Histaminum, Hydrargyrum: bichloratum, bicyanatum, Hydrastis, Hydrochinonum. Homeopathy

Histaminum (histamine)
Drug adjuvant destoxicantes functions. Increased glandular secretion. Eczema and dermatitis. Burns. Allergic skin disorders and mucous membranes.

Hydrargyrum bichloratum (mercuric chloride)
Acute nephritis. Albuminuria. Dysentery. Cramps. Rectal and bladder tenesmus. Cholangitis. Bloody in gastrointestinal cramps. Suppuration. Abscesses. Gingivitis. Stomatitis. Nasopharyngeal catarrh. Catarrh of the sinuses. Suppuration, abscess. Adnexitis. Metritis.

Hydrargurum bicyanatum (mercuric cyanide)
Tonsillitis. Stages of reaction with oozing mucosal surface.

Hydrastis (Goldenseal)
Drug mucosa. Secretions thick, sticky, stringy whitish or yellowish and the mucous membranes (nose, sinuses, uterus, bladder, etc.).. Increased tone in states of cachexia and marasmus. Aphthous stomatitis. Menorrhagia. Metrorrhagia. Bleeding fibroids. Ocena with ulceration of the nasal septum.

Hydrochinonum (hydroquinone)
Antiseptic and antipyretic.

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