums, very painful to touch. Ulcers on the gums and mouth, lardaceous base. Gums bleed easily. Abscesses in tooth roots. Toothache cold drinks in winter.

34 Ptyalism. Tip of the tongue very painful, and seems to hurt. Putrid taste metallic, bitter. Lingual pustules. Syphilitic ulcers in the mouth.

35 - () Sore throat as if a splinter, a bone, an internal tumor. Hawking, with difficulty speaking and swallowing. Sore throat on cooling, as a thorn in swallowing, extending to the ear to
yawn or turn my head. Pulsations in the throat. Bn throat violent oppression, fear and suffocation. Impaired swallowing or almost impossible without great effort. Dry throat. Inflammation, and suppuration of antigdalas hypertrophy. Tonsillar cellulitis. Abscesses in the neck. Worse for uncovering the neck. Angina with threatening suppuration.

36 - () Gastralgia blowing the nose. Retching when coughing, vomiting of morning coughing. Heartburn, spread to his throat. Attacks of nausea with cold and pale. Vomiting acids, bile, green, or bloody mucus.
Common and easy to stomach disorders. Pressure in the stomach, even eating little. Sensation of stone in the stomach. Distension in the pit of the stomach, must loosen clothing. Frequent belching, tasteless and odorless.

37 Punzazos in splenic region. Stitches in spleen when walking.
Stitches in hepatic region, when walking. Contractile cramps and pain in the abdomen. Violent tearing sensation in the umbilical region, with nausea, anxiety and heat in the cheeks. Cutting pains. Swelling and suppuration in the inguinal nodes. Colicos with dry cough and hoarse. Liver abscess. Stitches in the liver with coughing, breathing or pressure.

38 Constipation, stool hard and dry. Difficult evacuation of stool soft and low, with an urgent desire and tenesmus. Diarrhea remains with cutting starchy. White Diarrhea and foul-smelling, acid, clear, green, with urgency, especially in children. After the evacuation,
ulcerated sores and discharge from the anus. Proctorragia with loose stools. Sweats in the perineum. Hemorrhoidal protrusion. Postprandial diarrhea and cold drinks. Burning in the rectum. Loss of power even to remove loose stools.
Stool odor of rancid cheese.

39 - () slow urination, cloudy urine, with white sediment. Urine passes slowly, with difficulty, the jet exits perpendicularly. Abundant flow of urine, pale, with pressure in the bladder. Urine acidic, corrosive (corrodes the foreskin) or pale, watery, or bright red and hot. Enuresis. Broadcast after urinating blood. Burning in urethra during urination. Stitches in the urethra. Redness and swelling at the urethral meatus. Download urethral mucosa. The urine passes out of steam, as if the bladder has not been filled completely. Greasy film in the urine. Bladder difficulties in the elderly.
Milky urine.

40 Weakness in genitals. Itching of the penis (glans, frenulum). Herpes sensitive, easy bleeding. Itching, excoriation and moisture between her thighs and scrotum.
Cancer ulceration of the foreskin. Cramping pain and erection strained. Lack of sexual desire and erection. Weak erection during intercourse. Download prostatic after urination and during an evacuation difficult. Secondary syphilis. Mercurializado chancre.
Vulvar excoriation 41 and between the thighs. Uterine Congestion. Ovary irritation, and swelling and sensitivity. Discharge of blood between periods. Menorrhagia in women with cracked skin and chapped hands and feet. Uterine ulcers with bloody pus, the smell of old cheese;
ulcer edge sensitive, with throbbing at the ulcer. Itching and small grains around the ulcer. Leucorrhoea with vulvar pruritus. Breast Cancer Alcer itching burning on the edges and smelling of stale cheese.
Breasts swollen, not tender to touch, but can not walk or climb stairs. Abscesses of lips with great sensitivity. Itchy nipples
worse during menstruation. Profuse perspiration during the climacteric.
Flow smelling rancid cheese "that pervades the room where the woman goes" (Kent).

