Hepatica. Homeopathy

(H. triloba Yerba Liver)
1 Eye sensitivity to light, stinging and burning; eyelids glued to something in the morning.
2 When blowing, leaves bloody mucus from the left side of the nose.
As hurt on the tip of the nose near the nostrils.
3 - () Sensation of roughness, scaling, irritation and tickling in the throat, with accumulation of thick, adherent mucus, which often induce a cough. Sense of remaining food particles on the epiglottis.
Pharyngeal catarrh with profuse serous secretion and hoarseness. Itching and tingling pharyngeal almost constant and very annoying, worse by eating or inhaling dust.
4 - () paroxysms of cough with abundant expectoration, but at noon.
Bronchitis or pneumonia, with bloody or purulent sputum, or heavy, yellow, cream and overly sweet, with some pain and constriction in the right chest.