Homeopathy and sexual disorders, Men

Recopilacion remedies in homeopathy for treating sexual disorders in men. Each homeopathic remedy has its own characteristics so the homeopath will have to find out what are the specific symptoms of his patient and relate the homeopathic materia medica.

For any sexual disorder you should visit a health professional. For more information about these remedies click on their name.

Homeopathic remedies for sexual disorders in men
Agnus castus
() The pathology of Agnus is focused primarily on sexuality (see 19). It is indicated especially in cases of premature senility, premature, sexual abuse (masturbation, frequent nocturnal ejaculation or loss of prostatic fluid), with melancholia, apathy (see 3), self-deprecation. Former sinners or young people who have abused their power sexual impotence and sexual organs with cold and relaxed (see 19). Single people with nervous debility. In ancient times was used to repress sexual desire, hence its name.
() Complete impotence, there are very incomplete erections or with sexual desires absent or greatly reduced, penis and testicles with cold and flaccid, penis small, cold, relaxed. Especially in chronic or recurrent gonorrhea (see 5).

() Sexuality in the mental sphere of Phosphorus is often a predominant feature and outstanding, ranging from persistent and often obsessive sexual thoughts and mental symptoms from sexual excesses, even obscenity, lewdness, obscene acts of self-accusations of who was guilty and insane erotica manifested especially exbibicionismos or immodesty, he has no shame, he wants to be naked (but in his delirium) or display her body or do not care.
() Increased sexual desire, excessive, violent, coming to assume the characteristics of a true sexual mania; satyriasis, with a constant overwhelming desire to perform intercourse. Facil sexual excitability. Erections are intense at night and morning, strong, violent and even painful. Incomplete erections during intercourse or absent. Impotence due to excessive excitation or masturbation. Cumshot weak or too fast, early.
Nocturnal emissions. Pain in the testicles and thickening of the spermatic cord. Hydrocele.

Kalium bromatum
() Mental symptoms associated with the sexual sphere are important in Kali Bromatum. There are erotic or lewd fantasies, nymphomania or satyriasis, lack of moral sense. Frequent sexual thoughts.
() Excessive sexual desires, violent, with constant erections at night. Progressive decrease in sexual desire to impotence, with melancholy and memory loss. Effects of sexual excesses (repeated intercourse or wet dreams): impotence, depression, intellectual lethargy, back pain and motor inco-ordination with a staggering gait and great weakness. Spermatorrhoea. Painful erection gonorrhea.

() Sexual weakness. Constant sexual excitement, followed by a decrease or loss of sexual desire, with very weak erections and ejaculate too fast. Psychic impotence. Penis cold, especially the glans. Nocturnal emissions. Absence of orgasm.

5 - () Ideas sexual obsessions. Sexual neurasthenia, impotence. Nymphomania.
Lust. Mental consequences of sexual excess or masturbation, apathy, indifference, depression, weakened memory, etc.. Always thinking of themes or sexual pleasures.
() For the tendency to excessive masturbation and its consequences, both physical and mental (see 5), in both sexes. For the consequences of sexual excess, including irregular or abnormal sexual appetites.
Manifestations and Genito-Urinary Sex. Hyperesthesia of genital organs. Obsessive sexual excitation and inhibition reserve. Sexual rejection. Masturbation. Pollakiuria psicosomatica