Homarus. Homeopathy

(Digestive fluids from the Lobster)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Homarus
1 As if frightened. You feel nervous, but afraid to move.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Homarus
2 - () Worst: milk; after sleep, waking in the morning, at night;
deep inspiration. Better: motion; by flatus (in patients who are awakened at night by the need to eliminate flatulence) after eating and inhaling cold air. Lobster eating disorders.
3 Weakness worst walk better after eating. You feel sick, unable to move, but better if it moves. Strange feeling when you try to grab the doorknob, can only move your hand around.
4 - () Headache morning, in the temporal or frontal, above the eyes, ranging from thence to the occiput, worse left side, worse on waking and after eating, with pain and redness in the eyes.
5 Eye pain on rising, worse when touched. Burning eyes. The eyelids are glued to the morning. Edema of eyelids. Profuse lacrimation.
6 Common cutting in the left ear lobe, to be pinched.
7 Stitches and burning in the nostrils, extending to the throat after rising. Nasal Obstruction morning. Frequent sneezing.
Runny nose, watery left side.
S Sialorrhea profuse.
9 - () pain, burning and redness of the throat, sometimes starts right and goes left, sharp, sudden left, occasionally spread the ear, with constant accumulation of sticky mucus and veins very marked dry and sore as raw, worse on waking and improved mouth opening and inhaling cold air. Intense edema of throat and larynx, which barely allowed to breathe (accompanying or following a strong generalized pruritus, with great swelling of the entire face).
10 Belching tasteless morning. Heartburn. Gastralgias <milk and waking at night, better than tomorrow and after eating; extended to the back near the spine.
11 pains in hypochondria, in liver (but in the left lobe and deep breathing) and in the spleen, in the diaphragm.
12 Alternate diarrhea and constipation, every 3 or 4 days. Sometimes you wake up with urgent desire to defecate, and only removes large amounts of gases, improving later.
13 Sexual arousal prolonged in men, every morning and night.
14 pains in various parts of the thorax. Dyspnea. Burning the right of the xiphoid.
15 Pain in right shoulder blade in the center or on the inside. Sharp pain in left iliac edge. Sudden sharp pain in right kidney area, forced to sit.
16 - () Pain on my elbows, but the right, as if the bone. Pain in left wrist late. Pain in right thigh, on his knees, legs, bones in his left leg after bedtime, left ankle, foot, burning. Knees weak, trembling, but the right and after noon. Feet very hot, you should uncover them at night in bed. Feet cold and wet, then hot.
17 The sleep sitting up after eating. You sleep at night but can not sleep. He wakes up very early, and can not go back to sleep because it has many pains throughout the body, but in the morning when you wake up you feel nothing.
18 shaking chills, the whole body.
19 - () Urticaria in large sheets, very itchy. Intense itching and widespread, especially in the lower limbs (more on the calves), burning, sudden, worse at night or day and night, not relieved by rubbing or scratching or, better, appears elsewhere, often followed the end, by an intense swelling of face, throat and larynx, with impending suffocation. (See 9.)

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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