42 - () Hoarseness. Pain and sensitivity to cold in the larynx, his voice weak and husky, emaciation, hectic fever and insomnia. Noisy breathing during sleep. Swelling below the larynx. False croup, by exposure to cold air and dry, to repeat, paroxysmal, worse lying down (one of the principal remedies). Laryngeal pain by cold air, by coughing grasps the larynx, to inspire feels raw. Laryngeal pain by pressure, talking, coughing and breathing. Tingling and by land in the throat, coughing compelling, deep cough, hoarse, with expectoration only in morning, mucus or blood or pus, sour or sweet taste. Cough deep and hushed, with dyspnea. Violent coughing, choking, retching. Coqueluchoide Cough after drinking. Dry cough in the evening, by taking cold in any body part or lying in bed. Cough worse from dusk until midnight. Cough caused by cooling in the limbs, by eating or drinking cold things, cold air, by talking or yelling. Coughing dry, rough, hollow, and choking with anguish, ending in tears. Barking cough. Coughing up blood. Noise and head pain during coughing, as if about to burst.
Sneezing and coughing after shouting. Cough when you close your eyes at night.
Expectoration copious, yellow, adhering morning. Anxious breathing, hoarse, resonant, with fear and suffocation, staying in bed. Attacks of suffocation which require the patient to force the head back. Shortness of breath. Weakness in the chest, can not speak for that weakness. Spasmodic constriction of the chest. Frequent desire to breathe deeply, as after running. Stitches in chest when breathing and walking. Sensation of drops of hot water in the left thorax. Pimples and boils in the chest, with piercing pain in the affected parts. Asthma worse in cold, dry air, better by moisture.

Violent palpitation of the heart 43 as fine needles into the heart and left half of the thorax. Pulse hard, full, accelerated.

44 Swelling of neck, painful to touch. Violent pulsation in carotids.
Burning and smarting in the region of the loins. Low back pain as if beaten, extending to the thighs. Punzazos and jerks in the back between the shoulders and neck muscles. Pinching back and rheumatic pains. Tension night in the back, roll over in bed. Fetid sweat in the armpits. Suppuration of the axillary nodes.

45 - () Pain as if beaten in the flue. Edema arthritic hands, fingers,
finger joints, heat, redness and pain, as if they were dislocated during movement. The hand skin is chapped, rough,
dry. Granular eruption on hands and wrists. Cold sweat on hands.
Tingling in the fingertips. Itchy palms.
Hsteatoma at the tip of the elbow. Easy dislocation of the fingers. Dead fingers.
Felon. A declaration of painful fat. Shoulder pain from cold.

46 Pain in the buttocks when sitting. Boil on the buttocks. Pain as if beaten on the thighs. Painful tension in the thighs, which prevents him from sleeping. Lassitude sudden and frequent members walking. The hip-sensitive as if to twist. Pain as if beaten in the knees.
Punzazos both heels. Stitches in the toes. Burning and stinging pain in the toes. Swelling of knees. Cramps in the calves, soles of feet and toes. Burning feet. Swelling of the foot and ankle bones with difficult breathing. Rheumatic swelling, red, ankles, with pain predominantly at night. Cracks on the feet. Blows to the tripe. Cold feet. Rashes articular folds.

47 - () erysipelatous inflammation, with swelling and blisters. Yellowing of the skin, especially in the face with yellowing of sclera and urine red as blood. Jaundice with much itching.
Burning itching on the body, with white vesicles after scratching.
Urticaria. Eruption of grains and tubers tender. Unhealthy skin,
every injury tends to suppuration and ulceration. Promotes suppuration.
Cracks in the skin. Ulcers putrid, smelling of old cheese, easily bleeding, with punzazos, biting or burning pains and throbbing. Cancerous ulcers. Eruptions very sensitive to touch. Warts and oozing prick, smelling of stale cheese.

48 As other remedies centrifugal action (Sulfur, Silica) are advised not to give Hepar Sulfur in order to absorb or contribute to the evolution suppurative cavities except in areas or spontaneous drainage. Help in places with poor drainage or dangerous complications that can result (Ludwig angina, furuncles, upper lip, nose, etc.).. Dr.
Chavannon considers it necessary to use a higher power or lower than the 30th C. According Boericke, the higher potencies may abort suppuration and promote low.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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