Homeopathy for Alcoholism

Alcoholism is defined as intoxication by alcohol.
Homeopathic Remedies for Alcoholism

Here are some of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies in the treatment of alcoholism. Remember that homeopathy does not cure diseases but sick and it will be your homeopath or health professional who has to isolate the patient's symptoms and then relate them to the most effective homeopathic remedy for these symptoms.

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(+++) Craving for alcohol, alcohol abuse and there is a progressive intolerance to alcohol. Aversion to meat.
(+) Exophthalmos (eye big drinker) with subictericia conjunctival conjunctival vessel dilation, glossy look of drunkenness or tender and tearful of chronic alcoholism.
Alveolar pyorrhea (of which alcohol would be the most common cause). Esophageal cancer, which only exists in almost alcoholic.
(+ +) Gastric ulcer. Burning epigastric by alcohol and acid. Hematemesis.
Cardiomegaly of ethyl with exertional dyspnea, myocardial alcoholic, to rebel heart tonic, reducible to suspend alcohol. Complete arrhythmia.

Spiritus Quercus glandium
Eagerness (+++) of alcoholic beverages. It is used as one of the most important drugs for alcoholism, to eliminate the desire for alcohol, for this purpose, Burnett, who first glimpsed this indication by the effects of this substance was the tincture, 10 drops in water three times a day for several months. Antidote to the effects of alcohol intoxication with crying easily, severe dizziness, unsteady gait, flushed face and very foul breath.
Anal fistula in alcoholics.

Strophanthus hispidus
(+ +) In alcohol can cause nausea and aversion to alcohol, eliminating the defect (7 drops of the tincture 3 times per day [Boericke]).
(+++) The main scope of Strophanthus is the heart and circulatory tree. Weakness or heart failure, with tendency to edema or anasarca. It is indicated in alcoholics or intoxicated by the temples of snuff when they occur in heart failure. Vivid perception of cardiac activity, with chest pressure and anxiety.

Nux Vomica
(+ +) Is one of the most important medicines in the dipsomania, accompanied by hypochondria, irritability or forgetfulness, during or after pregnancy. In the intoxication: brutality, insults, jealousy, sadness, desire to commit suicide or hitting, sexual arousal, insomnia. Delirium tremens, hypersensitivity, unconsciousness, or insomnia. Alcoholic dementia.
(+++) Acute or chronic effects of poison or drugs of all kinds, including drug or excessive amounts of coffee, snuff and alcohol, including wine.
(+++) Desire for alcoholic beverages, beer, brandy, whiskey, fat, spicy foods or spicy

Sulfuric adicum
(+++) Great desire for alcoholic beverages, cognac, liqueurs, etc.. It is one of the most important medicines, both in acute alcoholism and chronic.
Vices disorders drinkers, when Nux Vomica has outlived its usefulness.
According to Hering, the desire for alcohol, managing disappears for 15 to 30 days, 3 times per day, 10 to 15 drops of a mixture of one part of sulfuric acid in three parts of alcohol, basing the limitation on the presence of vomiting or morning fasting, with severe gastric and esophageal heartburn and acid belching, hiccups, and sometimes painful hemorrhoids. But it is also very useful medication energized, and drunkenness, with confusion, dizziness, irritability, with vertigo while sitting, which improves the outdoors.
Violent (+++) heartburn, belching and regurgitation with highly acidic, which go up into the esophagus and mouth and give you shivers, especially caused by alcohol or any alcoholic beverage you drink, water or another, it causes cold in the stomach if it is mixed with some alcohol. Hypo intense, especially in alcoholics.
Hemorrhoids in alcoholics.

Asarum europoeum
Nausea (+++) in fits or constant (Ipecac), worse after eating, with clean tongue, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. Horrible feeling of pressure in the epigastrium when you wake in the morning, alcoholic or after a night when you drank a lot. Anorexia, nausea until given food.
Alcoholism; "is a popular choice for drinkers in Russia" (Allen).

(+++) Desire for alcoholic beverages in any form. Inherited tendency to alcoholism.

(+ +) Dipsomania, chronic alcoholism, especially when they are reformed, but steadily returning to relapse into vice, and hide to drink. Delirium tremens.

Halbert Apomorphinum 3rd cured with X a desperate case of an Opium Eater alcoholism, with constant nausea, constipation, insomnia, severe headache, sharp and great emaciation neurotic symptoms.

Crotalus horridus
Indicated in constitutions (+++) very lifeless, weak, adynamic, piémicas, hemorrhagic; zimoticas diseases or fevers, septicaemic toxemic, piémicas, hemorrhagic, yellow fever, malaria, diphtheria, chronic alcoholism.

Ranunculus sceleratus
(+) Alcoholism with liver disorders, with geographic tongue and feeling of impending diarrhea.

Secale cornutum
(+) Bleed black blood, stringy, which comes out continually, with great prostration, the elderly, alcoholics, young women and weakened, by the slightest touch.
Insomnia drug addicts and alcoholics.

Kali bromatum
(+) Vomiting: with intense thirst in alcoholics after a drinking binge.
Pneumonia in alcoholics.

Mental indolence. Delusion of alcoholics.

Pneumonia in the elderly, children and alcoholics. Pains in the sides of the chest during inspiration. Constriction or heat and burning in the chest.

(+) Alcoholism. Morphinomania or other addictions.

Avena sativa
(+) Insomnia, especially in alcoholics.

(+ +) Dyspnea in athletes, smokers and alcoholics. Dyspnea worse ascend strain, and at night, for asthma, emphysema or alcoholism.

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