Hepar Sulfuris. Homeopathy. Abstract

Hepar sulfuris (mixture of equal parts flowers of sulfur and calcium purified oyster)

Symptoms and pathogenesis of Hepar sulfuris
1 .- Inflammation with edema. Acute suppuration: all suppurative processes with painful tenderness, pain exacerbated the slightest touch or friction, enhanced with heat.

2 .- chronic suppurative: chronic sinusitis, suppurative pulmonary bronchial dilatation, certain leucorrhoeas, ulcers that ooze pus hyperalgesia fetid sore that has any tendency to ooze (Silica).

3 .- Manifestations Respiratory: dry cough, hoarse, painful, barking, aggravated breathing or contact with cold air, acute pharyngitis (Rumeza, Aconite, Spongia), asthma superinfected.

4 .- perverse and destructive tendency, Pyromania.

5 .- Dolores sensation of splinter or thorn, neuralgia.

Hepar sulfuris: Aggravation: with the cold, the cold air stream, winter, the slightest touch and effort.

Hepar sulfuris: Amelioration: heat, warm clothing, with the wet weather and soft.

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