Homeopathy for Cancer

Homeopathy for cancer
Below are a selection of homeopathic remedies most commonly used in cancer treatment in its various forms as presented. This selection is made of Materia Medica Vijnovsky and lets us know how different homeopathic substances are helpful to counteract the effects of cancer in humans, or at least mitigate its effects such as pain and depression of the immune system due to chemical treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.). so that our readers have relevant information on alternative measures.

This article is to provide information about how alternative medicine and homeopathy in particular is also used as therapy antecancerígena. In case of having some of these pathologies are listed here that we strongly recommend availing of services of health professionals (professional homeopaths, alternative medicine, allopathic, etc.). And do not treat yourself.

Yes we would like to mention the success that some homeopathic doctors have had their cancer treatments such as Indian physicians AU Ramakrishna, Prasanta Banerji and Banerji pratipad with very promising results since according to these two doctors "in 32% of brain tumors, 22% of bronchogenic carcinomas and 28% of esophageal carcinomas were remissions so that stopped trying. And in most of the other patients had significant improvement. Although brain tumors where we are getting the best responses.

Indian homeopaths are certainly at the forefront of the fight against cancer with homeopathy.

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Homeopathic remedies for cancer

(+++) Carcinosin is particularly advantageous if there is a history of hereditary cancer and family (especially if multiple cases), tuberculosis, diabetes and pernicious anemia, or a combination of two or more of them. We also have a history of serious infectious diseases very early in infancy or in early infancy. In children with a history of insomnia. Especially useful in children as a constitutional remedy (Foubister). Solvey in our country has used it, with very encouraging results in cancer and metastasis even in terminal situations or as palliative, gives powers 30, 200 and 1000, sometimes daily.

Hydrastis canadensis
(+++) Is one of the most important drugs in cancer ( "It's been more cases of cancer cured with this drug than with any other" (Clarke), stomach, liver, breast, skin, etc.. Scirrhus. Cancers Hard, adherent, with mottled skin ulcerate before, and with cutting as the main symptom, with profound weakness and significant weight loss.

Cancer cachexia. It is also important in the precancerous state with indefinite general ill health, without obvious tumor, with physical and mental depression, weight loss, fatigue, pale straw or of] a skin, hypotension, gastrointestinal atony with constipation.

Needle-like stitches in the breasts. Induration of the right breast, painful to touch; induration following an abscess. Painless small tumors near the nipples. Tumors or nodules in the breast following contusions. Breast cancer; hard as stone, with intense pain and heaviness in the breast, the tumor is fixed, is attached to the deep planes.

Cancer of lips ulcerated; by the pressure of the pipe. Cancer in the cheek.

Carbo animalis
(+++) Is the remedy for tumors that are transformed, ulcerate and take a malignant progression. It is one of the principal remedies for cancer (lacrimal glands, nose, face, lips, tongue, pharynx, stomach, testis, uterus, breast), and a great palliative pains. And lymph glands (armpit, English, breasts, testes, salivary glands) are swollen, enlarged, hardened as rocks (scirrhous).

- Cancer of the uterus: it feels like burning coals in the cervix, with fetid discharge, burning, bloody, and pain radiating to the thighs.

- Breast cancer. indurated axillary nodes. Induration of breasts, with burning pains, worse on the right. Induration of the nipples.

Cancer Nosode Scirrhous
(+) Tumors or breast cancer.

Kalium arsenicosum
(+) Cancer is an important drug, especially those located in the skin, tongue, anus and uterus, with bloody discharge and very offensive.

(+ +) Stomach cancer. Hardness in the epigastrium, worse in the pylorus, with tenderness.

Aurum mur
(+) Cancer lips. Indurated lips, swollen and burning. Painful swelling of the submandibular gland.

(+) Language indurated as leather (after glossitis), dry, red, excoriated, with warts. Tongue cancer. Salivation with metallic taste.

Clematis erecta
(+) Swelling and induration of the breasts, and very hard painful lump. Breast cancer, epithelioma. Uterine cancer. Menses early.

(+++) Terrible burning pains, burning, as if a red-hot charcoal or coals were on or within the affected parties, internal or external, especially in cancer, carbuncle or erysipelas (when Anthracinum Arsenic or not improve). Burning pains in the bones. It is one of the best remedies to relieve cancer pain. Pressing pains, tearing or piercing, worse at rest, better by motion.

DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid
In cancer and any loss of substance and alteration of fine fabrics (severe hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, major burns, ulcers, atonic, etc.).. In cancer, Jenaer, about 27 cases, gets 5 very good results, 9 good, in leukemia, in 7 cases, 1 very good result and 2 good.

Aurum arsenicicum
(+) Is a useful remedy in cancer of the uterus.

Secale cornutum
- Gastritis. Gangrene or cancer of the stomach.
- Uterine Cancer

The remedy is often useful in liver cancer, especially if there is hypertrophy.

Hekla lava
Tumor hard and painful to the touch under the wing of the nose. Difficult or slow dentition in children with rickets. Abscess gums in the tooth root.

Thuya occidentalis
(+++) Morbid manifestation sycosis visible feature is an overproduction tisural that appears on the skin and some mucous in the form of warts, condylomata, excrescences and polyps (see Special Requests), and, eventually, tumors, cancer , hamatodes lupus or fungus, and lipomas (Burnett: for him, Thuya was "the medicine"). Precancerous States.

Other Homeopathic remedies as Banerji
Ruta graveolens
Routine, Ruda active component, is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and also reduce oxidative damage in experimental models with rodents. In addition, Ruda is also known to protect DNA against breaking their strings and for preventing mutagenesis.

Calcium phosphate
Calcium phosphate activates phospholipase, which cleaves the phosphatidyl inositol diphosphate, a molecule surrounded by a membrane that activates protein kinase C.

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