HLB blood test and its similarity to Iridology

This article considers the following:

Definition of health from the 1st iridology.
Basics of the 2nd Iridology.
HLB the 3rd blood test and Iridology: List of similarities
Reflections on the 4th issue.

Definition of health from the Iridology.
Before turning to make a comparison between HLB and Iridology Test hare a definition of what is health from a biological standpoint and a small overview of what is iridology.

Health is the functional state of normal living organism in all its manifestations. Only health can occur by itself vital energy that each individual possesses. By contrast, the disease is the manifestation of the functional derangement of the body, which occurs because of the efforts made by the body to return to a normal functional state. So the different symptoms that occur in individuals is due to circumstances such as heredity, sex, age, occupation, climate, unnatural living habits, etc..

The disease, studied from a viewpoint iridologist, also closely associated with hyperactivity or hypoactivity in the nerve supply of tissues, and that this in turn causes the tissues to become functionally hyper-or hypoactive.

Basics of iridology.
The iridology allows us, therefore, to study the health status taking into account the degree of disorder or imbalance evolution through the observation of certain signs. In general, this gradation can be done by the tone or type of coloration that is seen in the signs of the iris, especially hypo-or hyperactivity.

In the normal iris is observed when any modification of stromal color accompanies a structural sign of the rainbow. So it is said that the fibers are normal when they have the basic color of the iris structure.

What would be the perfect iris coloration without any kind of additional basic, without any sign iris that affects the structure of the iris and held a 1-density. This is Incontro in current civilization.

Iridology is the science, even as we see art that deals with the study of the iris, especially its color, markings, changes, and sees all these signs are related to health or infirmity of the subject.

We say it is a science because there are recognized principles that constitute a well defined and growing body of knowledge, coming into force of this technique and thus constitutes a consolidated science.

The iridology is not yet an exact science, in the sense that everything is working mechanically or strict. Rather, as real biological science, yet there are many details to discover, and even learn to interpret them once discovered. The only way to advance this science is continuing research on the signs that appear in the iris and comparing with the symptoms of illness experienced by people who own them. In fact, iridology can say that at this time, reveals much more than we do understand.

However, he also has a lot of art, because we can not conclude that such a sign, mark or blemish, automatically diagnose a disease as is done in allopathic medicine mechanics regardless of the person holistically. No, the mind of iridologist mind has to be a much more extensive and comprehensive. Iridologist The analysis must take a holistic approach. We have to concentrate not only evil, but in the person studying it, looking at her, love her, in order to understand. All this requires an intuition that not everyone possesses.

So we see that some misnamed

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