Hering's Law and the healing crisis

To reach the Health need healing through successive crises in accordance with Hering's Law of Cure which says:

"The improvement and healing occurs from the inside out. Symptoms disappear from the top down. The discomfort is from an important organ to a less important. The symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance."

Through this constructive process geared toward health, sick and old tissues are replaced with new healthy tissue. While the crisis of the disease itself, by contrast, is poor but also natural, and all organs of the body is rebelling against her instead of collaborating in the case of the healing crisis all working for the benefit of the organism. Any event that occurs in the body, whether favorable or unfavorable, is controlled by natural laws.

The experience of going through a healing crisis is very similar to the critical states of the disease, since they re-experience the symptoms of the malady afflicting the patient, but there is a very important difference: elimination. In the healing crisis is perfect elimination. Defecation is natural. All the organs of elimination are fulfilling their function normally. In states of critical illness, however, removal processes cease or are unsatisfactory, which further complicates the disease status of the patient. In the healing crisis elimination processes are accelerated because of the abundance of vital energy recovered. All secretions and other debris accumulated in the body dissolve and flow freely, thus establishing a general cleaning and purification.

Fundamental principles of Hering's Law
* "The improvement and healing occurs from the inside out"
* "The symptoms disappear from the top down"
* "The discomfort is from an important organ to a less important"
* "The symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance"

"The improvement and healing occurs from within the body out"
This means that access to health toxins that have accumulated in our internal (internal organs) have to go outwards, so that our internal organs are the first to heal. When the disease goes through the skin or external bodies is a sign that we are definitely coming to health. To accomplish this one must pass through various healing crisis in these internal organs and to interpret them know not to stifle the symptoms with chemical medicine.

Iridology is observed in compliance with this principle of Hering's Law because we'll see how the iris begins to clear in a circle from the center outwards. This can take months.

"The symptoms disappear from the top down"
If we get to health, the first thing to cure is our brain. Our way of thinking, feeling, our emotions should provide the driving force, the whole process of healing as the nervous system builds up the vital energy necessary for the process of healing. A mind negative, destructive thoughts, violence can never lead the process of reversion to health. This return to health will be achieved depending on the vitality, genetics and individual capacity.

"The discomfort is from an important organ to a less important"
Because the body will always seek the best for their survival, it is essential that the first organs to be the most important cleaned, so that is left for subsequent healing crisis less important organs. In homotoxicology has proven to be the most important organs for protection before the homotoxins aggression in homotoxicology produce what is called phase compensation ", ie diseases that are meant to protect vital organs. An example is as boils can occur in a latent diabetes, apparently nonexistent.

"The symptoms disappear in reverse order of their appearance"
This principle is perhaps the most wonderful view in clinical practice. When analyzed by disease processes that have been passed down through the years that we observe from acute diseases to diseases of deposition and then we come to chronic or degenerative diseases. This is what we call homotoxicology excretion phase, reaction, deposition, impregnation, degeneration and neoplasia or progressive vicariación.

Well as you start the healing process begin to experience again, through healing crisis, eye disease crisis not!, The same symptoms or diseases that develop above but in reverse order. The diseases most recent (and more features) re-emerge first, and gradually healing with new crises arrive until acute illnesses that we had many years ago.

If the disease was developed over many years and have reached a degenerative phase is very difficult even with natural biological medicine can get to the end of cure (vicariación regressive). Our body may not have sufficient vitality to complete the healing process. In this case we have to learn to live with difficulty clearing and healing.

Understand Hering's law and the healing process that takes place is essential if we are to achieve true health.

*Automatic Translation