Homeopathy and sexual disorders, Women

We made a recopilacion of homeopathy remedies to treat sexual disorders in women. Each homeopathic remedy has its own characteristics so the homeopath will have to find out what are the specific symptoms of his patient and relate the homeopathic materia medica.

For any sexual disorder you should visit a health professional. For more information about these remedies click on their name.

Homeopathic remedies for sexual disorders in women
Lilium tigrinum
() There is a marked sexual excitement, and should bring into play all his will to suppress the ideas and desires that haunt, and this is achieved especially by keeping busy. Their sexuality is manifested in states of nymphomania, lust and frequent coarse language. Aggravation sexual excesses.
() Female genital organs are the maximum scope of Lilium tigrinum. Sexual desires are increased and often end up in involuntary orgasms, better still occupied.

Murex purpurea
() The wide spectrum of Murex is in the female genitalia. There is a violent sexual excitement, which it appears or is enhanced markedly by the lightest touch on the vulva or vagina, burning with sexual desire; nymphomania; must cross your thighs to calm down, sometimes the excitement is almost maniacal.

() Sexual desire greatly increased, almost insatiable, violent and may reach nymphomania. Stitches or a knife deep into the vagina and uterus to umbilicus. Intermenstrual metrorrhagia is often accompanied by sexual excitement.

17 - () Complete absence of sexual desire in women, sexual desire is destroyed there is no orgasm, aversion to intercourse. Vulvar itching, worse from scratching and flow. Constant feeling that menstruation is coming.

5 - () Ideas sexual obsessions. Sexual neurasthenia, impotence. Nymphomania.
Lust. Mental consequences of sexual excess or masturbation, apathy, indifference, depression, weakened memory, etc.. Always thinking of themes or sexual pleasures.
() For the tendency to excessive masturbation and its consequences, both physical and mental (see 5), in both sexes. For the consequences of sexual excess, including irregular or abnormal sexual appetites.
Manifestations and Genito-Urinary Sex. Hyperesthesia of genital organs. Obsessive sexual excitation and inhibition reserve. Sexual rejection. Masturbation. Pollakiuria psychosomatic.

() Voluptuous itching in the vulva and vagina. Exaggerated sexual desire in women. Obsessive nymphomania. Puerperal metritis. Flow by masturbation corrosive. Membranous dysmenorrhoea. Vaginismus. Tendency to abortion.

Cannabis sativa
27 - () Threatened abortion with gonorrhea, or very frequent intercourse. Sterile sexual excitement. Profuse menstruation. Abortion with seizures. Flow in girls.

() Sexuality in the mental sphere of Phosphorus is often a predominant feature and outstanding, ranging from persistent and often obsessive sexual thoughts and mental symptoms from sexual excesses, even obscenity, lewdness, obscene acts of self-accusations of who was guilty and insane erotica manifested especially exbibicionismos or immodesty, he has no shame, he wants to be naked (but in his delirium) or display her body or do not care. Nymphomania, especially premenstrual.
45 - () or violent sexual desire increased in women. Nymphomania.

Aurum Iodatum
22 - () In women, increased sexual desire. Induration of the ovaries, uterus and cervix. Oophoritis, metritis. Thick, yellow. Menses copious, late, deleted. Uterine prolapse. Sterility.

Sabal serrulata
() Intense sexual desire in women. Sharp or stinging pain in the ovaries, radiating upwards or downwards.

Kalium bromatum
Infertility in women by excessive sexual desires. Aversion to intercourse, lack of orgasm. Uterine fibroid. Subinvolution puerperal.