Histaminum, Homeopathy

(Histamine Hydrochloride)
Pathogenesis performed by Dr. James Gringauz. "Homeopathy", VI, 1950, pag. 73.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Histaminum
1 - () Anguish, with restlessness, rapid and prolonged improvement in walking, but reappears at rest, sometimes with chest tightness and shortness of breath; can be mixed with joyful excitability.
Restlessness, needing to get from one place to another without any particular purpose. The mental symptoms relieved by a walk violent.
2 - () Outbursts of irritability over trifles, with annoyance and impatience, no desire to speak or be spoken to. Alternating with euphoria irritability and restlessness, and can not concentrate at work. Very impatient, can not bear to wait, walk from one side to another can not stay in one place. Are easily offended.
3 - () Sad, depressed, unhappy. Concerned about its evils. Desire to mourn.
4 - () complains a lot, for trifles. For what is wrong to protest.
Forget the names of 5 persons. Not find the right words in conversation. Poor memory. It is hard to understand.
6 His stomach "feel" any news or even the memory of an unpleasant incident. The facts affecting his stomach.
7 The mental symptoms are presented by day.
GENERAL Histaminum
8 - () burning sensations, burning, in small areas, with tenderness.
Paresthesias: burning, itching, burning or stinging, tingling, numbness, tingling, as if run electricity.
9 - () Dryness of mucous membranes.
10 - () Tiredness as if exertion had made or had walked far, with bruised feeling or widespread bruising, wanting to be sitting or lying down, lethargic and after a flu. Generalized fatigue, no desire or strength to work. Can not walk fast as ever. Weakening heat, dizziness and sweating. Crisis of acute hypotension.
11 - () Dolores: oppressive, constrictive, burning, dull, throbbing, and beating, shooting, tearing, throbbing. Generalized myalgia and arthralgia.
12 squeezing sensation, as a band, ring or sleeve, in small areas.
13 involuntary spasmodic contractions of muscle fiber groups.
14 worst: in the heat. Best: from cold.
SPECIFIC Histaminum
15 - () Vertigo with sensation of rocking, with instability. Dizziness with dimness of vision, worse from motion, stooping forward or looking up, better at rest. Twitching scalp sensation, stinging and prickling burning in small areas. Shooting itching on the head. Dry hair, it falls. Headache: total, unilateral;
occipital, frontal and supraorbital; in temples. Pressive Ceialea; compression painful. Compression at the height of the ears or mastoid. Occipital burning pain. Shooting pains, such as nails. Sensation: socket head, as if the brain hit the skull, of fullness. Headache worse by movement and the sun, better by cold, pressure and outdoors.
16 - () Burning in the eyelids. Involuntary muscle contractions and twitching of the eyelids visible. Conjunctiva injected; dry. Gritty or foreign body in the eye. Pain as if you introduced one jlavo in the eye. Best eyes from cold, worse from drafts and seeing shiny objects.
17 - () Painful compression at the bottom of the ear and mastoid.
Obstruction and unblocking alternating in the ears. Humming, whistling.
18 - () skin feeling tight or contracted in the back of the nose pinching sensation in the nasal root. Contusive pain in the nose.
Dry nostrils. Sensation of nasal dryness very open with almost painful, feels cold air inhaled (Cistus). Tingling and itching in nose, with sneezing in batches, then obstruction. Coryza with copious secretion and sneezing. Epistaxis asleep or sneezing.
Sense of nose moist, with little or no secretion. Runny nose: like egg white, yellowish or greenish yellow.
19 - () Heat in the face, as feverish. Burning in the cheeks. Tingling, numbness or tingling in one or the other cheek or lips. Tightness or tension in the face; contractions and twitching in the muscles of the face.
Facial neuralgia with irradiation to the jaws and teeth.
20 - () Dry mouth. Itching or burning in the mouth. Toothache; feeling of loose teeth. Concomitance of symptoms in teeth with precordial pain.
21 - () Dry throat or sensation of a ball or ball; worse by heat, better from cold.
22 Nausea thinking about eating, with feeling of fullness. Weak in the stomach, heaviness, burning, pain. Belching egg warmly. "Nervousness" in the epigastrium, with sensation of lump or tension, to receive any news or recall unpleasant facts.
23 - () and distended belly ache. Burning like fire in the belly. Tensive pain in belt. Right upper quadrant pain, right leg extended to and back. Liver enlarged, and tender. Painful contractions in gallbladder area and epigastrium, followed by diarrheal stools, black as tar. Stitches in hypogastrium sitting.
24 stools, little colored, dark, greenish. Diarrhea with severe stabbing pains in his stomach. Rectal tenesmus. Difficulty passing stools soft.
25 - () Intolerable burning in the bladder urine at any moment, drop by drop, with despair and suicidal thoughts, desperate walking to and fro. Urine stop, drop by drop, with intense straining. The urine burns like fire. Urethra bladder punctures. Painful drawing in the path of the left ureter.
26 Dolores burning, tearing, stitching, in the testicle, moving from side to side.
27 Pain in left ovary, spread to the left leg.
Oligomenorrhea. Delay or advancement in the menstrual dates. Menstruation fetida.
f28 - () pains in the chest. Painful oppression in the chest with shortness of breath. Dyspnea, with anxiety and restlessness, with the impression of having covered the right side of chest; best deeply inspiring. Sighing respiration. Dolores Contusive as blows, bruises. Cough: tickling throat dry; worse when speaking, with pain in his chest as if to break. Expectoration: yellow, sticky cheese or sour taste.
29 - () stabbing precordial pain, worse when breathing deeply, with simultaneous sensation of having loose teeth. Alternation of chest pain symptoms in the teeth. Precordial sensations "weird" as if falling drops of water ice in the heart, as if the heart was suspended from something, as if she grew up. Oppressive precordial pain, constricting, dull. Tickling chest in anguish. Palpitations, worse emotions.
Extrasystolic arrhythmia.
30 - () Pain in the neck and back muscles. Back pain of any kind. Pain as if he had contracted the trapezius muscle.
31 - () tiredness and heaviness in the limbs, with reluctance to move.
Numbness, tingling or tingling, successive or simultaneous, in small segments or sectors of the membership. Heat in one hand. Fingertips very red. Cooling of the thumb or the pinkie and ring fingers. Small areas of tenderness, burning and burning in front of the left forearm and the left inner thigh.
Stinging pain or itching in segments of the limbs or in small sectors of them, feeling as if he ran electricity.
Jerks and involuntary muscle contractions. Fine tremor of the hands.
Sensations strip, band or sleeve compressing small areas. Edema pink, painless foot and ankle. Aching muscles and joints. Sciatic pain that seems to draw a path of the nerve.
Synovial cyst on the back of a hand.
32 - () Sleepiness during the day. Insomnia until 2 or 3 hours, with a mind full of thoughts. Restless sleep, interrupted. Wake up with arms asleep and upward. Sleep rigid, in the supine position. Insect sounds.
Chills alternating with 33 generalized heat in the face, with feeling that you run electricity during diarrhea. Heat rising stench that end in the face or from the chest to the head. Hot, dry skin.
34 - () Itching: no eruption, successively or simultaneously in various parts of the body, edema at the site scratching. Burning small areas of cutaneous tenderness with burning sensation, itching and burning smarting.
Sense of thousands of needles that puncture the skin, after bathing.
Suprasternal pruritic erythematous macular rash. Reddish papules.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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