Heracleum. Homeopathy

(Spondylium H. Wild Angelica)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS `O pathogenesis of Heracleum
1 Indolence, depression, lack of strength. Hits depressive, with weakness and exhaustion. Moody, moody.
SPECIFIC Heracleum
2 - () Vertigo when reading, sitting. Headache, especially in vertex and occiput, worse walking in open air, better tying the hair up, with nausea. Violent itching of the scalp, which is oily.
Oily sweat on the head. Seborrhea.
3 Watery, eyestrain reading.
4 Frequent sneezing, with stitches in region of spleen.
5 Push in the throat with mucus that can not boot. Accumulation of mucus, with sensation of roughness, scraping and tickling in the throat.
6 - () Bitter taste. Regurgitation bitter sweet, or bitter liquid.
Sed. Gastralgias always accompanied with nausea, vomiting or bitter, bilious. Pressure in the stomach, as if a stone, after eating.
7 Colicos sharp lancinating and they do squirm. Pain and throbbing in the splenic region, worse when you sneeze. Colic with flatulence and nausea.
8 Press and pain in anus during stool. Foul-smelling, slimy.
9 Drawing pain in the penis glans in punzazos. Itching and burning in
scrotum. Pollutions.
10 - () Stitches on the vulva (lips). Pain in right ovary.
11 Dry cough, with chest pains and stitches. Tightness in the chest, chills or heart palpitations too. Dyspnea when climbing stairs. Stitches in the chest on inspiration. Dry eruption in the chest, with burning after scratching.
12 Gouty pains tearing in limbs. Sharp, burning pains in the feet.
13 Chills with frequent yawning and drowsiness in the afternoon.
14 Violent itching of the skin and moist eruptions, such as scabies.