Hippomane. Homeopathy

(It is a glutinous substance, white or dark green, smell urine, floating in the amniotic fluid or is attached to the allantoic membrane of the donkey or cow tongue is obtained from the newborn)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Hippomane
1 - () melancholic state, which tended to be seated, quiet, quiet,
as if immersed in sad thoughts, deep and did not want to have anything to do with the world around him. Sadness, not wanting to talk.
2 - () Restlessness; needs to move from one place to another. Desire to travel.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Hippomane
3 - () Great physical and mental weakness, with desire to lie down, not that that makes it better.
4 - () Korea.
Desire and aversion of Hippomane
5 Desire for acids. Aversion to sweets.
SPECIFIC Hippomane
6 - () Feeling light-headed, or feels so heavy that it falls back * front when the stands or while walking. Headache worse walking in sun, better lying on painful side; with dizziness, heat in the head, drowsiness, yawning, and thirst. Violent headache, with heaviness in the vertex.
Very dry hair, hair loss. Sensation of emptiness in the head.
7 have pain or stitches in the eye during headache or move them. Go blue flame of a candle.
8 Cold sensation in the nose when inhaling air. Epistaxis of tomorrow.
9 Involuntary jerking of the upper lip.
10 Bitter taste. White tongue with red tip. Hypersalivation, headache or sore throat.
11 Pain in the left tonsil. Feeling of lump in the left side of the throat.
12 - () Nausea, worse in a draft. Ice cold in the stomach.
Sense of gastric emptying.
13 Soft stools, with vomiting. Stools hard, as Boito. Spasmodic contraction of the anal sphincter.
14 - () Frequent urination of watery urine. Discharge of prostatic fluid after urination. The urine comes in a weak stream, and with effort feels like a bump that slows urination; prostatitis. Drawing pain from the anus through the urethra.
15 - () Increased sexual desire and priapism, particularly in the prostate. Drawing pain in the testicles.
Menses too early 16.
Feel the larynx 17 raw, as if the air was too cold.
Tickling in the throat to breathe. Barking cough sleeping. Stitches in the left thorax.
18 - () Heaviness in the limbs. Feel the left arm paralyzed.
Violent pain in the wrists, feeling as if dislocated, worse on the left. Paralysis of the wrist, every morning in bed. Great weakness in hands and fingers can not grasp or hold anything. Tingling in right hand. Weakness in the knees, as if dislocated.
Weakness and feet feeling dry and plants. Cramps in soles, in the evening. Cold feet.
Chills 19 starting at the back, much better shelter in bed. Heat in the evening, with headache.
20 Itching in the chest and between his shoulders.