Homeopathy for Diarrhea

Diarrein from Greek, meaning "slip through", diarrhea is the evacuation of liquid or semi-liquid stool. The amount can be up to 24 hours to a few liters and a number of bowel movements ranging from 3-4 to several hundred (in cholera, bacillary dysentery in, etc.)..

We made a compilation of some of the best homeopathy remedies for diarrhea. You will notice that each homeopathic remedy is effective for certain symptoms of diarrhea (stool yellow, green stools, diarrhea during menstruation, menstruation diarrhea, liquid stools, etc..), So it is the homeopath that will be in the best to know what type of treatment for diarrhea with hemeopatía is best for each case.

Remember that homeopathy does not cure diseases but sick. To learn more about these remedies click on their name.

Diarrhea (+++) copious and exhausting (it is, perhaps, the principal remedy of diarrhea in general), especially in the early morning or 4 driving out of bed, or before noon or night; bilious, in children, especially in hot weather or teething, for cider or drinking water (sometimes immediately) after eating, from eating fruit and milk; worse by movement, often painless. The diarrhea is preceded by rumbling or gurgling and violent cramps that make it bend, and is followed by tenesmus and extreme weakness and prostration, with empty feeling in the stomach and rectum and, frequently, rectal prolapse (more in children).

The stool is very rich, fetid or putrid, yellow, aqueous jet expelled, or pure or mucosanguinolentas blood or blood-streaked, green, with remains undigested, or putty-colored or white as milk or chyle, or pieces of chalk or black as tar. Diarrhea alternating with headache or constipation (constipation) with hard, dry stools, changing.

(+++) Is one of the most important medicines for diarrhea, especially when it appears or is exacerbated by cold air in the evening or night, preceded by malaise, faintness and cramps, accompanied and followed by violent tenesmus with constant and frequent desire to move the stomach even after having done so, urgent, and with violent cutting colic, with nausea, belching, heat or cold sweats in the face, chills, fatigue and tremors, with rectal pain and burning in anus after defecation, or rectal prolapse or hemorrhoids. Diarrhea in children. There may be constipation (constipation) and stool hard, knotty and adherent, difficult to expel. The stool is mucus ( "Mercury is rarely indicated if there is diarrhea mucus" [Guernsey]) or mucosanguinolentas or greenish mucous, excorianes; streaked with blood, like scrambled eggs, foaming, black or green, clear, white as bilious or yellow or milk, soft or watery, frequent, or melt, or as pellets ram of a sour smell.


(+++) Diarrhea in children during dentition; by anger by taking cold, with cramps, worse at night. Stools: scrambled eggs and spinach, green, hot, frequent watery green or green mucus, corrosive, smelling of rotten eggs. Constipation (constipation). Very painful anal fissure, ulceration in the rectum, perianal excoriation. Internal hemorrhoids. Flatus.

Veratrum album
(+++) Constipation (constipation), chronic inactivity and desires rectal inefficient, with large and hard stools, or as round black scybalous motions, which ejects with excessive effort, with cold sweats and excessive exhaustion. Constipation in babies, or pain in children. It is one of the three major Asian cholera remedies (perhaps most important), and prevail in Cuprum and cramping and cold Camphor in Veratrum album there is a predominance of diarrhea and sweating, diarrhea is very abundant worse at night, with watery stools like rice water, preceded by cramping stomach pains and cramps violent (and at times in a row) and always followed by extreme weakness, with violent vomiting and diarrhea simultaneously, with the inevitable cold sweats in forehead. Diarrhea: Autumn, during the rigors (or chills and diarrhea), eating or drinking, for the slightest movement, for fruit, after a fright, in hot weather before or during menstruation, for pears with vegetables. The stools are bilious or greenish or chopped spinach, or black, bloody, brown, very heavy and gushing out; mucous or watery liquid, with burning in anus while defecating and after. Involuntary stools to pass gas. Diarrhea in tuberculosis. Diarrhea flared sweats on the forehead and fainting or tgotamiento terrible chills.

