Homeopathy for Depression

Here we state a number of homeopathic remedies that are commonly used for depression. Each of these has some special characteristics and different serving the homeopathic physician to distinguish between the different symptoms that the patient so that you can find out what the appropriate remedy as appropriate. Some of the different symptoms of depression that homeopathy can treat are: apathy, indifference, sadness, pessimism, anxiety, sadness, uncontrollable crying, fatigue, suicidal ideation, and so on.

Any symptoms, see your homeopath or health professional to inquire about the appropriate remedy as appropriate.

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Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Depression, Apathy, apathy, indifference to everything and everyone. Even in their neighborhood or their own occupations, for no apparent reason. Sad and pessimistic, prone to tears, anxious solitude and isolation. Extreme fatigue of psychological origin.

(+ +) Depressed, sad, anxious, melancholy, brooding constantly over imaginary errors and misfortunes, sadness and indecision, as if everything had been done wrongly, although clearly see what should have done and could not help not to. These thoughts that wander through his mind, led him to have sudden suicidal urges.

Kalium Bromatum
(+++) Have paroxysmal bouts of crying, uncontrollable, involuntary or very easy to accompany a deep melancholic depression, often related to religious ideas or issues (religious melancholia) or a lack of moral feeling.

(+) Nervous excitement alternating laughter and tears, or joy and depression. Depression followed by joy. Irritable, depressed, indifferent, come to tears. Quiet, with much suffering and sadness apparent. Thoughts of suicide.

(+++) Mental depression, or indifference, alternating with excitability, then fatigue. The patient, especially children, is mahumorado and is isolated, especially before the rash appears, wants to be alone.

(+ +) Depression, physical or mental exhaustion. Extremely tender and soft. Weep for trifles. Alternating smiles and tears. It easily discouraged. Great indecision that leads to a lack of will. Mental fatigue, with ideas that can not be grasped by shifting. Intellectual retardation.

Natrum Muriaticum
Fundamental remedy the tubercular diathesis, is indicated for the biotype that tends to demineralization and thin, despite a good appetite, with depressive tendencies.

Murex purpurea
(+ +) Sadness, depression and discouragement, worse before menses or, if any fluid, when it decreases, and better when the flow increases. Great sadness at dusk, with aversion to talk. Anxious, apprehensive. People melancholy, especially at menopause.

1 Major depression is very sad, cries often, can not bear to see or speak to anyone.

Great Depression, anxiety about everything. Apathy alternating with intellectual activity. Depression with frontal headache. Complains.

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