Homeopathy for children or babies

Infants, children, babies
Homeopathy for Kids: Constitution ice. Calcarea carbonic 9CH, 5 pellets every other day or once 15CH 5 great week.

Homeopathy for vomiting in children
Repeated vomiting (associated with diarrhea). Magnesia Carbon 7 CH 3 or 4 times a day.

Vomiting after drinking milk cynapium Aethusa 5CH (usually by artificial feeding).

Vomiting for Senna acetonemia 5CH 5 gra in bottle every half hour until improvement.

Vomiting for excess food (white tongue) Antimonium Crudum 7 CH

Vomiting abrupt or not associated with cough and tongue clean. 5CH Ipecac.

Homeopathy for children teething

Dolores gums, irritability: Chamomilla 9CH 5 Major 2 or 3 times day
Please acute fever sweats, dry mouth abruptly, flushed with thirst Aconitun Napellus 9CH 5 Major 3 v / d.
If there is sweat from the beginning: Belladonna 9CHn 5 Major 3 v / d.

Homeopathy for fever in children:

No known cause. Brusca, no thirst, relief with cold water handkerchief in front Apis 15CH Mellifica 5 gra 2 or 3 v / d.
If fever is progressive until you reach a certain temperature, with thirst, goes with physical movement: Bryonia 9CH 5 gra 2 or 3 v / d.
If it falls with movement and is aggravated by humidity and thirst Rhus Toxicodendron 9CH 5 Major 2 or 3 v / d.

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Homeopathy for colds and colds in children: dryness and burning of mucous membranes as in acute fever and fever.

Obstruction of nose serum syringe into one nostril after another under pressure. If not enough serum Sambuccus Nigra 5CH nostril in 5 large bottle of water a drink every 10 to 15 min. If the obstruction is at night and wakes up crying
Arum triphyllum 5 CH like its predecessor.

And transparent heel runny nose and upper lip, first airing room and Allium Cepa 9CH 5 Major in several drinks bottle every hour.

Kalium thick yellow mucus Bichromicum 7CH every 2 hours.

General Prevention of microbes. Oscillococcinum a tube of blood from the bottle and taken in two batches.

Pyrogen defenses stimulating 9CH 5 Major in bibi 2 v / d.

Otitis: In addition to fever Belladonna 9CH more Oscillococcinun. If fever is not high Ferrum Phosphoricum 7 CH 5 Major every 2 hours until they improve. If there is cold, exhaustion alternating with agitation Arsenicum Album 7CH 5 gra every 2 hours until they improve.

If there is pain behind the ear Capsicum 7CH 5 Major 4 v / d. Otitis with purulent discharge Pyrogenium 9CH 5 Major 3 v / d. If the otitis is worsened at night Mercurius Solubilis 7CH 5 gra every 2 hours or Arsenicum Album 7CH.

As an analgesic in these cases Chamomilla 9CH 5 Major 2 or 3 v / convalescent d.En finally Sulfur Iodatum 9CH 5 Major 2 v / d. In these cases never give Hepar Sulfur or high dilution and to allow the abscess to mature to the Inter ior.

Pyrogen fever Drug 9CH more. If acute bronchitis is cough, constant, aggravated by movement and worse in hot environment Bryonia 7CH 5 Major 4 v / d.
If the cough is productive with expectoration of foul-smelling yellow green, is worse at night Mercurius Solubilis 7CH 5 Major 4 v / d.
In cases of bronchial mucous congestion 7CH Ferrum Phosphoricum

First Belladonna 9CH 5gra 3 v / d. If dark red mucosa and painful swallowing with irritation to the ear Phytolacca 7CH 5 Major 4 v / d. If there are white dots, then Mercurius Solubilis stuffy language 7CH 5 Major 4 v / d. If there are lakes
Mercurius blancogrisáceas cyanatus 7CH (same dose) supported by Streptococcinum 15CH 5gran 1 v / d.

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Homeopathy by constipation, diarrhea and cramps in children
- Constipation during lactation to the maternal womb. Alumina, Apis mellifica, Bryonia alba
- Constipation in the newborn. (According as it has been the birth) Crocus sativus, Nux vomica, Opium, Zinc metallicum, Sulfur, Veratrum album
- Constipation rebel. Hard stools, need effort to oust him. Evacuation accompanied by cold sweats: Veratrum album
- The child does not evacuate unless it is alone, hiding, refuses to go to the toilet: Ambra grisea
- The child feels repulsed by their droppings: Natrum carb

- Diarrhea associated with some milk intolerance: Aethusa cynapium
- Diarrhea with burning and pain in the anus often occurs in breastfed children: Arundo mauritanica
- Diarrhea with green stool, after eating sugar, because of anxiety or emotion: Argentum
- Diarrhea after some food poisoning: Arsenicum album.
- Painless diarrhea associated with intense thirst: Bismuth
- Diarrhea or constipation with expelling of undigested food: Calcarea carb
- Frequent diarrhea, involuntary, yellow and viscous, cadaverous smell, followed by a burning sensation in the anus: Carbo veg
- Diarrhea hot, yellow-green (that looks like scrambled eggs), offensive and irritating the anus, accompanied by colic. Appears during dentition, after anger or after cooling, the children are very sensitive to pain: Chamomilla vulgaris
- Evacuations frothy, yellow, painless, undigested food. Worse at night and immediately after meals. They appear often during the summer after eating
fruit or drinking milk. Diarrhea followed by intense weakness. The stools, though soft, are expelled with difficulty. Intense thirst: China officinalis

- Colic belly after nursing, Magnesia Carbon 7CH night twice a day (associated with diarrhea)
- Colic newborn. The child is folded into two: Colocynthis
- Colic newborn. The child has pain in the belly: Cuprum metallicum

Seawater therapy for children: Quinton Isotonic.

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