Croton Tiglium
(+++) The predominant action of Croton Tiglium is on the intestines and disposal, and is manifested by a sudden diarrhea with feces expelled with force, in a single stream, like a shot, with much flatus, followed by great prostration , which is produced or aggravated by eating, drinking, for any move, worse in summer fruit and sweets, to take the chest, better coffee, this is colicky diarrhea before stool, constant and sudden urgency and stool predominantly green, yellow, yellow-green, watery, fetid, frequent, undigested. The stools are like a faucet. Diarrhea with tenesmus, intense nausea, sometimes vomiting, weakness and hypersalivation. Toxicosis or infantile diarrhea in children, nausea and excessive yellow or green stools; seems like every deposition would "dry up" the child. Burning and itching in anus, painful. Taeniasis and tapeworm.

(+++) Painless diarrhea, urgent, after midnight or early morning, waking him with great urgency at 5 am and take it out of bed very quickly with sudden urgency, it being sometimes wishes after a bowel movement, and tenesmus. Diarrhea in children during dentition; by taking cold, for beer, milk; suppressed eruptions; in pregnancy, in sepsis, sleeping, eating sugar, worse standing. The stools are pasty, liquid or soft tomorrow, greenish yellow or green, frothy, mucous acid or foul-smelling or putrid or rotten eggs, or undigested, yellow or almost black, sometimes greasy. Diarrhea in children, greenish or mucosanguinolenta, screaming and crying, sometimes preceded by colic before every evacuation. Asiatic cholera. Alternating diarrhea and constipation (constipation).

(+++) Autumnal diarrhea, acute or chronic, for taking cold or cold wet or cold weather changes from hot to cold or after standing in a field or wet floor, or when days are warm and cold nights, in children, during dentition, after eating, especially food cold, in the refrigerator or people who work with ice, by sudden withdrawal of a rash, always preceded by periumbilical pain and bowel sounds disappear after defecating. Stools watery yellowish liquid, bloody, changing, mucous greenish or yellowish alternately smell sour or acid, corrosive, brown, white. Watery diarrhea at night with cramps in summer and on cold days. Involuntary stools. Bloody diarrhea, acute or chronic anal itching and rectal prolapse. Diarrhea aeguida of great prostration, or fainting. Diarrhea alternating with eruptions and rheumatism.

(+++) Diarrhea with the features already expressed in a stream, with plenty of flatulence, yellow or bloody feces in large pieces gelatinous, transparent, for anger, beer, fruit, worse in summer, standing or walking, then eating or drinking. Constipation (constipation). Hemorrhoids blue, packages such as grapes, hot, painful (not tolerate the slightest touch), bleeding, worse during menstruation, better by cold applications with intense anal itching and burning that prevent sleep.


(+++) Diarrhea before and during menstruation. Tendency to diarrhea, especially in the morning and afternoon, followed by tenesmus and burning. Stool first hard, then liquid. Stools hard and compact, constipation (constipation). Itching in the rectum and anus. Ineffectual urging. Perineum pains to rectum. Chronic diarrhea in the elderly.

(+++) With autumnal diarrhea, fecal violent pains and jelly-like, transparent liquid come out first, but when cooled are like jelly, putrid stools, dark, mucososanguinolentas; white with lots of particles desmnuzadas, white mucus , or as small scratches; membanosas, watery, going out with violent anal spasm. Diarrhea during teething; in hot weather; for leaving the scheme; worse by movement, painless, bilious.

Phosphoric acid
(+++) Acute or chronic diarrhea, profuse, watery, whitish, painless, odorless and without exhaustion or weakness later, albeit heavy, worse morning and evening, after acidic foods, changes of time, cold food or drink, to take cold in summer, during dentition, after dinner, by excitement, from fright or punishment; in typhoid, for the fruit (especially acidic), for bananas, in hot weather, for oranges; by pastry; in schoolgirls. The stools are unwittingly passing flatus or sleeping or moving; fecal and urine incontinence simultaneously, as if the anus is opened, the feces go out alone when he turns or moves the child. The stool, as well as white, can be white or grayish white or greenish white yellowish bright yellow, green, clear, watery yellowish gushing, as if to empty. Constipation (constipation) and stool hard and difficult. Abundant flatus odor of garlic. Hemorrhoids during stool, with intense pain when sitting. Tenesmus after stool. Tearing, burning and itching in the rectum. Pricking perianal itching. As with diarrhea, worse if it is deleted.

