Homeopathy for Acne

The following are some homeopathic remedies that have been used and are used to combat the symptoms of acne in its various forms. It may be noted that these products also have their application homeopathy for other disorders or diseases of the skin. Before a health problem, see your homeopath to decide which is the homeopathy remedy best for you.

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Homeopathic remedies for acne
() Logically, the most prominent manifestations of morbid Psorinum are those of the skin. It's a dirty-looking skin (as if never washed), cracking (especially in winter), dry, dormant, which rarely transpires, rough or greasy (as bathed in oil), unhealthy, with tendency to suppuration, and an abnormal tendency to have all kinds of eruptions, which occur mainly in winter, disappearing in summer, and altering with headache, cough or asthma. The eruptions are usually itchy, worse heat of bed and bleeding from scratching, worse from washing or overheating; papules, vesicles, crusts, pustules, dirty, dry or wet with secretions intolerable smell of carrion, acne, eczema , herpes, hives, scabies, psoriasis (more in winter).

Psorinum (Nosode)
Lack of reaction. Chronic skin diseases like acne, eczema, seborrhea and itching.
() Eruptions on the face, acne, especially frontal simple or rosacea, worse during menstruation, for coffee, fats, sweets, or meat, when the well selected remedy fails or improvement or little, foul-smelling crusts, eczema. Chafing secreting vesicles and ulceration or sores at the corners. Yellow vesicles painful to touch, in the red edge of the lower lip herpes.

Kalium bromatum
Acne facial, especially in adolescents or young fat or corpulent; simple, indurated or rosacea, with bluish red pustules, "leaving hideous scars"
Acne simple, indurated or rosacea, with bluish red pustules, "leaving ugly scars" (Allen). It is one of the most important drugs in acne: "I know of a remedy so useful in acne as Kali bromatum 30th" (Clarke).

Hydrocotyle asiatica
() The skin is the most important organ of action of Hydrocotyle, especially in the form of a tendency to induration, infiltration and exfoliation. Nearly circular spots, with raised edges and scaly. Red spots with white scales. Erythema with intense itching. Acne rosacea.

Sulfur iodatum
() Cara dry, warm and yellowish. Herpes on the lips. Erythema on the upper lip with yellow pustules, painful, which are converted rapidly in dry scabs. Erythema on the chin. Sycosis barbae (one of the important medicines). Acne on face and back.

Kalium arsenicosum
() The skin is the most important field of action of this drug. Erysipelas. Acne with pustules worse during menses. Chronic eruptions, dry, scaly, intensely itching, itching is worse at night, warmth of bed, undressing, walking and cold air, eruptions, fissures in the folds of the elbow and popliteal fossa; blisters , crusty, scaly, wet. Chronic Eczema and dry. Herpes zoster, especially on the right: common cold. Psoriasis intensely itchy (one of the most important drugs). Generalized urticaria. Vesicles oozing, crusty. Lichen. Skin Cancer, epitheliomas. Jaundice.

Tendency to chronic suppurative or repeat offenders of the mucous membranes of the eye ORL

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