Homeopathy for Anemia

Anemia is usually defined as: Literally, a lack of blood, clinically, decreased below the normal range of hemoglobin or red blood cell number in absolute terms due to loss or destruction of red blood cells and disturbances in its formation.

Homeopathy offers practical remedies to combat different types of anemia and symptoms that may accompany it as weakness, fatigue, heavy menstrual anemia, bleeding, anemia in adolescents, pernicious anemia, destruction of red cells, etc.

We have compiled some of homeopathic remedies dealing with these symptoms of anemia. Any symptoms see a homeopath or health professional who can address your individual situation. For more information visit the link anemia or click the product name.

Homeopathic Remedies for Anemia
(+++) The most important feature of China is its etiological indication, in disorders of consequence, or from, or prolonged losses of animal fluids, especially bleeding in people before and now weakened by robust these downloads strenuous as well as by excessive and prolonged lactation, diarrhea, sweating, oozing, wet dreams, and so on. Anemia after hemorrhage. Leukemia.
(+++) Tendency to bleeding from body orifices, with ringing in the ears, fainting, general cold, dimming vision and, sometimes, seizures. It is also one of the best hemostatic.

Ferrum metallicum
(+++) Entire circulatory system, especially with regard to blood flow, blood vessels and blood composition itself are altered. Bleeding in very weak or anemic. Anemia with extreme pallor or discoloration of the mucous membranes, face and lips, that reddens easily, quickly and intensely by milder stimuli (pain, emotion or effort), with appearance of false plethora. Anemia in young people with circulatory disorders mentioned above. Anemia of any origin, bleeding or nutritional deficiencies or illness, stressful, syphilis or cancer. Pernicious anemia. Hemophilia. Venous murmurs. Vulnerable Plaque by anemia.

Ferrum Phosphoricum
(+ +) Anemia: given the 3 X, increases hemoglobin (Boericke).

(+++) The female genitals are the main scope of Helonias. Menses too frequent and abundant, excessive, weak women by blood loss and anemia, the blood is dark, clotted, foul-smelling.

(+) Anemia. Hemorrhage. Irregularities in blood distribution.
Disorders loss of vital fluids. Pulsations in all arteries with each movement. Edema; after a severe rash. Fainting.

Kali arsenicosum
(+++) Great weakness, can not sit up in bed, any loud noise or sudden she produces whole body tremors. Tendency to fainting. Anemia. Lack of vital heat.

Bone marrow
It is indicated, the 200th (power regulator) in anemias.

(+ +) The toxic action of trinitrotoluene on causes red blood cells, in principle, a change in hemoglobin makes the red cells lose much of their oxygen-carrying capacity to the cells, which enter by anoxemia anoxia observed corresponding symptoms: extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, palpitations, cramps, cyanosis, and so on. The destruction of red blood cells causes anemia and a straight jaundice that resulting from cell destruction. In later stages of intoxication, you get to aplastic anemia and toxic jaundice, or by the action on bone marrow and liver cells, shows and therapeutic indications in severe anemia and hemolytic jaundice with the picture described above.

Chininum arsenicosum
(+ +) Deep prostration with pale and anxious. Chininum Arsenicosum has simultaneously weakness, exhaustion and anemia in China and prostration, agitation and anxiety of Arsenic. Posthemorrhagic disorders. Desire to lie down. It has been used as a general tonic, often with marked and rapid effects.

Chininum sulphuricum
(+ +) Quick anemia with low hemoglobin, polynuclear leukocytosis.

Aluminum phos
(+ +) Anemia. Thinning. Lack of vital heat. Great weakness in the morning on waking strain; diarrheal walking, during menstruation; paralytic weakness. Great exhaustion. Feeling of extreme lassitude, want to lie.

Arsenic Sulphuratum
(+ +) Anemia. Physical cravings. Laxity and lack of reaction. Thinning. Elderly much diminished. Weakness: Morning, during menstruation, after exertion or eating or defecating, by sweating, by climbing stairs, walking outdoors. Children who are slow to learn to walk.

Calcarea carb
(+ +) Other general issues: Anemia; posthemorrhagic disorders loss of vital fluids

(+++) Carcinosin is particularly advantageous if there is a history of hereditary cancer and family (especially if multiple cases), tuberculosis, diabetes and pernicious anemia, or a combination of two or more of them.

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