Gratiola officinalis
(+++) Without doubt, the Center Gratiola action is in the rectum and large intestine. Summer diarrhea in children, especially if they have drunk a lot of cold water. Stools watery, yellowish, greenish, foamy (Mag.Carb.) Expulsadias strongly in a stream, without pain, burning and irritation followed by anal and great exhaustion, sometimes with painful hemorrhoids output.
Diarrhea with cold feeling in the abdomen, and cramped. Asiatic cholera.
Mucous diarrhea at night, with tenesmus. Inefficient urgent desire to defecate.
Constipation (constipation), with hard stool, scanty, difficult to expel. Stool passes out without realizing it.

Natrum carb

(+++) Diarrhea from milk. Diarrhea with very urgent and imperative wishes, with yellowish feces, containing a yellow substance like pulp orange with specks of blood mucosanguinolentas; explosive, gushing, noisy, followed by tenesmus, burning and pain in the rectum and anus, and great weakness . Constipation with hard stool, like a lamb, difficult to pass. Taeniasis. Itching and tingling in the anus.

Nux Vomica
(+++) The rectum is one of the major sites of drug action.
Diarrhea morning, overeating the night before, by drinking or by drinking water or cold air currents or by purging.

(+++) "Diarrhea and vomiting are more a result of the great pain of a gastric or intestinal disorder (Kent)." No remedy produces cramps so severe as this, and no remedy the cure so quickly "(Nash). Dolores belly like electrical shocks that go to the anus. colic in children, which is relieved by lying on your belly, and when change position, screaming in pain again. Feeling of emptiness in his belly. Pain in the groin hernia.

Calcarea carb
(+ +) Diarrhea in children during dentition, after milk, by taking cold, after eating, in emaciated people, for effort, for fruit, in summer, in typhoid, with liquid stool, watery, white like chalk or milk coagulated; greenish frothy, copious, frequent, of a sour smell. Anorectal fistula.

Calcarea phos
(+ +) Diarrhea in children, schoolgirls, worse dentition, from vexation, for fruit or cider, cold drinks, on ice cream. Stools green, slimy, hot, very offensive, frothy, explosive, gurgling, with fetid flatus and tenesmus. Hard stool with blood, depression. Hemorrhoids that bleed during or after defecation, and go out with pain, anal itching and moisture.

Calcarea sulphurica
(+ +) Purulent diarrhea with blood. Intestinal ulcers. Painless perianal abscesses in cases of fistula. Painless diarrhea, incontinence, in children, sugar or time changes, worse after eating. Rectal itching anal moisture. Rectal prolapse. Constipation (constipation) with fever and dyspnea.

Antimonium tart
(+ +) Constipation (constipation) alternating with diarrhea. Diarrhea in pneumonia, smallpox and other eruptive worse from suppressed eruption. Diarrhea in drinkers. Cholera: diarrhea, vomiting, watery, cadaverous smell, with involuntary stools. For Nash, is what comes closest to a specific cholera, "nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, prostration, cold sweats, stupor or sleepiness.

Benzoic acid
(+ +) Diarrhea in children, worse dentition, with feces offensive or putrid odor of urine, white and watery (like soap water), foamy, irritating, heavy, go through diapers. Stitches and constricted feeling in the rectum. Tingling anal.

(+ +) Diarrhea with liquid stools, abundant, painless, very irritating and cadaverous odor. Sudden onset of cholera infantum, when vomiting predominate, with pallor, dark circles, hot sweats and hot body. Summer intestinal disorders in children. Dolores pinzantes the diaphragmatic region, extending transversely, worse walking. Diarrhea colorless with great thirst, polyuria, and vomiting. Sounds of gas in the stomach, which is very sensitive to touch.

(+ +) Diarrhea in children below the year with loose stools, yellow, offensive, worse in summer and from the teeth. Pale stool, green or brown, watery, with cries before and during defecation. Anal stricture. Itching and contraction in the anus and rectum. Diarrhea with punctures and borgorigmos in the womb. Diarrhea preceded by cramps in the infant, his mouth for canker sore. Diarrhea caused by smoking.


(+) Diarrhea from drinking water, barely making (liquids, literally, "going through it"; toxicosis), for excitement or anticipation of an event before or unusual or very distressing (test, assembly, etc.). (see 2), for sugar or candies, for fright, mental exhaustion, explosive diarrhea, noisy. Stools green, like chopped spinach into small pieces, or turn green after his time in diapers, watery at night, brown, offensive, with flatus.

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