Homeopathy for Gas

Definition of Flatulence
The abundant production of gas from your stomach or intestines, which are eliminated in the first instance through the mouth (belching) and in the latter case through the anus (farting anal).

These gases, if they are abundant, before being eliminated dilate the gastric and intestinal walls causing the pathological phenomenon called Meteorism.

Definition of bloat
Distension of the abdominal wall straight to the swelling of the stomach and intestine, or both at once, by the gases inside.

We have compiled some homeopathic remedies for the treatment of gases. To learn more about these remedies click on their name

General Remedies (without special procedures) for gas
Aloe Socotrine, Argentum, Carbo vegetabalis, China officinalis, Lycopodium clavatum, Natrum sulph, Sulfur.

You can take 5 CH dilution or 7 CH 5 pellets every 2 hours by letting them dissolve under your tongue out meals.

Homeopathic Remedies for gas

Carbo vegetabalis
(+++) Was distended belly after eating, as if about to burst. There is an enormous flatulence, especially in hypochondria, with feeling of fullness, better loosen clothing. One of the most flatulent remedies of the Materia Medica, along with Lycopodium and China. There are noises in the stomach, relieved by removing flatus. Flatus are endless, hot, moist, offensive, may occur especially during diarrhea, and its emission is extremely relieved. Pain in the womb, by taking cold, after eating, during fever, lying on his side, after defecating (or better), better by passing flatus and the heat spread to the legs or whole leg, especially the left. The pain is burning or cramping. Liver sore. Pain in the spleen. Tension in the womb. Ulcers in the stomach. Inguinal hernia, strangulated.

(+++) The excessive flatulence in the stomach is an inescapable feature of Lycopodium would almost say there is a strong gas accumulation especially in the umbilicus and in hypochondria, his stomach bloated, distended and large amounts of noise and rumbling; flatulence worsens or appears 16 to 20 hours after eating and before or after a bowel movement or tight clothing, and improves gas eliminating either flatus or belching (temporarily). Bloat; incarcerated flatus. The abdomen seems to be in a constant ferment. Cramp-like pain in the diaphragm to bend.

Huge (+++) flatulent distension of the stomach, worse after eating (especially fruit) and drink, much bloat, flatulence and bloating blocked, state not relieved by passing flatus. Can not bear tight clothing. Pain in the belly before removing the flatus or during chills or take cold better bending double and worse after eating.

Natrum sulph
(+++) The belly is one of the major fields of action Natr.Sulph. especially regarding the flatulence and liver. Excessive abdominal flatulence with cramping and diarrhea, obstructed or incarcerated, with difficulty in the elimination of flatus, with rumbling and movements in the womb, which is tender, with pain in the flanks (plus the right), pressing, and by majora massage and pressure. Pains of all sorts in the belly, that awakened (by lying sideways).

(+) Great flatulence in the stomach, incarcerated or obstructed, worse after eating (Lye., Nux_V.) Morning upon awakening, with the abdomen distended and tympanic and intolerance of tight clothing. "One of the most flatulent drugs" (Kent). Feeling of emptiness and weakness in the womb. Dolores at midnight and before stool. Pain in hypochondria and diarrhea.

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