Homeopathy for Constipation

Compilation of some homeopathic remedies that are used in homeopathic medicine for constipation. Each homeopathic remedy acts on different symptoms of constipation (hard stools, constipation in women, travel constipation, intestinal atony, constipation in babies or children, constipation in pregnancy, etc.)..

Before any of these symptoms, discuss with homeopathic remedy that feels more identified / a.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Constipation

(+++) Constipation (constipation) of the most serious, has no desire for many days there is no ability or strength to move or are inefficient and violent desires, when he succeeds, the stools are hard as rocks, and black beads (Opium, Plumbum), and even after you leave, you feel full rectum. Eliminates large masses of clots (in typhoid). Intolerable pains in the rectum after a bowel movement, with bleeding and pain escirro.Hemorroides. Pruritus ani. Diarrhea exhausting.

Ammonium mur
(+++) Constipation (constipation) stubborn, extreme, with much flatus. Hard stool (or covered with mucus), very difficult to pass, it succeeds only at great effort and leaving crumbling into small pieces, in the margin of the anus. No two stools are alike in color (Puls). Burning pain in anus after stool during and even loose stools. Painful piles with burning and stinging after a bowel movement, which takes hours, worse after a suppressed flow. Anal bleeding (Lach.) and diarrhea (Bov., Verat..) During menstruation. Alternate constipation (constipation) with green mucous stools.

(+++) Constipation (constipation) by intestinal sluggishness and mainly by total inactivity or inertia of the rectum, sometimes with long-standing large accumulation of feces; has no desire to evacuate, and feces, which are like scybalous motions, hard, round, black, can only be removed with an enema, as there is no power to expel a rectal muscles, efforts made with the abdominal muscles only manage to poke the stool, soon recede. There may be spasmodic retention of feces in the intestine. One of the most important drugs in constipation (constipation), especially in young women of good character and stout, in the poisoning. Involuntary stools, encopresis, especially after a fright, with black and fetid feces from paralysis of the sphincter.

(+++) Constipation (constipation) and stool difficult and ineffective efforts, and can more easily move only when standing. Anal excoriation it needs to be scratching the anus raw, to itching, then moisture is anal. Anal condylomas. Pain in the anus and rectum, while walking. Pain: burning after stool, cutting, pressing. Excoriation from walking between the buttocks. Pain in the perineum anal pain when sitting; stitches. Hemorrhoids large, congested, hard, worse when touched or walk or think about them. Involuntarily soiling; flatus. Noisy flatus, offensive. Stools: greasy, bloody, hard, knotty, white.

(+++) "Constipation (constipation) usually with scanty menses" (Clarke) or deleted. There may be other times, large weight loss, most marked in the affected parts.

(+++) Constipation (constipation) and stool very characteristic long, thin, hard and very dry, whitish and evacuated with great efforts, such as a dog. Inactivity of rectum. Constipation (constipation) and alternating diarrhea in old people.

(+ +) Constipation (constipation) more pronounced when traveling, or migrants, or lead poisoning, or a sedentary lifestyle, or during menstruation and pregnancy, long-standing, very stubborn, with frequent ineffectual urging, violent when Nux V. fails. The stools are small, hard, as if burnt, and seem to adhere to the anus and rectum as soft clay.

(+++) Constipation (constipation) intense, chronic, rectal weakness or paralysis, with continual and ineffective urging to stool, with stool hard, black, sheep pellets or feces that sometimes, they gather in large masses ( or fecal boluses) the candidate with an intense and very painful spasmodic constriction in anus during bowel movements, which may persist one or two hours.

Feeling as if anus were withdrawn or pulled violently.

Constipation (constipation) in pregnancy, in children, while alternating diarrhea and constipation; when Platina fails. Sometimes prolonged diarrhea, with stools yellow, watery, bloody, very offensive; with colic. Anal prolapse. Anal fissure.

(+++) The rectum is the major center of action Rathania. Constipation (constipation) with hard stools that are expelled with great effort (or efforts are ineffective) with anal stricture, with protruding hemorrhoids with bowel movements, followed by burning pain (like fire), sharp or pointed edges or splinters or needles, that extend to several hours later, as if rectum full of glass splinters, even sometimes with loose stools. Anal fissure (it's possibly the most important and medicine indicated) with excruciating pain while and after bowel movements, especially if the stools are hard (they do mourn or cry) stabbing, lingering for hours (see above) , with a sense of anal stricture precedes, accompanies and follows defecation and anal with hot feeling the pains are much worse when sitting, and improve somewhat with cold or warm sitz baths.

