Hepatine (liver). Anterior and posterior pituitary lobe. Homeopathy

Also called Hepatine, has been used in very prolonged hepatitis virus, giving the medication proximate the 6th, 3 times per week, resulting in 3 or 4 weeks normalize bilirubin, improve erythrocyte, to remove the pigments and bile salts erina and halt the increase in blood transaminase. You can also stop or slow the destruction of liver parenchyma and preserve what still exists in cirrhosis. In mild hepatic failure (conjunctive subictericas, pains in the right base, headache, pruritus, dyspepsia, bloating, nausea, alternating diarrhea and constipation, altered liver function) has an excellent action, with clinical and laboratory improvement, only if associated with Lung 6a, 3 times per week each, on alternate days.

It is used as an endocrine regulator, in the 200th, when gonadal dysfunction, or obesity as a mobilizer of fat. The 3AX (Voisin) in adipose genital syndrome, and developmental delays in the sex gland growth and ossification, a middle power in the late onset of menses in hipofoliculinemias and at high powers, the hyperpituitarism, acromegaly and gigantism. "There is no experimental pathogenesis. Utilization is based on the physiology of the investment of the stock." (Voisin.)