Homeopathy to avoid Abortion

Abortion is defined as the act of abortion or termination of pregnancy by natural causes or deliberately provoked. May eventually constitute a crime.

Homeopathy remedies provided very helpful in preventing abortion. Following are some of the most important along with the symptoms that characterize them. The first three remedies are often indicated to help counteract the predisposition to Alborta.

Of course, any threat of having an abortion, see your homeopath or health professional to examine your case and receive timely assistance.

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Homeopathic remedies to prevent abortion

(+++) Threatened abortion (possibly more important is the remedy or, at least in my experience, it emerges, its symptoms, the most frequently indicated, especially in the third month), with the pains and metrorrhagia characteristic and the aggravation of the latter by heat and the slightest movement, must remain perfectly still to avoid or reduce the loss. You can get to eliminate the tendency to abortion.

(+++) Menses early, abundant and long, bright red blood, with downward pressure sensation (Sepia). Repeated small hemorrhages in pregnancy and puerperium, appearing for the least effort or a false step. Chronic metrorrhagia. Postpartum metrorrhagia liquid blood and pale. Chronic flow.

Toxoplama gondii
(+ +) Tendency to abortions, particularly in the first trimester spontaneous and repetition.

Secale cornutum
(+++) Secale is also an important drug of threatened abortion, especially in the third month or until the 5th or 6th month of gestation, with prolonged pain, like labor, burning, or of bearing down, and bleeding persistent black blood clots mixed with black liquid that is aggravated by the slightest movement, accompanied by a general cooling with heat intolerance and to be covered.

(+++) The preventive par excellence, not only the disorders just mentioned in childbirth, but also preterm delivery. The indication is to take a daily dose of Caulophyllum 3rd or 6th or 12th or 30th for a month before the expected date of delivery, and are thus very normal births, little painful, easy, normal or short term ... Threatened abortion from uterine inertia or sluggishness; tendency to abortion uterine contraction weak.

(+++) Tendency to abortion or premature labor, the fifth to seventh month.

(+ +) Tendency to abortion at the end of the third month of pregnancy, bearing down pains in the uterus and red blood with clots.

During pregnancy, the fetus moves so violently that awakens the mother.

Trillium pendulum
(+++) Uterine bleeding caused by a threatened abortion (especially in the third month), or before or during or after childbirth, or menopause or movements or uterine fibroids.

Viburnum prunifolium
(+ +) Tendency to abortion by uterine atony, babies born at eight months and die within weeks.

Aletris farinosa
Heaviness (+++) hypogastrium; prolapsed uterus with right groin pain, infertility, habitual tendency to abortion caused problems all in a real weakness of the uterine muscle.

Aurum metallicum
(+) Tendencies to provoke abortions (mental symptoms, according to Kent).

Coffea cruda
(+ +) Very severe pains in threatened abortion or childbirth, excessive pain after. Labor pains irregular

Crocus sativus
(+++) Threatened abortion or postpartum bleeding with blood characteristic. Menses suppressed, with movements in the womb. In pregnant women, very violent movements in the fetus.

Eupatorium purpureum
(+ +) Threatened abortion. Habitual abortion in the third or fourth month. Labor pains ineffective.

Threatened abortion (+++) with nausea and stomach pains from left to right, from fright. Stitches from navel to uterus.

(+++) Menses frequent and copious with serious, painful and intense lacrimation, dysmenorrhea membranous, with erosion or ulceration of the neck. Thick and irritating. Imminent abortion. Constant sensation as if menses come.

(+ +) Feels that there is enough room in the uterus to the fetus, the uterus can not expand; threatened abortion. Tendency to abortion.

(+++) Tendency to abortion from uterine atony.

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