Homeopathy for Cysts

It defines the term "cyst" as a tumor composed of a closed sac, normal or accidental liquid content or semisolid substance, and of diverse nature and origin.

The classification of cysts is very broad with a wide nomenclature: dermoid cyst, ovarian cysts, sebaceous cysts, cyst, mucoid, bloody or blood, colloid cyst, chocolate cyst, etc.., Etc.

We made a compilation of some of the homeopathic remedies that help treat the cysts. Like all articles in this series, we must take into account individual symptoms and what is the remedy that best fits the particular symptoms.

Any symptoms see a homeopath or health professional to receive the necessary help. For more information on the drug in question click on its name.

Homeopathic remedies for cysts

(+++) Cyst on the wrist. Coloration mottled or marbled in the extremities, browning on the back of the hands and inner thighs.

(+ +) Lipomas, especially in neck and back, is one of the best drugs for this disorder. Cysts. Sarcomas. Warts.
(+ +) Cysts in the axilla. Pain in the axillary nodes that are swollen.

(+++) Premenstrual or postmenstrual flow, transparent or white, albuminous, pungent, sticky, greenish-worst walking and night, leaves green stains on clothing. Pubis pain during menstruation. Ovarian cyst. Voluptuous sensation in the genitals.

(+ +) Ovaries hypertrophied, with burning and stinging pains. Ovarian cysts. Menses frequent and copious, clots and blood out of date. Watery discharge, bloody, irritating, very offensive. Breast cancer, open, painful blisters and very fetid discharge; epithelioma; scirrhous. The milk comes out mixed with blood. Uterine cancer. Tumors and polyps of the uterus. Ulceration of the cervix.

Calcarea fluorica
(+ +) Ulceration of the cornea with a hard edge. Blurred vision by straining the eyes. Palpebral cysts.

(+ +) Stitches cramps or pains in the ovaries (worse on left) and uterus, and pressed through a hoop. Ovarian cysts terebrantes sharp pains, better by bending or flexing the thigh, walks leaning forward, pressing the area. Metritis. Metrorrhagia. Suppressed menstruation with cramping pains, for anger, disgust or anger, better bending.

Apis mellifica
(+) The right ovary is mainly concerned with tumors, cysts, or edema or hypertrophy and induration; oophoritis, with burning pain or pinching, cutting, worse after intercourse or during the abortion, before and during menstruation, when you start walking or lifting the arms and the warmth of the bed, lying on the pain or the local cold, with heavy, extended to the thighs or ribs, or the right breast ( "As if he had sympathy between ovaries and lungs" [ Hering]).

Ferrum iodatum
(+ +) Right ovarian cyst. Constant feeling of bearing down, as if to get something feels like pushing something up when sitting, you can touch the cervix. Uterine prolapse.

(+) Tissue swelling with induration and punctures; gland swelling and induration. Cystic tumors, cysts in general, sebaceous cysts, wens. Tumors and cancer. Scar tissue can absorb, keloid scars.

(+++) Muscle aches and joint pain. Sciatic pain that seems to draw a path of the nerve. Synovial cyst on the back of a hand.

(+++) For the constitutional effects of gonorrhea badly treated and removed, in female chronic conditions (oophoritis, salpingitis, cysts, fibroids, etc..) Dating from gonorrheal infection, when there is a history or hereditary gonorrhea.

(+ +) Tendency to ovarian tumors or cysts, sometimes large. Tendency to abortion.

Oophorinum (Ovarian Extract)
It is used in conditions following the removal of the ovaries, menopausal disorders (including skin disorders such as acne rosacea and prurigo) and ovarian cysts, usually "in the lower triturations" (Clarke). Bergeret says that is useful in fibroids (to 6th), uterine polyps and sterility (2 to 3 times per week). It seems to be a key symptom improvement during or just after menstruation.

(+ +) Cysts in the vagina. Piosalpinx; hydrosalpinx. Sterility. Tendency to abortions. Intense vulvar itching, worse during menstruation, with ulceration, with burning and rashes on the inner thighs. Suppuration and swelling Breast old scars.
(+++) Synovial cyst in the back of the hand or wrist. Tingling in the fingers. Bunions, cysts, carbuncles.

(+ +) Styes that preferentially settle in the upper lid; is especially useful when a nodule or induration after a stye. Recurrent tarsal tumors or nodules on the eyelids. Cysts in the eyelids. Polyps in the conjunctiva.
(+) Salivary duct cysts.
(+) Unhealthy skin that oozes easily. Boils often. Ulceration with gnawing or burning pain and itching. Wens and cysts are opened after Staphisagria 200th. Pedunculated warts, bleeding, dry or moist.

Sticta pulmonaria
(+) Synovial cyst of the wrist.

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