Kali carb
(+ +) Constipation (constipation), often every 2 days. Constipation (constipation) before and during menstruation. Constipation (constipation) pain stabbing an hour or two before, with inadequate stool, rectal inactivity. Constipation: stool in thick masses, very bulky, large scybalous motions that hamper the evacuation. Intestinal obstruction and rectal inactivity, lack of peristalsis; wishes evacuate unsuccessful. Need to wait 1 to 2 hours before evacuating.

Lac Vaccinum defloratum
(+++) Constipation (constipation), chronic headaches and chronic migraines intolerable.
Constipation (constipation) meets neither the purges, and a result can only be achieved with enemas, the stools are dry and hard, and come out with great effort (which often are ineffective or reversal of the stool), hurting the year with enough blood out, shouting and doing the patient may alternate with diarrhea is not uncommon to have chills when defecating.

Magnesia carb
(+++) Constipation after an intense emotion or prolonged mental work, wanting inefficient and low stool, or just remove gases, stools dry, hard, into pieces.

Magnesia mur
(+++) Together with the liver, the rectum is the main action of Magnesia mur. Constipation with hard, dry stools, scanty, large, knotty, like sheep faeces, or pellets are expelled with difficulty, and crumble or fragment on the edge of the anus, sometimes whitish (in jaundice). Constipation of infants during dentition. Constipation with ineffectual urging constant. Sometimes diarrhea with discharge jet. Stool gray, greenish, with debris or mucosanguinolentas yellowish.

Nitric acid
(+++) The rectum and anus are very important centers of drug action. Constipation alternating with diarrhea, stool, hard and dry, are very difficult to expel, or desires are ineffective, or expulsion is insufficient, or left with the feeling that there's feces in the rectum, painful constipation. Spasmodic constriction of the anus while defecating and after.

Nux Vomica
(+++) The rectum is one of the major sites of drug action.
Constipation (constipation) with constant desire, pressing and ineffective to move the belly, morning after rising; moves with great difficulty, but small quantities, with the feeling's not done yet and that power will never completely empty his rectum for abuse of laxatives or purgatives, by a sedentary lifestyle, excess mental work during pregnancy and can toggle constipation (constipation) with diarrhea. The stools are dry, hard, big or little, streaked with blood. Diarrhea morning, overeating the night before, by drinking or by drinking water or cold air currents or by purging. Constipation (constipation) anal spasmodic and painful, especially in constipation. Desire to move your bowels when urinating and during the colic pain in the belly any urgent desire to produce bowel movements. Internal hemorrhoids are very painful to prick, burn and itch, worse at night or walking, better by cold water piles congested, large, bleeding, in drinkers. Disorders removal of hemorrhoids.

Antimonium tart
(+ +) Constipation (constipation) alternating with diarrhea. Diarrhea in pneumonia, smallpox and other eruptive worse from suppressed eruption. Diarrhea in drinkers. Cholera: diarrhea, vomiting, watery, cadaverous smell, with involuntary stools. For Nash, is what comes closest to a specific cholera, "nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, prostration, cold sweats, stupor or sleepiness.

Calcarea carb
(+ +) Constipation (constipation), with hard stools, or first hard and then soft, large, knotty, undigested; clear, black, bloody, like clay dried, gray paste.

(+ +) Constipation (constipation) obstinate, with hard stool, difficult, rare and adhering feces or with ineffectual urging, with intense constriction anal painful (as if anything could happen), worse after stool. Constipation alternating with diarrhea, with feeling of pressure in the rectum.

(+ +) Constipation (constipation) chronic, from puberty or since the last birth, with ineffectual urging and hard stools, small enough (if you think there is something in the rectum), difficult to pass because the urge to defecate is followed by a painful contraction of the anus or rectum (feces and receding), or during bowel prolapses. Constipation in pregnancy, in children, away from home or on vacation, alternating with diarrhea. Hard stool in the first part of the deposition, followed by loose stool or fluid. Diarrhea from milk and fruit or vegetables; in pregnancy.

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