Homeopathy for gallstones

In SaludBio have written about the disorders related to the gallbladder and gallstones. Among the written information highlight:

* Composition of gallstones.
* Causes of formation.
* Who are more prone to formation of gallstones.
* Symptoms when biliary colic and development of this (duration, pain).
* Diagnostics calculations or gall stones.
* Conventional non-surgical treatments.
* Diet for combating the formation of gallstones.
* Juices for the gallbladder.
* Medicinal Plants for the gallbladder and gallstones.
* Homotoxicology for gall stones.
* The cleaning of the gallbladder and liver. Method: Andreas Moritz

In this article we want to thoroughly homeopathic remedies can be useful for various symptoms related to gallstones (cholelithiasis).

We must distinguish between those homeopathic remedies that simply treat the pain and the different modalities such as this can occur among individuals, and those remedies that can be used both in the prevention of gallstone formation as in the natural treatment of these if already been formed.

As always remember all those interested in pursuing a therapy, the need for supervision by a health professional for treatment customized to individual needs.

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Homeopathy for acute gallbladder pain:
Violent abdominal pain that radiates in successive waves, occurs after an intense suppressed annoyance. If pain improvement in flexion when the person bends in half and under the effect of intense pressure and heat, and is aggravated when the body is extended: Colocynthis 6CH and 7CH 3 pellets every hour.

Very severe spasmodic abdominal pain, radiating, which appears in fits and disappears very suddenly. Pain relieved by heat and intense pressure on the painful area: Magnesia phos 6CH and 7CH, 3 pellets every hour.

Intolerable abdominal pain, which occurs after an emotional or violent anger. The patient did not tolerate the pain is restless, impatient and very irritable. Pain relieved by local application of heat: Chamomilla vulgaris 9CH, 3 pellets every hour.

Abdominal pain that requires the patient to remain motionless, bent over, lying on his right side. Pain relieved by immobility and intense pressure on the painful area, is aggravated by the slightest movement, Bryonia alba 6CH, or 7CH, 3 pellets every hour.

Homeopathic Remedies for Gallstones
(+++) The main focus of action of Chelidonium is the liver. Stitches in the liver extended to the back, especially the lower and inner angle of right scapula. Pains in the liver extended to the back or down, better after eating. Biliary colic by gallstones.

(+++) Especially in conditions of left lobe of the liver and "what's between this, the pylorus and the pancreas" (Burnett gave it to the 3rd X). Dilated gallbladder. "It's almost a liver-specific gallstone colic, eases discomfort immediately" (Swan) (give it to the 200th, 1,000 th or higher).
Liver failure. Difficult digestion with heaviness and headache.
Tendency to constipation. Gallstones. Jaundice. Burning pain on the right side, grabs his hand while walking. The remedy is often useful in liver cancer, especially if there is hypertrophy.

(+++) Liver enlarged, congested. Gallbladder very sensitive to palpation, the lower pressure and still breathing. Biliary colic. Gallstones, especially cholesterol stones. Bile retention syndrome obstruction of the bile duct with jaundice, dark urine acholia intense.
Acute catarrhal or chronic cholecystitis. Acute and chronic catarrhal Angiocolitis.
Liver Congestion. Colon bacillus infection of the gallbladder bilious fever.

Fel Tauri
Gallstones. Bile duct obstruction.
Jaundice. Vesicular atony delayed evacuation (to 6th). Gall spasmodic (to 1,000 th).

Kali Bichromicum
Pressure, heaviness and stitches in the hepatic region. Gallstone (can dissolve stones). Fatty degeneration of the liver. Stitches in region of spleen, extended to the lumbar region, worse from motion and pressure.

(+++) Or liver pains in the hypochondria, especially the right, worse eating to satiety, stooping, walking and lying on the right or touch or feel the liver, spread to the back and the tip of right shoulder blade. Violent by gallstones biliary colic, a sharp pain cut off breathing. Pain in hypochondria, worse after midday, breathe deeply, the inspiration, by shaking, coughing or after dancing. Heaviness in the right upper quadrant, can not lie on that side.

The crushing of a gallstone has been used in the gallstones, in very low powers, as the most important drug in treating this condition, administering prolongadarnente. According Tétau Bergeret and the best power is the 6th day through, trying to expel kids estimates the 1,000 th, 2 times per week, to treat biliary gallstone field. In the 200th hypercholesterolaemia.

(+ +) Colic liver, stitches that come suddenly and immediately are very intense, paroxysmal, worse from motion and pressure, you are breathtaking. Pains in the vesicular region or in the left lobe of the liver, under the false left ribs, near the white line. Gallstone colic. Colic followed by jaundice, with putty-colored stools. Berberis promotes the flow of bile. Stitches in the vesicular region, worse from pressure, extended the stomach. Chronic cholecystitis with constipation and yellow complexion. Stitching pain in region of liver and gallbladder, which jumps to the left shoulder. Liver.

Natrum sulph
(+++) Right upper quadrant pain in the liver that occur or become worse lying on left side (cutting pain, or drawing), to breathe, when touched or palpated, by shaking, walking or after mental work , lying on the right side. Biliary colic by gallstones. Hepatitis acute and chronic pain and liver hypertrophy. Can not bear tight clothing in the womb.

Calcarea carb
(+ +) For gallstone biliary colic; stitches in right hypochondrium, worse after stooping or defecation.

Nux Vomica
(+ +) Is very sensitive to the laundry in the stomach and hypochondria, especially when the abdomen, especially in the epigastrium, is distended with flatulence and bloating worse after eating. Feeling as if the entire contents of the stomach would fall; must walk with care, heaviness, bloating, fullness, heat and burning in his belly. Stitches in the liver, worse from slightest touch or movement. Enlarged liver, swollen, indurated. Hepatitis. Gallstone; biliary colic, jaundice.

Carduus marianus
(+++) Pressing pain in the liver, less traveling. Biliary colic. Gallstone with large liver. Set a good bile flow, able to cure the tendency to form gallstones.

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